25+ Kickstarter projects you’ll actually want to back

Paddi Macdonnell.
April 03, 2015
25+ Kickstarter projects you’ll actually want to back.

We all have great ideas, but some people are a little better at making them real than others. And kudos to them, the dedication it takes to slave away creating a new take on USB ports, a standing desk for a laptop, or a political action figure — when everyone says you’re mad — is truly impressive. But as this collection of Kickstarter projects shows, if you commit to your dream, it can become a reality. All these guys need now is a couple of bucks from you. Some of these ideas will make you laugh, some will make you wonder why you didn’t think of it first, but all of them would be cool to own…


handbag that charges your phone and tablet. And has a built in light to find stuff. It may not be the most high-tech of wearable tech, but so far it is definitely one of the most useful.


If you have more devices that need plugging in than USB ports to plug them into, this is for you. Each InfiniteUSB is a combined USB plug and port allowing you to chain together as many of them as you have devices to connect at any one time.


For anyone who is tired of having charging devices and their accompanying cables scattered over desks, worktops and even bedside cabinets, this super fast 6‑port USB charger and docking station is a stylish solution inspired by the light maximising roof design that first became popular during the Industrial Revolution.

Handmade Notebooks — Vintage Craftsmanship From Prison

Project Papillon notebooks

are handmade using traditional craftsmanship by prison inmates in Helsinki.


3 piece iPad cover with backlit keyboard. The keyboard also works with Android and has 4 light levels.

Brick Lamp

This minimal, switchless lamp activates when it’s raised, and deactivates when it is placed face down. It comes in wood, cast concrete or aluminium and has a built in chargeable battery.

ryo adapter

Sometimes the most brilliant inventions are also the simplest. This clever little adapter goes on the end of a USB plug to make it reversible. In other words, whichever way up the plug is, it will always be the right way.


This portable AC power bank with USB outputs would be great for travel, camping, long commutes or even just working outside on a sunny day. It can be charged from a wall outlet, via micro USB, or even with solar power using a special solar case.

Bepple Covers

To go with your new Pebble Time watch how about a snap on, protective cover from Bepple? (See what they did with the name there?)


Ever dreamt of owning a few architectural icons? Back Ittyblox and you will get a miniature 3D model of New York’s Flatiron Building to start your collection.

Brik Case

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to stick lego to their MacBook? This playful laptop cover lets you show off more to the coffee shop than a corporate logo.

Sixth Digit

So often, the best inventions are those that people come up with for their own use and this is a case in point. Designed primarily for quadriplegics, Sixth Digit is a stylus that is worn as a ring, giving the wearer greater control when using technology.


Magzet is a magnetic audio jack that aims to provide a better connection while protecting both the device and the headphone jack plugging into it.



is basically a case which holds two iPhones (5,5s or 6) top to toe to enable stereoscopic filming, or photography. It attaches to any tripod or selfie stick, and comes with an app that links the two phones and handles the image or video recording and processing.

Beastgrip Pro

An update on the original Beastgrip from 2013, this lens mount and camera rig system claims to be the first in the world to work with any phone.



is a miniature adaptable lighting studio for macro photography and videography. It combines three elements — a control pod, lighting arms and effect components to allow great versatility and control.

Stylus by Plume

Just as Jony Ive proved that a desktop computer doesn’t have to be an ugly beige box, Plume are showing us that a tablet stylus can be a thing of beauty.

3 in 1 Stand Up in a Tube

This clever little laptop stand can be set at three different heights and packs away inside itself when not in use.

SteelConnect A

If only Apple wearable tech will do, this clever adapter fits on to the Apple watch to allow the wearer to change straps at will, or even wear the watch as a pendant. The same people have already successfully produced strap adapters for Pebble and Moto360 watches, so the Apple watch version was pretty inevitable.


Another laptop stand, this one goes on any desk or table top and allows you to position your laptop at exactly the right height to work while standing.

The Handmade-To-Order Everlasting Mechanical Pencil

These rather beautiful handmade pencils are made from aluminium, steel or brass with either a steel or brass nib.


More than just an iPhone 6 case, Tapster doubles up as a wallet with space to hold up to 3 credit cards, or 2 cards and cash.

The Pen Rest

We will cosset our laptops and desktops, but our pens and pencils tend to get a bit mistreated even though to a designer they are vital tools. Perhaps it’s time to show your trusty drawing and writing implements some love with this modular holder.

Forge Solid KILO CUBE

This might look like just a little metal cube, but it’s a very heavy little metal cube. Specifically, it’s a 1.5″ cube that weighs 1kg. Heavy.

Maksimatic Bullet

gyroscopic cup holder that will keep your morning joe in its cup and not all over your car.


Pick a tweet, any tweet, and have it made into a beautiful art print, exclusive to you.

Hillary Clinton Action Figure

It’s always handy to have a politician in your pocket.

Paddi MacDonnell

Paddi MacDonnell is a designer and entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, follow her on Twitter.

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