50+ incredible freebies for web designers, May 2015

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May 29, 2015
50+ incredible freebies for web designers, May 2015.

We’re constantly amazed at the generosity of designers and developers who release exciting, inspiring products out to the web design community on a daily basis. Not only do these impressive designers speed up our work with more free resources than we can use, but they drive us on to more and more ambitious work of our own.

Every month we collect together the best free resources for web designers and developers, and this month there truly is something for everyone; we’ve got great icons, UI kits, and mockups; as well as scripts, tools, and extensions. So free up some hard drive space, then browse through these downloads, enjoy!

Flat Color Icons

More than 300 icons with a beautiful color palette, useful for all type of situations and projects. Please don’t miss reading the Good Boy License. Flat Color Icons

iOS 8 Construction Icons

A collection of 50 icons related to construction. Perfect for architecture projects such as software and real estate firms. Available in AI, EPS, Sketch and PNG formats. iOS 8 Construction Icons

Multisize Material Design Icons

A collection with multiple icons following the Material Design Trend. Icons can be used in personal and commercial projects; come in 4 sizes and include vector files. Multisize Material Design Icons

Brand Guidelines InDesign and Illustrator Template

An awesome template to showcase your company’s branding. It comes in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PDF versions, in 300 DPI CMYK. The template also includes 8 print ready pages with 3mm Bleed. Brand Guidelines InDesign and Illustrator Template

TemplateShock: 150 Free Printing Templates Bundle

A cool mega bundle of templates available for multiple business and professional purposes, all for free, ready to be downloaded, edited and used. Printing Templates

Beautiful Newspaper Ad PSD Mockup

A beautiful template for previewing your publications’ advertisement design. It was created in PSD format, including smart objects and organised layers for an easy edition. Beautiful Newspaper Ad PSD Mockup

Clean Resume Template Sketch Freebie

A clean CV template with a left sidebar for personal information and a big content area for the extended information. It is an editable file for Sketch. Clean Resume Template Sketch Freebie

70 Flat Design Devices Mockups

With this set, you can showcase your designs in multiple trendy devices for your clients or your own branding purposes. The set has vector files and smart objects for easy edition. 70 State of the Art Devices Mockups

Uber iOS Wireframe Kit

A fantastic resource for drawing the skeleton of your next mobile project. It contains a huge variety of elements including maps, dialogs, pins, loaders and much more. Uber iOS Wireframe Kit

Eventray Free User Interface Kit

A beautiful dark UI kit that will prove useful for both mobile and desktop projects. Enjoy the consistent colors and well-layered PSD files included. Eventray Free User Interface Kit

Apple Watch UI Kit

A beautiful set designed for Sketch with a ton of Apple Watch UI designs. The pack has buttons, great simple typography, message bubbles, and screens for multiple apps. Apple Watch UI Kit

Free Bright and Aesthetic PSD and AI UI Kit

An aesthetic user interface with a bright and clean design. It has widgets for weather, calendar, login form, author profile and more. Free Bright and Aesthetic PSD and AI UI Kit

Material Design Mobile UI Kit

A free material design UI kit for mobile devices that includes six great and useful screens for your projects. The screens included are profile, photos, analytics, shop, menu and login. Material Design Mobile UI Kit

Didactic: OTF Readable Elegant Typeface

Didactic is a web font that can also be downloaded in OTF format. The font is perfect for readability, making it a great option for magazines, blogs and any other written content-focused websites. Has multiple language glyphs. Didactic: OTF Readable Elegant Typeface

PaymentFont: Useful Webfont with Payment-related Icons

An amazing webfont for integrating payment-related icons to your website. Super useful for high-density displays. PaymentFont: Useful Webfont with Payment-related Icons

Santelia Font: Robust Modern Typeface

A robust modern type family that has regular and rough versions and six weights. It has stylistic alternates, ligatures, old-style glyphs, swashes and more. Fonts are great for printed and web creations. Sant’Elia Font: Robust Modern Typeface

Tresdias: Chubby Outline Free Font

A beautiful font with sharp edges, chubby body and outlined style. The font comes as uppercase, numbers and some characters. Tresdias: Chubby Outline Free Font

Free Blogger Sans Serif Typeface

A blog-focused font with multiple language support. It is readable, complemented with lowercase and uppercase, additional glyphs, numbers and font variations. Free Blogger Sans Serif Typeface

100 Free (CC0) Vintage & Retro Photos Pack

A curated set of pictures with a vintage feel, perfect for old-style projects. They can be used in any creation thanks to its CC0 license. Vintage Photos

SpaceX Curated CC0 Space Photos and Posters

This is a Flickr collection that includes several categories with CC0 photos and posters. It has been curated by the popular company spaceX. You can use the photos freely. SpaceX Curated CC0 Space Photos

WLPPR: Impressive Natural Photography Backgrounds

An amazing set of patterns and photographs of our beloved planet that can be used as wallpapers for your phone of textured patterns for other projects. shots

Interior: Store WooCommerce Theme

A responsive theme made for selling products online, with a special focus on interior design. Interior: Store WooCommerce Theme

Tourism WordPress Theme

Tourism is a nice WordPress theme for travelling folks and enthusiasts. It has photo gallery, page options, contacts, e‑commerce and other features. Tourism WordPress Theme

Tiny Framework: Responsive and Lightweight Starter WordPress Theme

A really complete starter/​framework WordPress theme which compile all the best features of the default WordPress themes in one framework, including Schema​.org microdata, extensive documentation, mobile-first design (Twenty Twelve based), HTML5 ready structure of Underscores, many improvements from Twenty Fifteen, custom per-post headers, three footer widgets, FontAwesome icon webfont and Google Fonts support. Tiny Framework: Responsive and Lightweight WordPress Theme

Image-Based Visual PSD Box

A pretty awesome template for image-based websites. Perfect for showcasing businesses or creative portfolios. PSD is fully organized and editable. Image-Based Visual PSD Box

Restaurant App Template PSD

A very good-looking template to create your own restaurant/​cooking apps. It fits perfectly with the iPhone 5’s screen, as well as most Android devices. Restaurant App Template PSD

PhotoTime PSD Landing Page Template

A landing page design to showcase a concept photography app for mobiles. Of course, you can use the included source files and adapt it to anything you need. PhotoTime PSD Landing Page Template

Flat Media PSD Template

An organized PSD file for a web template. It has all the elements you may want like widgets for blog posts with thumbnails. PSD is fully organized and ready to edit. Flat Media PSD Template

Twitter Bootstrap HTML UI Kit

A cool template specializing in flat design for Bootstrap. Perfect for the modern web in all platforms you’re working on. Twitter Bootstrap HTML UI Kit

Moderno: Free HTML5 Responsive Template

A small and minimal HTML5 and CSS3 portfolio template based on Bootstrap, including multiple elements for creating an agency or portfolio website. Moderno: Free HTML5 Responsive Template

Animated DC Morph Buttons

A trio of buttons that animate and shape differently as you hover over them. It stays still when clicked, and color changes can also be applied. Animated DC Morph Buttons

Hand Animation in Pure CSS

A good-looking hand animation created with nothing but CSS by CodePen user r4ms3s. This hand animation can be used as a preloader for websites and apps. Hand Animation in Pure CSS

Space Invader SCSS Loading Page

A compelling animation with a spaceship and a little ghost being abducted. Totally made in CSS, can be used as a web preloader. Space Invader SCSS Loading Page

Grinding Gears CSS Loading Animation

Created in pure CSS, this loader uses gears grinding in different colors. It was created by Jamie Coulter and inspired by a groovy Dribbble shot. Grinding Gears CSS Loading Animation

FlexCSS: Web Elements Modular Flexbox Library

A modular pattern library that integrates a modular design and lots of lightweight JavaScript components, available to develop almost any Web elements. FlexCSS: Web Elements Modular Flexbox Library

JSBlocks: Model View-like Web Development Framework

A complete framework for creating all types of web and apps projects that’s meant to be both fast and easy to use. It harvests the power of model view for making simple or complex apps. JSBlocks: Model View-like Web Development Framework

Penguin: Open Source Front-end Framework

Build any web project you have in mind with this cool front-end framework written with Sass. It is lightweight and extensible, perfect for big web projects. Penguin: Open Source Front-end Framework

Origami: UI Design Prototyping Tool

A free tool for designing fresh user interfaces. With it you can create a prototype fastly, run it on iPhone or iPad, and export the snippets to code later. Origami: UI Design Prototyping Tool

Atomizer: Atomic CSS Reusable Rules Generator

Atomizer is a tool for creating Atomic CSS rules: a collection of single purpose styling units that you can reuse anytime. It works perfectly on frameworks like React, Ember or Angular. Atomizer: Atomic CSS Reusable Rules Generator

Xto6 : JavaScript Code Cleaning Tool

A tool for keeping your JavaScript error-free, clean and up-to-date. It features include function/​prototype to class, string concatenation to template string and anonymous callbacks to arrow functions. Xto6 : JavaScript Code Cleaning Tool

PhiloGL: Data Visualization and Game Development WebGL Framework

A WebGL framework for visualizing data, generate creative code and develop compelling games. PhiloGL: Data Visualization and Game Development WebGL Framework

Smoke: JQuery Plugin to Validate Forms

A complete jQuery plugin to validate forms, allow and manage notifications, progress bars, fullscreen, panels and other useful data elements. Smoke: JQuery Plugin to Validate Forms

Kute.js: JavaScript Tweening Engine

A smarter rebuild of another project called Tween.js which allows you to create tweens easily, in the form of a Native JavaScript tweening engine. It is licensed under MITKute.js: JavaScript Tweening Engine

Sprint.js: High-performance DOM Library

A neat DOM library meant for high-performance in modern browsers, particularly on devices with limited capabilities such as phones and tablets. It is lightweight (5KB gzipped). Sprint.js: High-performance DOM Library

SideComments.js: Medium-like Comments Interface Component

A cool interface component that will enable Medium-like comments on your website. With it, you can implement a simple comment bubble at the end of any paragraph, allowing users to comment wherever they like to. SideComments.js: Medium-like Comments Interface Component

Transformy: Simple List Formatting Tool

An awesome tool that will let you change an entire list of data automatically by just doing the first item. It rearranges any type of unstructured text list, organizing it to become readable. Transformy: Simple List Formatting Tool

Predawn: Interface and Syntax Theme for Sublime and Atom

Predawn is a syntax theme for the Sublime code editor and Atom. It can be installed via Package Control, and it extends the functionality of the editors by adding file browsing, color categorizing and more. Predawn: Interface and Syntax Theme for Sublime and Atom

Iconate.js: JavaScript and CSS Icons Transitions

This plugin makes use of Font Awesome icons to create transitions between them. It can be handy to create preloading animations or progress elements. Iconate.js: JavaScript and CSS Icons Transitions

Toolbar.js: Tooltip Style Toobars JQuery Plugin

Toolbar.js is a plugin made in jQuery for styling toolbars in an easy way. It uses Font Awesome to add beautiful icons, is flexible and it can display numbers and icons. Toolbar.js: Tooltip Style Toobars JQuery Plugin

Responsive JQuery Slider with Thumbnail Navigation

A light and responsive jQuery content slider with carousel thumbnails navigation. It supports swipe and mouseDrag, as well adding and removing slides dynamically. Responsive JQuery Slider with Thumbnail Navigation

JMosaic: JQuery Plugin for Aligning Elements

This jQuery plugin takes a list of page elements and arranges them in a mosaic grid without changing the proportions of elements. You can apply the properties of the plugin to images, divs, lists elements, etc. JMosaic: JQuery Plugin for Aligning Elements

Headroom.js: Hide Your Header on Scroll

Headroom.js creates a big header on top of your page to make space for the logo, some menu options and even a subscription box. It also allows your header to hide until you need it back. Headroom.js: Hide Your Header on Scroll

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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