50+ fantastic freebies for web designers, January 2015

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January 15, 2015
50+ fantastic freebies for web designers, January 2015.

We’re back with another huge collection of free resources to fill up your designer’s toolbox. This month’s collection includes icons, mockups, templates, plugins and tons more.

Take a browse through, see what’s available, and download what you like. Let’s get 2015 off to an awesome start…

Material Design Icons (Expanded Color Version)

This is a bundle with the 700+ Material icons Google released some time back, but re-worked in a color version and with 600+ completely original icons added. material-design-icons[4]

130 Hand-drawn Interface Icons

A good-looking collection of over 100 icons for you to give your next project a more familiar and inviting appearance. They come in SVG and PNG formats. graphicsfuel-premium-free-graphic-web-design-resources-130-free-hand-drawn-interface-icons[4]

Indra: 80 Weather & Activities Icons

This series of icons will let you represent the time and activities people can perform on a given day. However, the final use is up to you. Free download in PSD format. indra-80-free-weather-activities-icon-365psd[4]

Isometric Map Elements

An interesting package of isometric vector elements with buildings, roads and transportation related items. You can pay with a tweet or social share. free-isometric-map-elements-isometric-city-map-builder-vector-map-creator[4]

Social Icons Bundle

A package with hundreds of social icons to help users spread the word about your projects. social-media-icons

Green App Landing Page

Need to present your new app in an elegant and modern style? This landing page might be what you need. Available in PSD format. dribbble-app-landing-page-freebie-by-sumit-chakraborty[9]

High Resolution Background Images

A huge package with background images to give a fresh style to your projects. They come in PSD and JPG formats. high-resolution-background-images[4]

Carved Wood Logo Mockup

Here’s a pretty realistic mockup for your logo design. There are 2 PSD files with different styles, each with their own smart layers to make things easy. graphicsfuel-premium-free-graphic-web-design-resources-carved-wood-logo-mockup-psd[4]

Dark Metallic Logo Mockup

See how your latest design would look if it was made with steel thanks to this metallic logo mockup, available for free in PSD format. dark-metallic-logo-mockup

Image Screen PSD

Show multiple screens for your next app, or perhaps your portfolio with this useful PSD file. The perspective used gives it an edgy look. dribbble-image-screen-psd-download-by-nick-jarvis[4]

Resume Template

It’s important to make yourself noticed when applying for a new position. Starting with a pretty CV could be a great help. dribbble-free-resume-template-by-alamin-mir-creativemine[4]

Mobile App UI Kit

Need fresh elements for your next app design? Here’s a UI kit to help you out. 12 fully layered PSD files, no images included. mobile-app-ui-kit-graphberrycom[4]

iOS 8 GUI for Sketch

A very complete set of user interface elements created for Sketch. It’s mostly useful for mocking up apps or create custom interfaces. ios-8-gui-for-sketch-iphone-teehan-lax[4]

Yosemite UI Kit

The Yosemite OSX brings new flatified” elements to the table. Create new interfaces and mockups for this new version of Mac’s OS using Sketch. yosemite-ui-kit-os-x-yosemite-ui-kit-built-for-sketch[4]


A set of 12 widget elements in PSD format to style your next project. Free for both personal and commercial use. psd-freebie-mfd-ui-kit-made-for-designers[4]

Curely Hand-made Typeface

Curely is a beautiful hand-made typeface to give your texts a friendly and somewhat charming image. The download contains TTF and OTF files, plus a few AI badges as a bonus. curely-free-typeface-on-behance[4]

Rafale Free Font

Rafale is an all-caps typeface designed for posters, titles and headlines. It is compatible with Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic, as well as other special characters. rafale-free-font-fontfabric[4]

Madras Free Font

Madras is a sans-serif typeface with two free weights, featuring supreme elegance and legibility. madras-free-font-fontfabric[4]

OpenDyslexic Font

A super-useful open source typeface designed to aid people with dyslexia with increased readability. It contains four weights to fit your needs. free-opensource-dyslexia-font-opendyslexic[4]

Libre Caslon Typeface

A web-oriented typeface intended to provide excellent readability on smaller sizes and displays. Download for free through Impallari Type. libre-caslon-free-on-behance[4]

Moderno: Portfolio Page

As its name implies, Moderno is a portfolio page template created for today’s web. Showcase your work or products with style using this resource. moderno-creative-simple-portfolio-page-graphberrycom[4]

The Range: Single Page Website Template

A beautiful one-page PSD template that makes use of a stylish deep purple tone in order to grab attention. Perfect for product presentations or short content. the-range-single-pager-free-psd-website-template-free-psd-web-design-templates[4]

Kasper: One Page PSD Template

Kasper relies on beautiful imagery and a cutting edge layout to get its message across. We think it does a pretty great job at that. kasper-one-page-creative-psd-template-graphberrycom[4]

Sketch Email Template

Have a newsletter or want to release one? Here’s a modern-looking email template. Fully editable with Sketch. free-sketch-email-template-freebiesjedi[4]

EducationBlog WordPress Theme

A complete WordPress theme aimed at blogs with an academic tone. It comes with a .po file for easy translation. educationblog-free-wordpress-theme[4]

Everal WordPress Theme

Everal is a modern WordPress theme featuring responsive design and high customization. You simply need to follow them on Twitter to download the theme. everal-free-responsive-wordpress-theme[4]

Smak: HTML Single Page Template

A great one pager template for your next website. It features clean, simple design and responsive behaviour to make cross-device use a breeze. smak-free-html-single-page-template-graphberrycom[4]

CSS3 Loaders

A set with four of the most beautiful CSS3 loaders we’ve ever seen. Hover on the lines to see a neat little effect in action. css3-loaders[4]


A beautiful collection of progress bar designs created with SVG paths. Perfect for adding class to a project, even at times of impatience. a-pen-by-shaman-tito[4]

Flat UI Colors

A collection of colors for flat design displayed using nothing but CSS3 in a convenient grid. flat-ui-colors[4]

Animated Flat Camera Icon

A beautiful camera icon, styled and animated with pure CSS3animated-flat-camera-icon[4]

Flat Design Color Palette

Find the right tones for you next minimal style project. flat-design-color-palette[4]

Docker: Useful Open Platform for Devs and Sysadmins

Docker provides a friendly environment where developers and administrators can build and run their apps on any platform. docker-build-ship-and-run-any-app-anywhere[4]

Fabric: Making Life Easier for Developers

Fabric is a mobile development suite that aims to help developers cope with many (if not all) of the problems they find with every project. fabric-twitter-developers[4]


A tool for testing your email designs before releasing them to the public. targetedio[4]

SlimerJS: Scriptable Browser for Web Developers

Slimer is a tool that will help you perform functional tests, page automation and other crucial tasks. It’s run on Gecko, Firefox’s browser engine. slimerjs[4]

Pixelapse: Visual Version Control for Designers

Pixelapse intends to provide a CMS/​CRM of sorts, but for designers. Great for group designs and version control. pixelapse-visual-version-control-for-designers[4]

ShareX: Share Screenshots or Screencasts

ShareX is a simple tool for taking screenshots, getting a shareable link copied to your clipboard through a simple hotkey. sharex-take-screenshots-or-screencasts-annotate-upload-and-share-url-in-clipboard[4]


Find amazing combinations of fonts and colors through this simple Chrome extension. palettab[4]

MakeAppicon: Generate App Icons of All Sizes with a Click!

This tool will not only resize your icon, but it will also optimize it for iOS and Android usage. It supports JPG, PNG and PSD formats. makeappicon-generate-app-icons-of-all-sizes-with-a-click[4]

Type Genius

Finding the right font for your next project is definitely not as hard as looking for a second one to go along with it. This tool will make that process much easier. type-genius[4]

Flexible Grid System

A responsive CSS framework compatible with all of the major desktop and mobile browsers around. flexiblegsflexiblegs-github[4]

Foggy JQuery Plugin

Foggy is a simple jQuery plugin for blurring any page element you set. It’s useful for adding depth and distancing pop-up elements from the background. foggy-jquery-plugin-for-blurring-page-elements[4]

PACE: Automatic Page Load Progress Bars


provides a beautiful loading progress indicator while users wait for the content to load. You also get AJAX navigation. pace-automatic-page-load-progress-bars[4]

Subtext Editor

A superb web-based code editor coming as an extension for Chrome and Chrome OSsubtext-editor[4]

Snap.svg: The JavaScript SVG Library for the Modern Web

With Snap, you’ll be able to create interactive vector graphics and display them on any device. It’s also intended to be as easy as possible to use. snapsvg-home[4]


Create mobile-friendly touch carousels with this clever jQuery plugin. itemslidejs[4]

GSAP: Powerful HTML5 Animation


is a complete animation tool aimed at web professionals, providing state-of-the-art performance and compatibility. greensock-gsap[4]

LokiJS: Lightweight Javascript In-memory Database

An in-memory database with a heavy focus on performance, no matter the size of the project. lightweight-javascript-in-memory-database-lokijs[4]

Rekapi: A Keyframe Animation Library for JavaScript

Rekapi will let you create Canvas and DOM animations with JavaScript, as well as CSS keyframe animations. You can also use it on apps that use keyframe animation. rekapi-a-keyframe-animation-library-for-javascript[4]

JQuery/​Zepto Face Detection Plugin

This plugin for both jQuery and Zepto will detect faces on images and videos alike. jqueryzepto-face-detection-plugin[4]

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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