50+ fresh resources for designers, November 2015

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November 02, 2015
50+ fresh resources for designers, November 2015.
Here we are again with another month-worth of freebies for your enjoyment! Scroll down and you’ll find amazing icons, templates, mockups, themes, ui kits, fonts, layout tools, JavaScript snippets, and some diverse tools for web design. Go ahead and grab it all…

Squid InkLine Icons

A pack of line icons in vector format that feature miscellaneous elements and come with a 100 gesture line icons set. These icons come in PSD, Ai, EPS, PNG and SVG format. Squid Ink: Vector Line Icons Pack

World Landmark Icons

A set of 18 line vector icons that represent the most well-known landmarks across the world, these icons come in Ai, EPS, PDF, PNG and PSD formats. World Landmark Line Vector Icons

Sketch country flags kit

A kit of 180 flags crafted in Sketch format that can be easily called and placed through Swift language coding. Sketch Country Flags Kit for Swift


A set of 150 free icons related to miscellaneous topics and crafted in line style that feature a nice ink-like texture and minimal effects for a realistic look. Inkallicons: Vector Ink Line Icons

Facebook Cover Collection

A collection of cover templates for Facebook cover photo that come in PSD format, allowing you to make creative photo layouts featuring several images at once. Facebook Cover PSD Templates Collection

Outdoor Signs and Facades Mockups Set

A set of 5 photorealistic mockups that feature signs and frames in PSD format perfectly suitable for outdoor scenes. These mockups feature smart-object layers. Outdoor Signs and Facades PSD Mockups Set

Diverse device hands: photorealistic mobile mockups

Diverse Device Hands is a set of photorealistic mockups with hand-held devices and clean white backgrounds. Diverse Device Hands: Photorealistic Mobile Mockups

Social Car UI Kit for Sketch

Social Car UI Kit is a mobile user interface concept for transport services such as taxis, carpooling, package tracking, and related businesses. Social Car Concept Sketch UI Kit

Open Brochure Mockup

A print brochure mockup that comes in A4 size featuring an open presentation including a front cover and 2 inside pages. Ideal for showcasing brochure or magazine designs. Open Brochure Mockup


Fancy is a folder template that features a clean black and white design for professional and neat document presentation. This template comes in Ai, InDesign and PSD formats using CMYK color so it's ready to be printed. Fancy: Clean Style Folder Template

U.S. Web Design Standards

An open source UI kit that consists of components and visual style guide that is used as standard by U.S. federal government websites. U.S. Web Design Standards

Stark UI Kit

Stark UI Kit features a flat design that comes with over 200 components and 90 elements for 10 different categories suitable for advertising, e-commerce, news agencies and more. Stark: Multipurpose Flat UI Kit

A1 UI Kit

A1 is a colorful and flexible UI kit for mobile devices that features a minimal material design style with smooth gradients. You'll find 45 screens, 250 elements library and 60 line icons. A1: Colorful & Flexible UI Kit

Facebook IOS9 Light

Facebook iOS9 Light is a GUI Kit for iOS9 that consists of both PSD and Sketch files featuring the most common screens in iOS devices. Facebook IOS9 Light: PSD & Sketch UI Kit

Spool UI Kit

A user interface kit for iPhone devices that features a material design style. This kit comes with 6 different screens such as playlist, menu, search, and more. Spool: iPhone Material Design UI Kit PSD

Parabola font

Parabola is a font that features a hand-written look with brush texture that comes in uppercase and numeric characters and several accentuations for multi-language support. Parabola: Brush Hand-written Style Font

Hungarian Museum PSD Web Template

A template that features the redesign concept of the Hungarian Ethnography Museum. This template comes available for both desktop and tablet devices with a clean, flat style. Hungarian Museum PSD Web Template

Webby template

Webby is a website template that features several photos along its layout in adaptive grids, container backgrounds, and thumbnails. Webby: Photo-featured Website PSD Template

Agron theme

Agron is a clean Sketch theme for websites, creative portfolios, or blogs. You'll find three responsive versions provided. Agron: Portfolio Sketch Web Theme

Ardi theme

Ardi is an agency Sketch theme that features a clean and flat style as well as a creative and unique layout, as well as Montserrat and Playfair Display fonts. Ardi: Agency Sketch Web Theme

Neverland theme

Neverland is a WordPress theme perfectly suitable for personal blogging websites that features a main content column and a right sidebar with reasonably big thumbnails for posts. Neverland: Free Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Maxima template

Maxima is a clean Bootstrap template ready to be implemented for business websites, hence it features a cart, eCommerce cards, full-width slider, and more. Maxima: Clean Bootstrap Business Template

Alabanda theme

Alabanda is a web template that can be used for creative studio, business, corporate, or portfolio sites. This template comes along with 5 responsive versions. Alabanda: Business Sketch and HTML Theme

Elastic pull to refresh concept

A CSS elastic pull effect for refreshing mobile news feed featuring a flat design and animated loading bar. Elastic Pull To Refresh Concept

CSS responsive fonts

A responsive technique applied to text fonts that introduces a new concept of responsive text, saving the ratio aspect and size of the text and the paragraphs depending on the screen size. CSS Responsive Fonts

CSS & jQuery chat widget

A PSD concept-inspired chat widget developed in both CSS and jQuery featuring image and file submitting and several other features. CSS & JQuery Chat Widget

Fullscreen drag-slider with parallax

A parallax animated slider in which background photos and text itself slide in from different directions. Fullscreen Drag-slider with Parallax


Prettify is a loading bar that displays its progress as it increases via a tooltip that features both percentage and stages from 'not even started' to 'done'. Prettify: A Stage-advisor Loading Bar

Bat CSS Animation

A creative animation of a bat in CSS, suitable as a loading icon allowing you to customize size, speed, and color. The bat that seems to shatter as it flaps in a pixelated style. Bat Pixel Style CSS Animation


A curated collection of HTML 5 websites that can be social-ranked, as well as sorted and filtered by category, language or searched through. HTML5Sites: Curated Collection of Sites About HTML5


CosmicJS is a content platform that aims to ease the addition of dynamic content to any website or application featuring the advantage of being cloud-hosted. CosmicJS: Cloud-Hosted Content Management Platform


Otto is a web application development and deployment environment that works on cloud platforms. It was developed to be easily controlled with a consistent workflow to maximize productivity. Otto: Web App Development & Deployment Environment

Material Design color palette generator

A web application to combine several material design colors by pairs and preview them on a generic mobile screen card. Material Design Color Palette Generator


Coolors is an online tool that allows you to generate and export color scheme palettes in several formats to use in Android, iOS, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Coolors: Versatile Color Scheme Generator


Frontify is software that allows you to create brand and design style guides, by providing features to manage color schemes and typography. Frontify: Brand & Design Style Guides


cssnano is a modular minifier that allows you to run optimizations on your formatted CSS so as to reduce the size of it for a production environment. Cssnano: Modular PostCSS-based Minifier


Parse is an application framework that allows you to create apps on several different platforms containing 13 SDKs for mobile, desktop, and IoT devices. Parse: Cross-platform Application Framework


VueStrap is a JavaScript library that consists of web components for Bootstrap built with Vue.js. It has no dependencies. VueStrap.js: JavaScript Bootstrap Components


Phonon is a lightweight and customizable HTML5 framework for web-hybrid mobile applications. It features a page manager inspired by Android Activities and its components are based on Material Design specifications. Phonon: Lightweight HTML5 Mobile Framework


Pagekit is an intuitive, modular and flexible CMS for creating websites perfectly suitable for both personal or corporate use featuring several management tools. Pagekit: Intuitive & Flexible CMS


Hoist is a platform that allows you to trigger code based on events when something is happening in customized data sources in order to get and post data or even pull in NPM packages to do completely new tasks. Hoist: APIs Communicating Microservices Platform

Touch-friendly jQuery lightbox

Simple Lightbox is a touch-friendly jQuery lightbox to be used in both mobile and desktop devices. This lightbox features several options such as animation speed, file extension, overlay, and more. Touch Friendly JQuery Image Lightbox


Dropify is a jQuery plugin that allows you to input files by drag and drop and control several features of the files you update such as maximum file size, message display, and more. Dropify: Input Files JQuery Plugin


UpUp is a library that allows your users to navigate your site even when they're not online, perfectly suitable for websites of hotels, airlines, tourism, and more. UpUp: Offline Navigating Library

jQuery DrawSVG

A lightweight and simple to use jQuery plugin that allows you to animate SVG paths. You can control duration, stagger, easing, reverse animation, and callbacks. JQuery SVG Drawing Plugin


NativeDroid2 is a jQuery Mobile theme for android that features a material design style and comes with several extra elements and material design icons. NativeDroid2: Material Design Theme for JQuery Mobile

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an HTML5 framework for building mobile apps with both Bootstrap and Angular JS. AngularJS & Bootstrap Mobile UI Framework

Motion UI

A Sass library that allows you to perform CSS transitions and animations allowing you to control speed, scale, and several types of sliding, fading, easing, hinging, and more. Motion UI: Element CSS Animations Library


Dragula is a JavaScript library that allows you to set up simple dragging and dropping. Dragula: Simple Drag-and-drop Library


Chartist.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to create responsive and animated charts based on media queries and SASS. Chartist.js: Flat Responsive Charts


A UI toolkit of components to build Electron applications for desktop devices using HTML and CSS. Photon: An Electron Apps UI Toolkit


Smartcrop.js is a JavaScript library that aids you in regard to cropping images automatically with the advantage of being content aware, so the proportions and content of your cropped image are maintained. Smartcrop.js: Content Aware Image Auto Cropping

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source project that aims to reduce the perception of reading on your mobile as a slow, clunky and frustrating experience by creating optimized content that loads once. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project


Cropper is a simple image cropping plugin for jQuery that provides you with previews of your cropped image in several sizes so you can pan the cropped section on the image. Cropper: Simple Image Cropping JQuery Plugin

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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