Theme.Co Releases Awesome Update for X Theme

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 28, 2015

When you’re looking for a WordPress theme, one of the most important features is that it shouldn’t look like a WordPress theme. With a startling array of customization options,’s X theme, is probably one of the least theme-like themes available.

Right from the outset X pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as a WordPress theme, it feels like an extension to the whole of WordPress, a way of building WordPress sites that doesn’t rely on WordPress expertise. Using X feels like using a supercharged version of WordPress.

X comes with 4 basic stacks — template styles — the default, a flat design version, a minimal version, and a magazine-style version. And of course, there’s all the basic options you’d expect with a premium WordPress theme: Google fonts, WooCommerce integration, a responsive grid, and tons of navigation options, including three-tier dropdowns.

One of our favourite features of X is its Page Builder, which allows you to build up your pages by dragging and dropping elements; perfect for those who don’t have any development experience. But advanced users aren’t left out: X also includes a comprehensive set of shortcodes, for speedy expert development.


One of X’s key features is a series of blank page templates, allowing you to create virtually any layout you like — even specialist single-page websites.

One of the main reasons businesses choose WordPress is that, like most CMSs, it gives them the ability to keep their site fresh with constant revisions. X makes this safer, with its excellent live preview, allowing customers to fiddle with their sites, without affecting the live customer-facing version until they’re satisfied.

X has one of the simplest approaches to theme customization ever, and  even allows you to export and import settings, so you can transplant designs to other X theme installations.

What’s more, customization options are handled by WordPress’ native theme customizer, providing an intuitive interface that many clients will already be familiar with. This is central to’s approach, because whilst they’ve set out to improve WordPress, they haven’t tried to replace it, and all of X’s features use the core WordPress functionality where possible.

X is one of the most popular WordPress themes ever made, and it’s now on its third iteration. New for version 3 are a dozen dedicated plugins that you won’t find in any other theme: Slider Revolution is a dynamic, responsive, slider generator; Visual Composer lets you quickly layout templates with shortcodes in a visual interface; Contact Form 7 is a simple form styled to match X’s stacks. They’ve been carefully developed to ensure they’re perfectly compatible with X.


The benefit of new functionality being added as plugins is that only those users who want to features need load the code, users who don’t want those features have faster, more streamlined sites.


You can even white-label X, so you can deliver incredible WordPress experiences, without ever letting your clients in on your secret.

Of course, none of this is worth a penny if you can’t get it working. Happily, one of the first thing X customers rush to praise is the amazing support provided by’s staff. Purchasing a license for X gives you free access to a members’ area, where you’ll find clear documentation, articles, video tutorials, and a support forum in which dedicated support staff are friendly and helpful.

There are a lot of WordPress themes on the market, and some of them offer similar functionality to X, but we’ve not seen one with the same number of customization options. Plus the simplicity with which you’re able to make X theme your own, means that it outstrips even the better site builders, finally making WordPress a one-size fits all solution.



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