50+ incredible freebies for web designers, March 2015

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March 23, 2015
50+ incredible freebies for web designers, March 2015.

The Web is packed with some of the most amazing, inspiring, and downright cool projects that you’ll ever see. And thanks to the fantastic web design community, many of them are completely free.

Today we’re continuing our monthly roundup of the best resources for web designers. We’ve got fresh fonts, plugins, templates, tools, and all sorts of goodies for your delight. Enjoy!

50+ CSS Button Designs

A large collection of buttons created with CSS for you to integrate into your development, making use of the provided source code. More Than 50 CSS Button Designs

Wood Vector Pattern

A customizable pattern to give your design elements a bit more realism and detail. Wood Vector Pattern

Samsung Galaxy Note Mockups

A nice trio of Galaxy Note mockups you can use in presentations or for design purposes. You can edit them in Photoshop and make use of the smart layers to simplify the process. Samsung Galaxy Note Mockups

Moto 360 Watch Sketch Resource

A well-layered set with the Moto 360 Watch as the main protagonist. Download and modify anything you want with Sketch. Moto 360 Watch Sketch Resource

Flat Vector Devices Pack

An awesome collection of devices to use for mockups and development. The flexibility offered with PSD, AI and SVG formats is a considerable plus. Flat Vector Devices Pack

Freebie: Kitchen Icon Set

An awesome pack of 40 simple icons related to food and cooking, coming in PSD, PNG, EPS and AI formats for easy editing. Freebie: Kitchen Icon Set

Lynny Vector Icons

A huge set of vector icons divided into eight categories, useful for any type of design work. Lynny Vector Icons

Flat Medical Icon Set

A quirky package containing medicine-related icons. Perfect for fitness apps or projects involving health. Flat Medical Icon Set

Street Poster Template

A cool template to design promotional work for your next event, business or project. The inclusion of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files lets you choose the best tool to edit. Street Poster Template

Low Poly Backgrounds Bundle

A colorful series of big images with a geometric style. You will find abstract shapes of animals, famous places, landscapes and more. Low Poly Backgrounds Bundle

Dark Flat UI Kit

A simple user interface design based on components for various purposes. Editable in Photoshop. Dark Flat UI Kit

Uzers UI Kit

Uzers is a new project that aims to bring you top-quality designs for web and mobile. This free UI Kit is a perfect introduction to what they want to achieve. Uzers UI Kit

EventRay UI Design

Help yourself in the creation of the next good-looking Web or mobile design with this complete UI kit. EventRay UI Design

Againts Typeface

A very interesting font that allows you to create a beautiful mess for your headlines, using alternate glyphs and extra ligatures for customization. Againts Typeface

Perfograma: A Free Font with a Story

A quirky font inspired by the Mark I, one of the first computing machines ever, which read information from pieces of punched paper, hence the dots. Perfograma: A Free Font with a Story

Serendipity Script Font

A nice cursive typeface with a strong handwritten look. It includes a wide set of special characters in order to adapt fit multiple languages. Serendipity Script Font

Kontanter Font

A very interesting monospaced, experimental font with support for quite a few European languages. Kontanter Font

Quad: Geometric Font Family

A bold new typeface with three awesome styles going from solid black to an outline style. Perfect to give big-sized text an eye-catching look. Quad: Geometric Font Family

Expire PSD Theme

A PSD theme including four pages for home, blog, typography and posts, all making use of a clean and professional layout. Expire PSD Theme

iPress: Magazine and Blog Template

A cool design in PSD format for a content-packed website. Best for magazines, news sites or blogs that are always adding new material. IPress: Magazine and Blog Template

Hosting Web Template Designs

Are you planning on setting up a new hosting company, or want to give your website a visual overhaul? This would be a great place to start looking. Hosting Web Template Designs

Flat Magazine Template

A flat-styled template, perfect for magazines and news websites. Provided for free in PSD format. Flat Magazine Template

Capoverso Theme

A content-focused theme that goes for a minimal layout and strong typography in order to achieve a clutter-free look. Capoverso Theme

Solofolio: The Ultimate WordPress Portfolio Theme

Built with images and portfolio pages in mind, SoloFolio provides a fantastic platform to elegantly show your content. Solofolio: The Ultimate WordPress Portfolio Theme

Ex Machina HTML5 Template

A responsive HTML5 template with very clean looks and a screen wide header that gives the site a fancy little touch. Ex Machina HTML5 Template

Portfolio HTML Template

As its name implies, this template works best as a platform for you to show what you can do and promote it online. It features a simple, elegant layout and makes great use of images. Portfolio HTML Template

Hover Effects

A collection of various hover effects and animations applied to a set of colorful buttons with nothing but CSS. Hover Effects


This superb experiment re-organizes all images in a grid in order to make the most out of the space available. Mosaigrid

AngularJS Animations

A neat experiment that makes use of the new gsTimelines library to implement complex animations into a project. AngularJS Animations

Folded Corners with Pure CSS

A trio of elements with a folded corner effect. Created with pure CSS by Lea Verou. Folded Corners with Pure CSS

Hardening Framework

A potentially vital tool for the safety of your project, the hardening framework was created by the team at Deutsche Telekom in order to provide easy auto hardening for your server. Make sure you visit the GitHub page to download. Hardening Framework

Mootor Framework

Make mobile app development a bit more familiar with this cool HTML5 framework, aimed at smaller screens. Mootor Framework

Isso Comments

This commenting server works in a way similar to Disqus, powering conversations at the bottom of your publication. Isso Comments

Codecast: Real-time HTML and CSS

A supremely useful tool for people both learning and teaching these two languages, allowing them to communicate and code at the same time via screencasts. Codecast: Real-time HTML and CSS

Gridpak: The Responsive Grid Generator

Enter your own desired parameters in order to create quick grids to implement within your next project. Gridpak: The Responsive Grid Generator

CSS Ruler: Explore CSS Lengths

Learn a bit about CSS and explore its possibilities by experimenting with lengths in this interactive showcase. CSS Ruler: Explore CSS Lengths

A Series of Free Online Tools For Developers

An amazing collection with dozens of tools for developers including code viewers, converters and other utilities to simplify your work. A Series of Free Online Tools For Developers

Fabric: Mobile Development Platform

Fabric is a set of tools developed by mobile developers, for mobile developers. It aims to solve all the common problems that get in the way when trying to build world-class applications. Fabric Mobile Development Platform

Frontend Stuff

A neat collection of tools for use in Web projects. It consists of mostly JavaScript material and it's constantly updated, so be sure to check back often. Frontend Stuff

Essential React

If you're looking for a basics-only pack for creating React apps, Essential could be a great alternative. Essential React

jQuery Scalem Plugin

A jQuery plugin that will enable you to make any element in the website responsive, adapting to all screen sizes. JQuery Scalem Plugin


This plugin simplifies the use of AJAX, turning the language into something much more familiar to HTML users. Intercooler.js

JQuery EasySelect

A useful jQuery plugin that allows users to make multiple selections in a faster and easier way. JQuery EasySelect

jQuery Textcomplete

An interesting tool that will allow you to add autocompleting options to your textareas. JQuery.textcomplete


This library enables developers to integrate mobile browser controls into desktop browser-based JavaScript games through an extremely lightweight tool. Nunchuck.js

Rimg: A Responsive Image Solution

Use pure JavaScript in browsers that support mediaqueries in order to make the images in the site responsive. Rimg: A Responsive Image Solution


Ratchet simplifies app development for Web professionals, allowing them to create mobile apps with familiar HTML, JS and CSS components. Ratchet

Nines: Web Performance Tool

Track down any problem related to the performance of your Web project with this neat tool. Nines: Web Performance Tool


An impressive tool to give your Favicon alternative uses such as animations, colors or even project video from your webcam! Favico.js: Make a Use of Your Favicon

jQuery Load Scroll

This jQuery extension will make images on the site load only after scrolling to them. Use it to improve initial loading times in image-heavy projects. jquery-load-scroll

Experiment: Playing with Particles and Transparencies

A beautiful experiment by Luigi Mannoni where he creates this amazing orb that responds to your actions with the mouse, constantly animating as a result.. Playing with Particles and Transparencies

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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