Introducing WebdesignerNews.Com

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Apr. 24, 2015

Nothing matters more in this industry than keeping your finger on the pulse. The challenge is separating the wheat from the chaff: with hundreds of blogs, countless social media accounts, and thousands of design sites, how do you keep on top of it all without spending hours hunting through RSS feeds? Well, we have the solution…

After months of rigorous testing, iterative builds, and a few late nights, our sister-site, WebdesignerNews, has launched.

We have just as much trouble wading through the irrelevant news stories as you do, so we created WebdesignerNews as a one stop site for daily web design news.

WebdesignerNews covers a range of topics, from vanilla web design to code demos, from branding to brand new apps. If it matters to our industry you’ll find it here in bite sized chunks.

What makes WebdesignerNews different from other design news sites is that it is curated by humans. We shortlist stories through social media response and then every single story is reviewed by industry experts. When you read WebdesignerNews you can be confident that the stories you read are the ones that matter.

But WebdesignerNews isn’t about us dictating what’s newsworthy, it’s about the webdesign community, so we want to hear from you. WebdesignerNews is being curated especially to benefit the design community, and every blog no matter how large, or small, has the same chance of being featured; just use the “Submit News” link at the top of the site to tip us off about stories that matter to you, tools you can’t design without, or even your latest project.

For those that are too busy to check the site daily, we’ve set up a newsletter to deliver the most shared stories daily. When you read a story on the site that you think deserves attention, you can up-vote it, and have your say in which stories are featured in the newsletter. And if you want to save stories to read later you can create an account to save your favourites.

So take a moment to check out, we think it will save you hours every week, by bringing you the vital stories of the day, every day.