Elegant Themes Unveil the Revamped Divi Theme

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 17, 2015

Divi is more than just another WordPress theme. Designed and built by Elegant Themes, Divi is a complete theme builder, enabling you to create unique designs for WordPress sites, right out of the dashboard.

With over 282,000 downloads to date, Divi is a battle-hardened theme that powers thousands of business’ sites worldwide.

Since we last featured Divi over a year ago Elegant Themes have been hard at work enhancing its core features. They announced their plans for Divi 2.4 back in February and are now ready to release it. But don’t let the version number fool you, this is much more than a minor version update…


Enhanced Divi Builder

One of the core features of Divi is the Divi Builder, which allows you to create unique designs for WordPress without ever touching a line of code. It means that non-coders can deliver high-quality themes without having to learn to program.


The building blocks of Divi Builder are Divi Modules. Divi Modules drag and drop into your design to insert different types of content. For example, to add a testimonial you simply drag and drop a testimonial into the Divi Builder.

Divi 2.4 introduces a revamped Divi Builder interface for a more streamlined workflow.



Advanced settings

Advanced settings have been added to every single module in the Divi Builder. These settings allow you to edit your site elements without ever digging into code. Absolutely anything that can be set with CSS can now be set with Divi’s advanced design settings.


What’s more, WordPress Customizer, which allows users to modify the WordPress settings for a site has had a ton of new options added, enabling users to truly take control of their web presence.



Global settings

Global settings have been introduced in Divi 2.4.


Global Settings work like smart objects, ensuring that elements that need to be consistent across your design are easily updated. Elements such as the height of your navigation, or the position of a logo, can be set globally and they’ll be updated site-wide. Global Settings have the power to significantly reduce the time it takes to create and modify designs.



Divi Library

Divi 2.4 introduces the Divi Library. The Divi Library is an extension of the pre-existing Saved Layouts feature of Divi 2.0.


The Divi Library allows you to save templates of sections of a site, for re-use later. For example, if you design a particularly effective contact form, you can save it in the library and roll it out to new projects in a few clicks.


Fully Responsive

Divi is designed to be fully responsive and the 20+ pre-made layouts that it ships with are a fantastic stepping off point for creating your own responsive designs.


However, Divi 2.4 takes responsive up notch with a complete re-coded grid. Entirely fluid, Divi 2.4’s grid is percentage based. The result being that Divi sites will maintain their existing look on desktop, but behave far more naturally across a full range of mobile devices.



Divi was already an excellent product for WordPress designers, but Divi 2.4 is a significant step forward. The introduction of Global Settings alone is enough to ensure Divi is an investment worth making.


If all this sounds too good to be true, then brace yourself, because if you sign up to Elegant Themes you’ll not only get full access to Divi 2.4, but also Elegant Themes’ entire collection of 87 WordPress Themes.



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