Simple Responsive One-Page Sites Using Carrd

Ezequiel Bruni By Ezequiel Bruni  |  Apr. 12, 2016

“Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.” That’s the entire premise of Carrd, and it delivers in a big way.

Who is it for? If you’re the kind of person who sells a variety of small products or services, all with varied branding, you might be very interested in this.

Most of the examples focus on creating personal pages, reminiscent of other services like, but you can make a page for anything you like. That flexibility is probably the big selling point for this service.

Wanna use this for landing pages? You can! Want to profess your love for Justin Timberlake? Well… there’s an IP issue there if you use any photos you don’t own, but you can do that too! Show off your hobby, commemorate an event or a person, make a fan page for your little league team, it’s up to you.

Carrd is the brain child of a designer and developer whose name I cannot find; no, really: I’ve searched as much of their online presence as I can find, and all I get is the nickname “AJ”.

AJ is the person behind a number of awesome projects, ranging from jQuery plugins, to a CSS framework, to a free template collection, and a paid template collection. So far, we know two things about AJ: they like their privacy, and they love making awesome stuff for other designers and developers.

AJ’s latest offering does not disappoint. Its purpose is simple, and it gets the job done. Even better, it’s free.

Just go to the home page, click “Choose a A Starting Point”, and pick your template.


You only get one “content box” to work with sadly, but you can add as much content to it as you like. Naturally, you can customize the colors, images, content, and everything. The interface for all that is simple and straightforward.


Now, everything’s free so far, except for adding forms to your pages. For that, you’ll have to subscribe to the pro plan. The pro plan also allows for custom domains, favicons, and Google Analytics.

In conclusion: Carrd is a pretty nifty little product. It’s minimal, good-looking, fast, and easy. There’s a limit to how much it can be customized, but Carrd’s ideal customers don’t need a lot of options.

If minimal, good-looking, fast, and easy sound like what you need, give it a look.