50 incredible freebies for web designers, September 2015

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September 01, 2015
50 incredible freebies for web designers, September 2015.
Here we go again with another fresh set of awesome freebies for your delectation. This month you'll find unique icons, high-resolution mockups and templates, neatly crafted HTML themes and UI kits for many purposes, crazy and stylish fonts, brand-new coding snippets and some exciting new tools. And as always, if you think we missed one of your favorite new freebies, let us know in the comments.

Thin line style PSD icons set

An icon set that comes with 48 icons in thin line style in PSD format, some of the icons contained in this set are download from cloud, image, headphones, share, thumbs-up, favourite, among others. Thin Line Style PSD Icons Set


Collecticons is a collection of 135 filled icons that keeps growing. All of the icons are generated with a tool called Collections processor that comes along in this project licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. Collecticons: An Evergrowing Filled Web Icons Collection

Socialoha Icons

Socialoha is a set of 756 regarding the most influential social media icons these days, there’s six different styles in this set making it quite a suitable set for any sort of project. Socialoha: A Set of 756 Multi-styled Social Icons

We Love Icon Fonts

We love icon fonts is an open source project featuring a collection of web font icons very similar to the ones at Google Web Font Icons and dependent of Backbone.js and crystallo frameworks. We Love Icon Fonts: Google Web Fonts-like Collection

Animated flat emojis

A set of 28 animated emoticons that come in fully vector-based and scalable and pre-made GIF-animations in 3 sizes: 32x32, 64x64 and 100x100. Adobe After Effects Animated Flat Emojis

8 free clean business card mockups

A set of 8 mockups featuring clean and minimal business cards. Fully layered, and separated, with smart objects. 8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups Scenarios

Geometric low-poly background business card template

A business card template that features a low-poly-like background with light edges that contrast with a pitch black background for the contact information section. Geometric Low-Poly Background Business Card Template

Clean A4 portrait brochure mockups

A set of two beautiful A4 portrait brochure mockups that comes in well-organized PSD files that feature smart objects. This set is released and delivered by Mockup Cloud. Clean A4 Portrait Brochure Mockups

Essential free logo mockup collection

A set of five 72ppi high-resolution logo mockups in a canvas of 2000x1500 pixels. Some of the logos you’ll find are related to coffee, golden cursive font, and fashion-like logos. Essential Free Logo Mockup Collection

Cardzz: dark schemed iOS UI kit

Cardzz is a UI Kit crafted by Volodymyr Kurbatov for iOS screens that comes with a set of 21 high-quality dark schemed components that contrast really well with colorful content. Cardzz: Dark Schemed iOS UI Kit

Food & drink website UI kit

A kit of round corner containers that feature an appealing food related scheme. You’ll find containers for calendars, interactive ingredient list, type of food sidebar, and shopping cart. Food & Drink Website UI Kit


Elegance is a user interface kit that features soft cream-like colors and works really well for fashion eCommerce sites. It comes in both PSD and Sketch formats. Elegance: Soft Fashion Schemed iOS UI Kit

Sunshine Travel

Sunshine Travel is a UI kit that features elements specially designed for travel and tourism related topics. This kit is focused on iOS screens and has a flat style. Sunshine Travel: A Traveler Apps UI Kit

Apollo: PSD & Sketch UI navigation bar kit

A UI kit that features rounded corner bars, uppercase font, filled icons and a dark and light scheme. Apollo: PSD & Sketch UI Navigation Bar Kit

GEOM Display

GEOM Display is a typeface that features only uppercase characters with the characteristic of being completely adorned with geometrical outlined and filled shapes all over them, making it be quite suitable for new era fashion design. GEOM Display: An Fully Geometrically Adorned TypeFace

Intro Rust

Intro Rust is a multi-styled and multi-textured font family that comes with 4 sub-families which contain 214 fonts. The names of these subfamilies are Intro Rust, Intro Script, Intro Head and Intro Goodies. Intro Rust: Multi-styled Font Family


Shumi is a very bold line font that is characterized by straight one-angled edges and ends. It features uppercase, numeral and special characters. Shumi: Bold Straight-edged Font


A font with a vintage style with a cowboy town look and feel that features only uppercase characters adorned with well-defined ends and details. Fanaisie: A Vintage Cowboy Town-like Typeface


Reef is a typeface released by Gatis & Evita Vilaks that features both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets for a total of over 500 uppercase, lowercase, numeral, and special characters as well as extra glyphs and symbols. All of them designed with rounded edged bold lines. Reef: Round Edged Line Typeface


Shophia is a clean eCommerce website template crafted by Robi Wahyudi and delivered in PSD format that features big containers with framed images, and a fancy looking photo slider. Shophia: Free ECommerce Website Theme


Creato is a PSD template for a very modern looking WordPress theme. It basically features two sections a main one with a top menu button and full-width content with a load more buttons at the bottom, and a bottom-most contact section. Creato: Clean & Minimal WordPress PSD Theme


Dream is a Sketch crafted one-page laid out landing page that features a very clean style and soft color scheme. You'll also find some color-filled and outline icons Dream: Clean Single-column Landing Page Template


Fjord is a landing page template that features a very clean style with a thin line black font and 2 color line icons. It is perfectly suitable for any kind of website. Fjord: A Clean & Cold Schemed Landing Page Theme

Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake is a WordPress theme that comes in a very simple and background-less layout and refined with elegant typography. It is laid out in a title, main content column and right-side bar. Vanilla Milkshake: Simple Blogging WordPress Theme


Huxley is a versatile WordPress theme that features a screen-size post slider laid out in a single column, and six extra layout types such as single post and contact page. The Huxley: Versatile Multi-page WordPress Theme


Portefeuille is a one-page portfolio website theme that features a low-poly header background and clean style along its one-column layout. Portefeuille: One-page Portfolio HTML Theme


Sedna is a clean and minimal style one-page website theme crafted in Sketch 3 that features colored outlined icons and regular full-width container sections. Sedna: One Page Website HTML & Sketch Theme

30 Bootstrap themes curated bundle

A bundle of Bootstrap themes for both WordPress and non-WordPress environments, collected from all over the Internet, curated and presented to you. 30 Bootstrap Themes Curated Bundle

Responsive material card snippet

A snippet developed by David Foliti to generate material design style cards that feature an image that slides away to let content behind it be shown when you click on its top menu icon. Responsive Material Card Snippet

Super simple CSS tooltips

A simple CSS code snippet developed and released by Ben Mildren that adds tooltips to links at three different positions, bottom, left or right, and with or without triangular adorn. Super Simple CSS Tooltips

Navigation Reveal

Navigation Reveal is a concept introduced by ZCKVNS that when clicking on menu button, the whole page layout beneath the header sets off tilted in the background to show alternative pages links. Navigation Reveal: Layout Tilt Off-setting Idea

Graphic Library-featured Icons Particle Generator

A code snippet created by Kenji Saito that generates icons by particle flowing effects, every time you scroll or do any mouse gesture this icon gets disintegrated and reintegrates as a different one. Graphic Library-featured Icons Particle Generator

Bootstrap Theme frameworks set

A set of elite Bootstrap themes that work as frameworks, featuring rich and full-guiding documentation and lifetime licensing and updates. Bootstrap Theme Frameworks Set

Front-end bookmarks compilation

A huge compilation of web development sites focused on front-end resources that come sorted out from general knowledge at the beginning, to concrete and particular problems at the bottom. Front-end Developing Bookmarks Compilation

Spark Framework

Spark Framework is a project inspired in Sinatra, that allows you to create Java8 web applications in a very easy way. Spark Framework: A Tiny Java Web Framework


FormFiller is a Bookmarklet developed in JavaScript for repopulating forms by only filling the form once and saving the settings for that specific form. FormFiller: A JavaScript Form Repopulating Bookmarklet


Hobo is a collection of open-source plugins written in Ruby, that helps you creating web applications with less coding involved. Hobo: Open-source Ruby Plugins Collection


A SASS to CSS automatic compiler through pure PHP that doesn't use ruby language and features one-line coding. This compiler currently uses SCSS 3.2 syntax, imports and mixins. Panique: A PHP Sass to CSS Compiler

GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is a downloadable tool that allows you easily manage open-source projects from GitHub from your Mac or Windows computer. Start projects, branch off projects, craft the perfect commit and more features to see in it. GitHub Desktop: Project Manager Tool


Elemental is a flexible UI Toolkit for React.js websites and apps featuring out-laying tools for CSS, buttons, forms, modals and more elements. Elemental: ReactJS Focused UI Toolkit


Lavagna is a management tool for open-source issues and projects suitable for small teams. It is lightweight and is coded purely in Java, that provides you with a nice dashboard view and gives you an organized overview of projects. Lavagna: Open-source Project Management Tool


Rucksack is a CSS Library that simply makes CSS development easier by featuring responsive typography, shorthand for positioning properties, native clear fix, and more. Rucksack: A Full-featured CSS Library


Tridiv is a CSS 3D shapes creator developed by Julian Garnier that provides you with a right-side bar UI control for easily and intuitively edit your shapes and compositions. Tridiv: Online CSS 3D Shapes Editor


Webflow is a website builder that eases the process of developing by automatically generating code as you design and providing you with a full-featured control panel. Webflow: Design-focused Website Builder


A ty­po­graphic pre-proces­sor for HTML that doesn't use any client-side JavaScript and provides you with text edition features such as real hang­ing punc­tu­a­tion, soft hy­phen in­ser­tion, op­ti­cal mar­gin out­dents, small-caps con­ver­sion, and more. TypesetJS: HTML-focused Text Pre-processor


Samwise is a customizable modal that features list menu items and buttons for additional options at the bottom. Suitable for help offering and providing information. SamwiseJS: Nice List Menu Help Modal

Unsplash It

Unsplash It is an image placeholder generator that provides you with a single URL line and allows you using simple parameters for embedding the placeholders in your website, such as dimensions or effects. Unsplash It: Image Placeholders One-line URL


Minigrid is a cascading grid layout designed in minimal style that features a nice and smooth animation when it is laid out onto the page. Minigrid: Animated Cascading Grid Layout

Bootstrap image hover HTML & CSS effects gallery

A gallery of nice hover effects applied on images featuring thin lines icons and frames transitional effects. All of the effects are developed in HTML and CSS. Bootstrap Image Hover HTML & CSS Effects Gallery


Outline is a simple and clean CSS framework that works as a starter boilerplate for new web projects. It features full responsiveness, Sass coding, modular building and Susy grids on demand. Outline - The Clean & Simple Responsive CSS Framework.


Datedropper is a jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly manage and input dates into form fields with animated tooltip-like looking date-pickers. Datedropper: Tooltip-likeDatepicker Plugin


Artyom is a voice control speech recognition library for JavaScript that helps you create your own personal virtual assistant and embed it to your website. Artyom: A JavaScript Voice Control & Speech Recognition Library

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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