50 Incredible Freebies for Web Designers, February 2015

Juan Pablo Sarmiento By Juan Pablo Sarmiento  |  Feb. 13, 2015

Amazing designers and developers release new projects every day, that make us excited, inspired, and often more than a little impressed.

Today we’re continuing our monthly roundup of the best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes plugins, galleries, icons, WordPress themes, templates and more tools than you can use in a month. If this collection is anything to go by, 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year for web design resources. Enjoy!



A set of icons created with pure CSS, avoiding the need for SVG, fonts or anything else.


Flat Text Icons

A modern collection of icons with a completely flat look, portraying all kinds of writing and stationery items.


Nexus 6 Templates

Eight different mockups to showcase your designs in a Nexus 6 smartphone, including smart objects for easy handling.


Flat UI Color Palette for Sketch

Get the right tones for your next Sketch project by applying this cool color palette.


Apple Watch UI Kit

A UI kit for Adobe Illustrator that will allow you to create all kinds of designs and mockups for the device.


App Screens Perspective Mockup

A good-looking mockup for showing your next app or design with an interesting, multi-screen perspective.


Nexus 5 Wireframe

A neat resource for wireframing Nexus 5 content in Photoshop.


Publica UI Kit

An elegant component-based UI kit available in both Photoshop and Illustrator formats. It’s mostly black and white, staying neutral and open to any changes you want to make.


Material Design UI Kit

Use this set of design elements to produce interfaces following Google’s Material design philosophy.


IPhone Gold UI Kit

A glamorous set of UI elements to go along with the gold version of Apple’s smartphone.


Baikal UI Kit: Samples

The free version of the Baikal UI kit including samples of the many elements available in the full version.


Shapes Transparent UI Kit

A beautiful UI kit featuring transparencies in order to provide a sharp, modern appearance.


Reis Font

A superb hand-made font for titles and big text. Available in TTF and OTF formats.


KINO 40 Font

A free handwritten font for personal and commercial use.



A modern-looking font family fit for headlines and offering four free weights.


Bakersfield Font Family

An entire font family offering two of the most common weights completely free of charge.


Sunday Font

A quirky hand-drawn font created as a means to combine illustration and lettering.


PH CV Template

A template for a multipurpose vCard in PSD format. You can place all of your information in the 11 files included.


Travel Website Landing Page PSD

An interesting design for a travel-oriented website, fully editable in Photoshop.


Foliac Portfolio PSD Template

A clean and modern template for your next portfolio website coming in PSD format.


FitLife One Page PSD Template

A complete template for creating websites with a fitness-oriented purpose, whether it’s a gym, club, trainer, etc.


Fontana WordPress Theme

A content-focused WordPress theme with a simple layout and various widgets for search, Flickr, videos and more.


Enlightenment WordPress Theme

A simple and multi-purpose theme featuring a clean, simple layout, screen wide slider, portfolio section, and more.


Creativs: PSD and HTML5 Website Template

A complete template for people involved in creative projects, coming in both PSD and HTML5 versions.


Oleose: Mobile App Landing Page

A good-looking landing page for your latest app release. Completely responsive and built with Bootstrap 3.


CSS3 Flat Icons

A highly-detailed set of icons including shadows and bright colors, developed with nothing but CSS3.


Flat Firefox

A simple design that uses pure CSS, portraying a Firefox window in an entirely flat design.


Pure CSS3 Tabs

A simple and smooth tabbed navigation created with nothing but CSS3.


Expanding CSS3/JQuery Panel

An interesting set of panels in multiple colors and shapes. It uses CSS3 and a bit of jQuery to work.


Animated Share Button

A nicely animated social sharing button using CSS and jQuery.


100 Tourism and Travel Icons

A pretty big set of icons related to travel and tourism, offered in PNG and SVG formats.


CSS Avatars

An interesting set of highly-detailed avatar smileys created entirely with CSS.


Dillinger: Online Markdown Editor

Edit HTML5 on the cloud using desktop or mobile devices and save your content offline with this AngularJS powered editor.


Convert your PHP web application to Windows, Mac and Linux

Develop applications in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then run them natively on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Build a custom online calculator

Create your own calculators online with this open source project, on both desktop and mobile.


Postatic: everything you need to start your community

A tool for creating your own community site with a Hacker News-like approach.


CSS Gradient Animator

Switch from one gradient to another using soft animations and customizing speed and angles, using pure CSS.



A framework packed with features, built on React and Flux.



A mega simple PHP application for quick and basic projects.


Compare CSS preprocessors

Compare the three main CSS preprocessors (Less, Sass and Stylus) to see which one fits your projects better.


CSS Triggers

A fantastic reference sheet to know what additional changes are triggered by changing various CSS properties.



A tool that will speed up the process of creating Express servers without worrying about configuration.



A smooth library for creating drag and drop upload interactions, including image previews and interesting hover effects.


Labelauty jQuery Plugin

Give your checkboxes and radio buttons a stunning look thanks to this jQuery plugin.


WOW.js: reveal animations when scrolling

Trigger animations as soon as the user scrolls through a section of your site and customize aspects such as delay, style, length and more.


TextAssist (jQuery, HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

Provide custom options to users that highlight a particular section of text.



A lazy loader for images, iframes, widgets and more, including responsive elements. Apply different loading techniques depending on your project.


CSS3-Powered Hover Effects

Apply a wide amount of CSS hover effects to the elements in your project using Sass, LESS and CSS. 



A fantastic JavaScript library that will allow you to make straightforward animations for your project’s elements.



Create beautiful, colorful and interactive charts to integrate in your web projects



Use this JavaScript library in order to manipulate color in a variety of ways.


Flickity: amazing gallery tool

This tool lets you create galleries that work on any device, allowing users to flick through them with either their fingers or a mouse.



A very useful library for the creation of HTML presentations. They can be controlled with keyboard or touch gestures for easy navigation.