50+ fresh resources for designers, October 2015

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October 02, 2015
50+ fresh resources for designers, October 2015.
Hello there! Here we are again with this amazing bunch of resources for your web and graphic design projects. Come and have a scuba dive around this ocean of unique fonts, delicious icons, cool mockups and wireframes, print and web templates, powerful development and designing tools, and stacks more. Go ahead and dive in!

15 touch gesture AI & PSD icons set

A set of 15 outline icons that represent touch screen gestures such as two-finger tap, double tap, tap and hold, pinch in, pinch out, slide up, or down among others. 15 Touch Gesture AI & PSD Icons Set

Free 44 weather Sketch icons set

A set of 44 thin, outlined icons for Sketch regarding weather conditions such as storm, rainy, sunny, cloudy, windy, and more for both daytime and nighttime. Free 44 Weather Sketch Icons Set

Huge flat food icons set

A set of more than 6,000 icons in flat style that represent all sorts of food like dairy products, fruits, vegetables, spices, prepared foods, drinks, beverages and more. They all come in AI format and PNG previews from 24 to 512 pixels. Huge Flat Food Icons Set

Smokey: a cool & smooth Photoshop brush

Smokey is a brush set that features quite realistic looking effects that would very nicely suit handwritten-like fonts with a cool liberal style. Smokey: A Cool & Smooth Photoshop Brush

Minimal logo template

A set of 25 minimal logo templates by Hasibur Rahman that come in a clean line style. These logos each come in an individual PSD file and 4 AI files. Minimal Logo Template

Apple Watch Sketch wireframe set

A set of 6 Apple Watch wireframes crafted in the Sketch format that feature both outline and color-filled screens for music player, messages, and the analog clock. Apple Watch Sketch Wireframe Set

Book and business card mockup

An amazing set of photorealistic mockups for a book and business cards, perfect for company branding. These mockups come in the PSD format, and were released by AlienValley. They are free for personal use. Book and Business Card Mockup

75 desktop & mobile devices line mockups

A set of 75 mockups in line style representing 20 desktop, mobile, and wearable devices such as: iMac, iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus, Lumia and Samsung Gear S, and many others. There is a total of 75 elements counting the multiple perspectives of the devices that come in AI format. 75 Desktop & Mobile Devices Line Mockups

Tourism-themed trifold brochure PSD, INDD, & Ai template

A trifold brochure template that comes in PSD, AI, and INDD formats that has a tourism theme, but is suitable for multiple business purposes. It features a full-size background with black text and round-framed images, as well as out-filled icons giving it a fresh, yet professional look. Tourism-schemed Trifold Brochure PSD, INDD & Ai Template

Liquid: a clean PSD web UI kit

Liquid is a web template UI kit crafted in PSD that comes in several screen-size-based variations, as well as single cards for a video player, article posts, search bars, and more. Liquid: A Clean PSD Web UI Kit

Fashion-focused iPhone Sketch UI kit

A UI Kit crafted for iPhone devices that is mainly focused on fashion. It comes with several screens in a clean, minimal style for eCommerce featuring female clothing products. Fashion-focused iPhone Sketch UI Kit

Monica: eCommerce UI kit freebie

A clean and minimal web UI kit that is focused on eCommerce elements such as product cards, and stylish carousel headers. It comes in a single PSD file. Monica: Web ECommerce Web UI Kit Freebie

eCommerce Material style UI kit

An eCommerce UI Kit crafted for iOS that features a Material style, and comes with several pre-built screens such as login, shopping cart, and product description. ECommerce Material Style UI Kit

New Industry: technical-looking typeface

New Industry is a typeface that combines straight lines with constant curves and trimmed corners, which give it a very technical look and feel. It features uppercase, numerals, and some special characters. New Industry: Technical Looking Typeface

Jekyll Hyde: a novel-inspired dual-style font

Jekyll Hyde is a pair of typefaces that are inspired by a novel from the year 1886, each of them similar in style to the other, but different in their own way. Jekyll Hyde: A Novel-inspired Dual Style Font

Royals: blocky typeface

Royals is a bold typeface that features straight edges. It comes in 4 different styles, regular, regular italic, rush, and rush italic for uppercase, numeral characters, and regular glyphs. Royals: Hexagon-like Curved Typeface

Bemount: a bold marker-written typeface

Bemount is a bold typeface that features a look and feel of marker handwriting. It features both Russian and Latin alphabets in uppercase, as well as numerals and special characters. Bemount: A Bold Marker-Written Typeface

Banthers: a chalk handwritten typeface

Banthers is a font crafted by Agga Swist’blnk that features a chalky, handwritten style with bone-like ends. It features uppercase characters, along with some special characters with long ends and adorns. Banthers: A Chalk Handwritten Typeface

Octavia: clean & minimal landing page PSD template

Octavia is a landing page PSD template that features a very clean and minimal style and feel, and outline icons. Octavia: Clean & Minimal Landing Page PSD Template

DIFF: a unique landing page PSD web template

DIFF is a PSD web template that has a unique style, featuring crossed off titles and several straight lines randomly placed along the page. DIFF: A Unique Landing Page PSD Web Template

Cosmetico: clean eCommerce PSD template

Cosmetico is an eCommerce PSD theme that features a very clean design that aims to attract the customer with the organization and ease of navigating through it. Cosmetico: Clean ECommerce PSD Template

Bergen: a minimal eCommerce PSD template

Bergen is a free minimal design PSD template for eCommerce sites that features a screen-size header with a menu on the side and several sorts of full-width containers. Bergen: A Minimal ECommerce PSD Template

Matrix: clean & minimal landing page PSD theme

Matrix is a PSD template for a one-page layout that features a clean and minimal design. It comes with a big header, outline icons, full-width tiles grid, product pricing tables, and more. Matrix: Clean & Minimal Landing Page PSD Theme

Gazette: multipurpose blogging WordPress theme

Gazette is a multipurpose blogging WordPress theme that features a minimal design and a full-width tile grid that showcases the main topics of the magazine. Gazette: Multipurpose Blogging WordPress Theme

Lens: WordPress theme for professional photographers

Lens is a WordPress theme suitable for photographers that features a nice parallax background, a 4-column footer widget area, a showcase, and more. Lens: Professional Photography WordPress Theme

Curated magazine WordPress themes bundle

A curated bundle of 47 WordPress magazine themes that come with different styles and layouts. You’ll be able to one-click download most of them, as well as share or suggest more themes to add to this cool bundle. Curated Magazine WordPress Themes Bundle

ActiveBox: one-page multipurpose HTML template

ActiveBox is an HTML one-page template that can be used for multiple purposes. It features a clean and minimalistic design, and the PSD source file is included. ​ActiveBox: One-page Multipurpose HTML Template

Identity: a minimal ID card HTML template

Identity is an HTML template that simply consists of a centered minimal ID card with a full-screen background that features a circle framed photo, name, title and social outline buttons. Identity: A Minimal ID Card HTML Template

Truva: material design Kirby CMS theme

Truva is a Kirby CMS-adapted blogging theme that includes a material color palette, allowing you to personalize your theme with up to 288 combinations. It also comes with Disqus comment system and a few other components. Truva: Material Design Kirby CMS Theme

A light & flat Bootstrap dashboard

An HTML theme for a Bootstrap-based dashboard that features a nice flat design with smooth effects. This theme has several elements such as icons, table list, maps, and notifications, among others. A Light & Flat Bootstrap Dashboard

10 stunning hover effects with Sass

A collection of 10 stunning hover effects developed in Sass, including animations, transformations, parallax, and some others. You’ll find effects regarding SciFi, cities, roads, landscapes, and more. 10 Stunning Hover SCSS Effects

Perspective CSS parallax scrolling snippet

A code snippet in CSS that allows you to create, through parallax effects, simulated surface perspective as you scroll along the page, getting almost a straight angle perspective when the surface reaches the top of the page. Perspective CSS Parallax Scrolling Snippet

Full-screen carousel

A full-screen carousel-like exposition that basically features a screen-size grid of tiles that expand open to the size of the screen, and back to their place. Full Screen Carousel Expose

Vertical layout with navigation

A left-side navigation bar that allows you smoothly and quickly scroll along the vertical page layout. There’s also a bouncing effect on the text every time you reach a section of the page. Vertical Layout with Navigation

Pure CSS3 parallax menu

A parallax effect applied to whole pages by sliding new screens in and out, developed for touch-capable screens. Pure CSS3 Parallax Menu

Curated jQuery plugins & resources

A curated list of useful jQuery plugins and resources such as tutorials, books, blogs and plugins for animations, forms, tables, time and date, validation, and many more. This list was curated and released by GitHub’s user Peter Kokot. Curated JQuery Plugins & Resources

Lattice: virtual machine-based server workload manager

Lattice is an open source project that runs containerized workloads on clusters which consist of a number of cells, or virtual machines that run containers, and a brain that monitors the cells. It features built-in HTTP load-balancing, a cluster scheduler, log aggregation with log streaming, and health management. Lattice: Virtual Machine-based Server Workload Manager

Web Field Manual: a curated design resources list

Web Field Manual is a curated list of resources for designing experiences and interfaces on the web. This collection expands constantly with web designer-fed knowledge and inspiration. Web Field Manual: A Curated Documenting-focused UX Design Resources List

Jaws: a server-less app framework

Jaws is a server-less application framework that uses AWS services to redefine how to build massively scalable apps. Jaws: A Server-less App Framework

Sphido: a lightweight flat-file PHP CMS

Sphido is a lightweight flat-file CMS for PHP that requires PHP v5.4, and that features the usage of Markdown, HTML, PHTML, and/or or Latte. Sphido: A Lightweight Flat File PHP CMS

SimpleStore: clean & responsive eCommerce boilerplate

SimpleStore is a clean and responsive boilerplate for eCommerce web interfaces that counts on the feature of being fully client-side and lightweight, with calculations of tax rates, built-in shipping methods, multi-currency support, and much more. SimpleStore: Clean & Responsive ECommerce Boilerplate

An awesome Rails gem collection

A collection of invaluable gems for rails gathered together by GitHub user hothero. You’ll find gems for active records, users, APIs, plugins, emailing, debugging, code styling, error logging, and many more topics An Awesome Rails Gems Collection

Hood.ie: web & iOS app-building software

Hoodie is open source software that helps you building web and iOS applications. Simply develop your frontend code, then plug it into its frontend-friendly API, and your app is ready. Hood.ie: Web & iOS App Building Software

Chocolat.js: a jQuery responsive lightbox

Chocolat.js is a jQuery plugin that enables you to display and modify images responsively as you hover over or click on elements you set. ChocolatJS: A JQuery Responsive Lightbox

Static responsive CSS & JS grid layout

LayoutGrid is a static responsive grid developed in CSS and Javascript featuring drag-n-drop handling to reorder each screen size on both desktop and mobile. Static Responsive CSS & JS Grid Layout

Enquire.js: awesome JavaScript media queries

Enquire.js is a pure JavaScript library that allows you to harness CSS media queries in JavaScript by providing you with tools to create advanced responsive sites. Enquire.js: Awesome JavaScript Media Queries

RandomColor.js: customized random color palette generator

Random Color Generator is a JavaScript Library that provides you with randomly categorized color palettes. RandomColor.js: Cusomized Random Color Palette Generator

Recess: Less-based code quality tool

Recess is a simple code quality tool for CSS built on top of Less that was developed at Twitter to support internal style guides. It can be integrated directly into your build system as a compiler, to keep your source looking clean and super manageable. Recess: Less-based Code Quality Tool

A JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for HTML content

ContentTools is a JavaScript library that allows you to build WYSIWYG editors for HTML content. It is focused mainly on IE9, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.A JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor for HTML Content

Gmail.js: JavaScript API for Gmail management

Gmail.js is a JavaScript API for Gmail that features plenty of methods to work with Gmail and Chrome extensions. Gmail.js: JavaScript API for Gmail Management

Chewing Grid: a card listing design CSS grid

A CSS Grid that’s perfectly suitable for card listing designs such as tiles, videos, or article listings. It is media-query-less but still adjusts the number of columns depending on the available width or set values. Chewing Grid: A Card Listing Design CSS Grid

CSSfmt: PostCSS-based CSS & SCSS formatting tool

CSSfmt is a tool built on top of PostCSS that automatically formats CSS and SCSS source code such as Vanilla CSS, SCSS syntax, and nested selectors syntaxes like LESS and Stylus. CSSfmt: PostCSS-based CSS & SCSS Formatting Tool

Boron: JavaScript modals & dialogs library

Boron is a JavaScript library that allows you to create several modal or dialog animations based on React.js. Some of the animations you’ll find are drop, fade in, and outline slide. Boron: JavaScript Modals & Dialogs Library

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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