Addictive Online Game Gives You a Whole New Perspective on Earth

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Dec. 03, 2014

Ever wondered what the world looks like from above? The team at Quartz have, and they found themselves surprised. So surprised in fact that they’ve created an addictive game using satellite imagery and asked you to identify places from a bird’s eye view. It’s unexpectedly hard!

Of course most people will recognize Manhattan’s outline, but do you know what Singapore looks like? How about Moscow? Most British people will recognize the Thames, if only for the shadow of the London Eye stretching out into the water; but how about that canal, is it long enough to be the Panama Canal?

What’s truly fascinating is the different patterns created in the landscape by different societies. You’ll also get some great new views of iconic architecture, like Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, and Sydney Opera House. You’ll also see a few places of international fame, that you wouldn’t normally visit: Make it to the penultimate level and you’ll catch a glimpse of Three Mile Island.

Try the game for yourself, and let us know how you do!