60+ fresh resources for designers, December 2015

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December 02, 2015
60+ fresh resources for designers, December 2015.
Here we are again with a cool collection of more than 60 fresh resources for you to download. You’ll find stacks of icons, tons of web development tools, new responsive concepts, plugins, WordPress themes, PSD templates, incredible UI kits, and of course some awesome fonts. So make some room on your hard drive, sit back, and start scrolling to see this month’s freebies. Enjoy!

Simple Icons

Simple Icons is a collection of over 180 icons of the most popular brands of websites and applications that come along with their respective HEX-format color. Simple Icons: A Collection of SVG Icons & Respective Colors

Google's Material Icons for Sketch

A stunning set of minimal icons in Sketch format that also are available in a Github repository containing almost 100 icons in the current version. Google's Material Minimal Sketch Icons

A set of over 5800 filled sport icons

A set of over 5800 sports icons in a filled style that come available in PSD vector format and were crafted following the iOS guidelines. A Set of Over 5800 Filled Sport Icons

Cute cartoon body parts for character generator

A stunning set of 600 vector elements that allow you to generate cute cartoon characters by mixing body parts featuring several types of clothes and accessories. Cute Cartoon Body Parts for Character Generator

Photoshop icon templates

A clever comparison between the classic "Slice & Save for Web" and the new "Artboard & Export As" Photoshop templates highlighting pros and cons of each of them. Which one do you stick with? Photoshop Icon Templates

A massive bundle of flat icons

A massive bundle of flat style icons that contains 20 sets, each containing several thousand icons. All of them were crafted to detail and released in vector formats and PNG multi-size previews. A Massive Bundle of Several Flat Icons (Over 56k in Total)

Free resume & business card template

A free resume and business card template set to boost your identity in a clean and minimal style, available in separate PSD files. Free Resume & Business Card Template

Geometric brochure trifold template

A professional brochure design that features a low poly style background and comes in AI, PSD, and InDesign formats. Geometric Brochure Trifold Template

Amazing set of 40 material design backgrounds

A set of 40 amazing material design backgrounds that come in JPG format with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels and 4 big AI files. Amazing Set of 40 Material Design Backgrounds

110 vintage engraving style brushes pack

A varied pack of 110 Illustrator brushes that feature a realistic look and feel of vintage engraving style perfect for illustrations. 110 Vintage Engraving Style Brushes Pack

3 polo T-shirt PSD mockups

A set of 3 PSD polo T-shirt mockups each of them in a separate file of around 60 MB including a white, a red, and a denim blue. 3 Polo T-shirt PSD Mockups Set

6 iPhone PSD mockups

A cool set of 6 PSD mockup scenarios featuring an iPhone from several perspectives, all of them are photorealistic. 6 iPhone PSD Mockups


Mayssam is a web UI kit for web applications and sites that comes with over 30 items, almost 40 icons, three different color schemes: light, blue, and dark. Mayssam: Minimal Style Web UI Kit

Perfect Kit

Perfect Kit is a modern UI kit that features a nice dark & light scheme, available for both mobile and desktop layout. Perfect Kit: Modern Dark & Light UI Kit

Chameleon UI Kit

A super minimal UI Kit with gradient backgrounds consisting of 10 free screens that feature 7 different categories like profile, reader, eCommerce, menu, walkthroughs, among others. Chameleon UI Kit

A bundle of 10 PSD web templates

An amazing bundle of 10 PSD web templates containing ones with flat, clean, minimal and other styles for several purposes such as blogging, portfolios, and more. A Bundle of 10 PSD Web Templates

Mobile application screens mockup

A cool mockup that contains a set of 6 mobile screens laid out in interesting positions with shadows behind each. Mobile Application Screens Mockup

Orange mobile chat UI kit

A mobile UI kit featuring 6 different screen compositions with a scheme inspired by the well-known Orange company color. Orange Mobile Chat UI Kit


A stylish typeface that features a nice handwritten style crafted with a thin line with both uppercase and lowercase latin characters, as well as numerals and glyphs. Ruffle: Thin Line Handwritten Font


Stoked is a beautiful stencil typeface that features an unusual approach. Stoked: Side Offset Featured Typeface


Edirne is a font crafted with a brush-painted style that features the sort of noise worn out brush bristles would produce. Edirne: Noised Brush Painted Font


Baston is a cool font that features a worn away look and feel available in both Latin and Greek uppercase alphabets, excellent for on wood side-road sign mockups. Baston: Cool Worn Away Font


Ejizu is quite an artistic font that is available in uppercase characters and features a handwritten style and irregular line width as well as long strokes. Ejizu: Hand-written Stylish Typeface


Samfolio is a PSD web template featuring a nice layout with flat icons and pattern backgrounds. Perfect for hobby websites. Samfolio: Personal One Page Web PSD on Behance


Afrodyta is a clean web template in PSD format that features a creative layout perfect for model agencies or any other artistic businesses. Afrodyta: Clean Creative PSD Template


Unique-tech is a website UI that features a nice flat style available in 2 schemes: this mustard and salmon colors. Unique-tech: Website Flat Style UI


A clean web PSD template that features a nice and clean style and was crafted to be used for restaurant, cooking, and recipe websites. Eudora: Food-related PSD Web Template

Flat fitness PSD web template

A nice website template in PSD format that features a flat style layout as well varied width variation for its tight thumbnail and text containers. Flat Fitness PSD Web Template


Lectura is a WordPress theme that features a double-column post layout, top navigation bar, and a clean style. Suitable for corporations, NGOs or educational institutions. Lectura: Lite Corporate WordPress Theme

Retro Theme

Retro Theme is a WordPress theme featured by a dark style with double thin green lines as post containers' edges, as well as an 8-bit tune that plays in the background. Retro Theme: Classic Videogame-inspired WordPress Themes


Cluster is a bootstrap theme that features a clean layout as well as smooth sliding, parallax effects, pricing tables, team presentation, full-width header, and more. Cluster: Creative Portfolio Bootstrap Template


A nice clean and minimal website template that features an aqua & white scheme along with outlined icons and animated transition full-width containers for agencies and portfolios. Outline: HTML5 Portfolio Bootstrap Template

CSS-only colorful calendar concept

A new calendar concept crafted purely in CSS which features nice color gradient throughout the days of the month, and throughout a day as you click on it. CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept

Trial Form

A nice CSS form template that features smooth CSS hover and click effects fading colors and highlighting texts in its elements. Trial Form: Nice CSS Form Template

Donation UI Concept

A form concept for financial donations. Donation UI Concept

Pure CSS Radial Menu

A pure CSS-crafted menu that smoothly deploys its items around the menu button you click on, as well as shrinking back as you click on it again. Pure CSS Radial Menu

Secret Project

A CSS & JavaScript generated mobile menu design concept that features nice wobbling and bouncing effects as you interact with the elements on it. Secret Project: Mobile Menu Design Concept

SVG Balloon Slider

An SVG balloon-like slider in SVG and CSS, a wobbly balloon pops up showing the percentage value as you slide the knob along the bar. SVG Balloon Slider

Newspaper style design

An HTML & CSS snippet that features a new concept of responsiveness which adjusts smoothly and gradually to screen size modifications. Newspaper Style Design

Realistic Text

An HTML & CSS snippet that allows you to create text laid out in perspective focusing on the middle of the screen and blurring the edges. Realistic Text

Falling leaves as particle animated background

A stunning digital artwork that features falling leaf-like particles to be used as a background counting on realistic shine and shadow effects. Falling Leafs As Particle Animated Background

jQuery drag and drop newsletter builder

A web application that works on jQuery and allows you to easily and intuitively build newsletters directly on the web using drag and drop. jQuery Drag and Drop Newsletter Builder


NavNav is a curated collection of tutorials, examples, and demos for responsive navigation bars and menus built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. NavNav: Responsive Navigation Bar & Menu Resources


KeystoneJS is an open source Express and Mongo DB-built framework for developing database-driven web sites, applications and APIs in Node.js. KeystoneJS: Node.js CMS and Web Application Platform


LittleSnippets.net is an online curated collection of snippets of CSS3 and HTML coding fed with new entries daily, showcasing all of them with live demos. LittleSnippets: A Free Collection of CSS3/HTML Snippets.jpg


Hugo is a new idea that makes creation simple again which is ideal for blogs, docs, portfolios and much more, released for Linux, Windows, and OSX. Hugo: A Fast and Modern Static Website Engine


Roots is a static site compiler, that generates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for building static front-ends. Roots: Static Front-end Sites Generator


A simple static site template built with Clojure's build tool, Leiningen, that needs no configured databases and features an easy implementation of CSS and JavaScript. Cryogen: Simple Static Sites


Ink Paper is a desktop application that allows you to generate static clean-style blogs released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux OS and available in both English and Simplified Chinese. InkPaper: Desktop Static Blog Generator


Backstop.js is a responsive performance application that helps you test your stylesheet in several screen sizes and notifies you of how many and which of them present errors. BackstopJS: Config-driven Screenshot Test Application


Scrapy is an open source framework that allows you to extract key data you need from websites; simply write the rules to extract the data and let it will do the rest. Scrapy: Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework


Vide is a jQuery plugin for featuring videos as the background of your website's body or containers. Vide: Video Background jQuery Plugin


Amok is an editor based on command line tool for live web development, testing, and debugging workflow for web browsers supporting pre-processing, a read-eval-print-loop, and console mirroring to standard output. Amok: Develop Your Web Application Without Reloading


CSSGram is a library that consists of several CSS filters to apply to images imitating the ones at Instagram allowing you to smoothly remove the filter as you hover over the image. CSSGram: Instagram-inspired CSS Filters


ImagesLoaded is a JavaScript library that allows you to detect whether the images have been loaded and then perform actions. ImagesLoaded: JavaScript Image Load Consultor Library


Philter is a jQuery plugin that allows you to apply CSS filters to images being triggered as you hover over them. Philter: jQuery Plugin for CSS Image Filters


Mag.js is a lightweight, fast and easy-to-use JavaScript library that contains several boilerplates for templating HTML components. Mag.js: Intuitive JavaScript to HTML Component Templating Library


Select.js is an open-source JavaScript and CSS library that allows you to style to your taste select elements, being developed and powered by Tether.js. Select.js: Styleable Select Elements


TremulaJS is a JavaScript UI component that works on the client side to provide Bézier-based content stream interactions counting on momentum & physics effects for mouse, scroll, and touch-capable interfaces. TremulaJS: Image Momentum Engine Streaming Layouts


Roll.js is a dependency-free and lightweight JavaScript library that allows you to keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination of your website. Roll.js: Scroll & Pagination Tracker


HerbyCookie is a jQuery plugin that allows you to ask for consent from your website's users to run cookies with a nice sliding footer onto the window or container you want. HerbyCookie: Consent Asking jQuery Plugin


Quttons are buttons built with Quantum Paper, which is a digital paper that can change its size, shape and color to accommodate new content, developed by and integrated into Google's Material Design language. Quttons: Expandable Quantum Paper Buttons


A stunning JavaScript library for composing animations and motion effects for your websites or applications. Mo.js: Motion Graphics For The Web

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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