What’s new for designers, April 2016

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April 11, 2016
What’s new for designers, April 2016.

In this month’s edition of what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included productivity apps, static website builders, stock photo sources, community resources, WordPress tools, open source tools, design apps, and much more. And as always, we’ve also included some awesome new free fonts!

Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. They’re sure to be useful to designers and developers, from beginners to experts. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. And if you know of a new app or resource that should be featured next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman to be considered!


Hugo is an easy to use static website engine that aims to make website creation simple again. It’s great for blogs, docs, portfolios, and more. hugo

Shopify for WordPress

Shopify is now available for WordPress! There are three free themes and a free plugin available, with monthly plans for just $9. shopify

New Providence Landing Page

The New Providence landing page PSD is a free resource from Craft Work that includes handcrafted iPhone mockups. new providence

Affinity for Windows

While it’s not availalbe yet, Affinity has announced they’ll be launching a Windows beta in the next 2-3 months. Sign up to be one of the first to get access to the free beta. affinity

Nik Collection

Google has made the Nik Collection, created to professional photographers, completely free! It includes tools for creating black and white photos, HDR photos, adjusting color, and making all sorts of other edits. nik collection

Vivaldi 1.0

Vivaldi 1.0 has finally been released, with all sorts of tools for better web browsing, including better tab organization, quick commands, and the ability to customize everything. vivaldi

Just Good Copy

Need to create some amazing email copy and not sure where to start? Check out Just Good Copy for tons of email copy from great companies for ideas and inspiration. just good copy


Pattern is a new offering from Etsy that lets you turn your Etsy shop into your own website, for just $15/month (with a 30-day free trial). pattern

May 1st Reboot

May 1st Reboot is an international relaunch of designer, developer, and maker websites and portfolios. It’s been around off and on since 2000. may 1st reboot

Adobe Experience Design CC

Adobe Comet has become Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD for short). It’s an all-in-one UX design tool that lets you design and prototype website and mobile apps. adobe xd

Designer’s Block

Designer’s Block is a great site to check out if you’ve hit a roadblock in your design process. Just press the spacebar to get a new tip or idea. designer’s block

Design Facts

Want to increase your knowledge of the design world in quick, easy to absorb bites? Design Facts gives you quick bits of information about the world and history of design. design facts

Squarespace Circle

If you build websites with Squarespace, then you’ll want to join Circle, their community for creatives who use Squarespace. You get access to unique perks and exclusive content, too. circle


Comma is a free iPhone app for reading email newsletters in a less distracting interface than your normal email app. comma

Build with Square

Build with Square lets you create ecommerce websites built on Square’s platform. It includes a complete payments ecosystem and integrates with the tools you already use. build with square


Estimatr is a totally free tool for estimating accurate software. Stop using spreadsheets and equations to try to estimate things accurately. estimatr


Brisby is a bot that can help answer repetitive questions you get day after day. It works with both simple Q&As and more complex multi-step flows. brisby

Medium for Publishers

Medium for Publishers is a powerful, networking publishing platform that’s perfect for bloggers, publishers, and organizations. They even have a revenue beta you might qualify for. medium for publishers

Sharethrough Headlines

If creating engaging headlines is not your forte, then check out Sharethrough Headlines to score the headlines you’ve brainstormed to see which are most likely to work with your content. headlines

Tweetcat for Twitter

Tweetcat for Twitter is a Twitter client that sorts your timeline into categories, to make it easier to explore the tweets that are important to you. tweetcat for twitter


Meya is an easy way to build and host bots. It includes an NLP framework, messaging integrations, app integrations, and more. Meya


Quant-UX gives you visual analytics for improving your prototype designs. It helps you speed up your prototyping process and design, with tools to test and analyze in one. quant-ux


Layout is a weekly podcast about technology, programming, design, and more. Recent episodes have covered things like portfolios, Sketch, the future of design tools, and more. layout


Pic’nshot is a free stock photo site that posts new photos in a variety of categories regularly. picnshot


Hacksplaining is a set of comprehensive security tutorials for developers to learn the most common security vulnerabilities for their website projects. hacksplaining


Socialise.io makes it simple to curate Twitter hashtages, tweets, and usernames surrounding an event in a single place. It makes it simple to see how much people are talking about a brand or product at your event. socialise.io

Standup Bot

Standup Bot runs your standup meetings in Slack for you. It collects info about your team, organizes it, and posts it in an easy-to-find place. standup bot


Schedul.io lets you schedule messages for Slack. Increase their impact by scheduling them to send at the right time to actually get seen. schedul.io


Escape lets you track all the unnecessary time spent on distracting websites. It gives you daily updates on your progress, too. escape

One Big Thing

One Big Thing is a simple app that keeps you focused on the most important things on your to-do list. Track the big thing you need to get done, plus a few little things, as well as any other things you might get done. one big thing


Achievr is a daily habits tracking app that’s super easy to use and free. Set reminders at any time of day and set it to ask you about your progress, too. achievr


Triangulart is a web app for easily creating isometric art. It has a simple color palette, eraser tool, and not much else. triangulart


Peetch is a free pitch deck for PC and Mac. It includes 42 slides specifically designed to catch VC attention. peetch

Peace Sans

Peace Sans is a bold sans-serif font that has amazing curves and more than 8000 kern pairs. peace sans


Soria is an art nouveau serif typeface. It’s also heavily inspired by Didot typefaces. soria


Orkney is a geometric typeface that was designed with legibility and clarity in mind. orkney

Young Serif

Young Serif is a medium weight serif typeface with a strong vintage look. young serif


Trawll is an all-caps handwriting typeface that’s free for personal and commercial use. trawll


Bureno is a vintage and ornamental display font that’s perfect for retro headers or identity projects. bureno

Little Cutie

Little Cutie is a free hand painted typeface that’s artistic and elegant. little cutie


Helsinki is inspired by the typography found on the monument for fallen German soldiers of the Finnish civil war in 1918. helsinki

Little Wizzy

Little Wizzy is a hand-drawn, all caps typeface with a whimsical look. little wizzy


Stereo is a free retro-inspired sans serif typeface with a full character set. stereo

Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman is a freelance writer and designer from New England. You can visit her site or follow her on Twitter.

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