Adobe Premiere Pro Finally Gets Integrated Video Collaboration with Frame.Io

Marc Schenker By Marc Schenker  |  Apr. 14, 2016

Adobe is arguably the designers’ program of choice when it comes to anything video-related. Now, we have the opportunity to use Adobe Premiere Pro in a truly, collaborative fashion.

Recently,, the video-collaboration service, launched an extension that’ll help video editors to utilize the video-collaboration tool inside of the video-editing program. for Adobe Premiere Pro promises to be the definitive collaboration tool of its kind by billing itself as the most real-time, advanced and connected service.

Does it live up to this lofty expectation?

One thing’s for sure: for Adobe Premiere Pro changes the routine work flow that designers have become used to. A big change is allowing users to export right from their edit sequence into to easily add collaborators. The end result is increased functionality and usability.

Arguably, designers’ most utilized task is exporting; the new extension lets them do this with just one click to streamline the user experience. While’s web app is suitable for clients and customers, this extension is more geared toward video editors. Both work well together, however.

What sets apart this extension from other video-collaboration services is its unique roots. It was built by editors for editors, which helps to explain why there’s been more thought put into aspects like the user experience.

Editors in particular will appreciate the emphasis on reducing the number of clicks and steps it usually takes to edit. With many editors having to go through many clips in the average month and year, it definitely helps to have a service that increases productivity. Whether it’s distributing media, collaborating with others in the field, or to simply collect feedback, for Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the process.

  • Shared cloud bin: it’s possible for editors, clients and producers to all have access to the same media from an interface designed to their needs and specifications.
  • Total viewing control: editors have the opportunity to now conceal files that they don’t wish their collaborators to see.
  • Direct uploading: the days of waiting a long time for renders to finish are gone. for Adobe Premiere Pro renders the timeline, upload the files, and then notify editors’ teams, all in one click. Markers get converted into timestamped comments within
  • One-click auto versioning: the creative process thrives when there’s fast iteration.
  • Progress tracking: editors can track progress by checking off tasks one by one, right from within Premiere Pro; no more need for disorganized notebooks.
  • Accelerated Uploading: thanks to’s global file uploader, editors can enjoy speeds that are five times faster than even Dropbox.
  • Branded presentations: editors can share amazing presentations of their work with clients and anyone else. They’re super-efficient without the need to log in first.

All told, for Adobe Premiere Pro gives cloud-collaboration tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box a serious run for the money.