What’s new for designers, August 2015

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August 10, 2015
What’s new for designers, August 2015.
In this month’s edition of what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included lots of marketing resources, startup resources, educational tools, email tools, image resources, icons, CMSs, CSS resources, and much more. And as always, we’ve also included some awesome new free fonts! Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. They’re sure to be useful to designers and developers, from beginners to experts. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. And if you know of a new app or resource that should be featured next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman to be considered!

Marketing Stack

Marketing Stack is a curated directory of marketing resources and tools. It includes resources for writers, asset management, toolkits, analytics, and tons more. marketing stack


Lrn lets you learn to code at your convenience on your smartphone. It includes fun interactive mini-quizzes that teach you. Lrn


Zeplin lets you build pixel perfect apps that you can easily hand off to your dev team, allowing for better communication between designers and developers. zeplin


XPRS lets you build responsive sites with no coding, for free. It even supports e-commerce features. XPRS

Font Awesome 4.4

Font Awesome 4.4 offers up 66 new icons over previous versions, including icons for Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, genderless, Pocket, more brands, sticky notes, and much more. font awesome

Hakka Logs

Hakka Logs is automated networking for developers. Just tell them who you’re looking for, get personalized intros to developers who match your request, and reply to start a conversation. hakka logs


Cushion helps you smooth out your unpredictable freelance income and schedule. It gives you better insight and fewer surprises. cushion


Crayon.css is a list of CSS variables that link color names to hexidecimal values. You can use it with postCSS, Stylus, Sass, or Less. crayon.css

Call to Idea

Call to Idea gives you quick insipration for a variety of UI patterns. Get inspiration for about pages, case studies, branding, dashboards, and more. call to idea


Dragula makes creating drag and drop UIs simple. It’s well-documented and easy to implement. dragula


Screenings lets you watch inspiring videos, or have them delivered right to your email. There are videos about animation, illustration, logo design, product design, UX, and more. screenings


Prototyp makes it quick and easy to create interactive prototypes. It’s built on Framer.js. prototyp


Stretchy gives you easy form element autosizing for responsive designs. It’s completely standalone, works with your existing HTML/CSS, and works in all modern browsers. stretchy

Unsplash It

Unsplash It offers up beautiful placeholders with images from Unsplash. It’s easy to use, with over 700 images available for use. Unsplash It


Payable makes it easy to manage and pay your contractors. You can track things like hours, mileage, and expenses, for easier billing. payable


BlackStock offers up free and affordable stock images that aren’t white-centric. They offer images for both web and print projects, and all the images are royalty-free. black stock

Universal Recommender

Universal Recommender is a template that creates correlators from several user actions, events, or profile information to make recommendations. It’s well-documented and quick to get started with. universal recommender


Kya is a powerful analytics platform that works on any WordPress site for gaining powerful audience insight. They offer a 30-day free trial. kya


Makerbase is like IMDB for product makers. You can search by maker or product, or submit yourself to the database. makerbase


OnePager is a downloadable single page site builder for WordPress. It has a simple, easy to use UI, and it’s intuitive and user friendly to use. onepager

Export Kit

Export Kit is a Photoshop plugin for converting your PSDs into HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery, and more in just a few clicks. export kit

Now UI Kit

Now UI Kit is a free, cross-platform UI kit that includes 52 templates, 35 custom icons, and more than 180 UI elements. There are both Photoshop and Sketch versions available. now ui kit

Design for Humans Course

Design for Humans Course is a 10-day, 6 lesson course on emotional design. It includes lessons on adding personality, creating unique signup flows, emotions in landing pages, and more. design for humans

The Working Lunch

The Working Lunch is a daily collection of helpful content for starting and growing a business, aimed at reading or watching on your lunch break. the working lunch

Company Autocomplete API

Company Autocomplete API takes partial company names and returns full company names, along with domains and logos. company autocomplete api

Click Here

Click Here is a plug-and-play toolkit for getting more clicks from your email campaigns. It uses psychological triggers to increase your email conversions. click here


FeatureKit lets you effortlessly announce new features to your users. It integrates with any app, fits any device, and it’s customizable. featurekit


Onboarded offers perks for startups, just for trying services. Get offers from companies like Postmates, Lyft, Uber, and more. onboarded


NoDesk features a curated collection of resources for the digital nomad. If your work is location independent, NoDesk is sure to have some useful tools for you. nodesk

Instant Update

Instant Update is an open source CMS that instantly transforms your HTML into a CMS. It includes live editing, global content support, edit history, and more. instant update

Sell One Thing

Sell One Thing lets you create a checkout page for selling one thing online, that integrates with Stripe for payment processing. sell one thing

Magic Form

Magic Form lets you post any web form to a Google Spreadsheet. You can set it to auto-add columns, modify rows, and even accept file attachments. magic form

One Line

One Line is a set of free startup icons. They have a unique line-drawn style that’s both whimsical and versatile. one line

Intro Rust

Intro Rust is a font family that includes three different styles avialable for free: a sans serif, a distressed font, and a script. intro rust

Work Sans

Work Sans is a sans serif based on the early Grotesques with ten different weights. work sans

Metal Curve

Metal Curve is a free font inspired by metal bands (thrash metal, black metal, power metal, etc.) past and present. metal curve


Finkleman is an uppercase serif font that comes in Opentype and TrueType formats. finkleman


Toro is a display font for personal and commercial use. toro

Inknut Antiqua

Inknut Antiqua is an antique typeface that’s great for long-form text. inknut antiqua


Stellar is a sans serif typeface for personal use that comes in four weights. stellar


Runaway is a handcrafted vintage-inspired display typeface. runaway


Sunn is a free handdrawn sans serif display typeface. sunn

Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman is a freelance writer and designer from New England. You can visit her site or follow her on Twitter.

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