Adobe Post 2.5 Released with Stellar New Features

Marc Schenker By Marc Schenker  |  Apr. 12, 2016

Users of Adobe Post will no doubt already be familiar with its ability to create social graphics in no time at all. Today, Adobe released Post 2.5, which gives users more features and control over how they start and move through their social sharing.


Fresh design remix feed

2.5 takes into account how designers usually begin on Post, with a Remix design. It used to be that Adobe had to put out a new version of the app to offer new designs to users—not anymore, though.

Perhaps one of the most convenient features is the app’s ability to push new designs to users all the time. They can check in weekly to get their hands on new designs on a regular basis. 2.5 makes it possible to have fresh Remix Posts already ready and waiting, thus streamlining the process.


Live photo design and sharing

This feature lets users add more vibrancy to their images. Recently, Apple debuted a stunning approach to capturing moments; they call it Live Photos, which is available on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE. Thanks to 2.5 you’re able to create beautiful, live designs with Live Photos.

As users share, 2.5 will ask them if they wish to export their Post as an image, Live Photo or video. They should pick Live Photo to save their enhanced Live Photo to their cameras to share with friends and family through SMS. For social media, users can export their designs as videos and upload them right to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


Design suggestion wheel

2.5 introduces design filters—a method of designing dazzling visuals simply and quickly. Think of the wheel as a place for users to test out specific design elements on only a part of their graphics. It lets users scroll through different design suggestions until they find the one that they want to test out for the particular area of their design.

Here’s how it works: Just pick a text element and then spin the wheel to line up with existing styles or discover new ones.


Smart alignment guides

Adobe has taken feedback from its designer community and implemented it for this new feature in 2.5. Smart alignment guides let users incorporate some visual feedback into their various design iterations. They can now align text with accuracy, thanks to guides.


High-quality export resolution

In another feature update based on design-community feedback, 2.5’s export resolution is 2560px by 2560px. Users can expect very crisp and sharp graphics for things like social headers, desktops, slide graphics and more.

Users who want a better and unique experience with social sharing can give Adobe Post 2.5 a try. Whether you’re making inspirational quotes, album covers, image captions, photo text, LinkedIn banners or YouTube thumbnails, there’s truly something for every creative person.

Adobe Post 2.5 is now available for download from the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone.