Hotjar Offers Free Analytics for Everyone

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 27, 2015

Last month Hotjar exited its beta-phase and finally became available for anyone to check out. Hotjar is an advanced analytics suite that enables designers to examine user behavior and amend our designs accordingly.

Hotjar has been in beta since August last year, and during that time 20,000 beta testers have put the suite through its paces, helping the team refine the available features.


Hotjar now helps you identify three key elements of your site: What brings a user to the site; what causes a user to leave; and what persuades a user to act — whether that be filling out a form or adding a product to a cart.

Hotjar is positioned as the perfect analytics tool for freelance developers and small studios, because it delivers the kind of advanced features normally associated with enterprise level solutions, at an affordable price. In fact Hotjar is free to use, with two premium versions currently available for advanced users, so that anyone can afford to try out the service. It provides a unique range of tools in a simple to manage dashboard, the core aim of which is to uncover your best route to growth.


One of our favorite features is the ability to compare interactions before, and after changes; it’s a superb way to ensure that the tweaks you make really are for the better.

Another of the new additions is the ability to analyse whole forms, so you can tell exactly where your users are dropping off your site.

Of course, Hotjar also includes premium analytics tools such as heatmaps, which track user taps, scrolls, clicks and swipes; so you can see what your users interact with and how they do it.


In addition to heatmaps and detailed sessions information, Hotjar also features two options for uncovering exactly why users behave as they do: Simple feedback polls tie customer opinions to user profiles; and detailed online surveys provide the option to get an in-depth understanding of what your customers really think.

By combining analysis and feedback, Hotjar lets you review a bigger picture than other analytics tools, at a more affordable price.

Now that Hotjar is out of beta, its basic package is absolutely free to everyone and includes all of Hotjar’s premium features with no ongoing commitment. For users who want to go further, pro packages start at just €29 per month (around $32 USD).



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