50 fresh resources designers, May 2016

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May 24, 2016
50 fresh resources designers, May 2016.
Hey there! Here we are again with a huge selection of freebies for you to enjoy. Scroll down and you’ll find tons of amazing icons, texture effects, fonts, templates, and themes. Go ahead and download it all. Enjoy!

Flat office vector icons

An amazing set of 150 flat, responsive icons that are delivered in EPS, PDF; SVG, and 4 sizes of PNG (16, 30, 40, and 80 pixels) featuring a different design for each of the sizes. Flat Office Vector Icons Set

50 company line icons

An amazing set of 50 icons featuring thick and thin lines, with angular and rounded corners, they are pixel perfect designed and delivered both positive and negative versions in Ai format. 50 Company Bold Line Icons Set

Colorful icons set

A great set of over 500 nice colorful icons that feature soft black outlines and round edged lines and shadows delivered in Ai, SVG, and several sized PNG formats perfect for applications and web interfaces. Colorful General Icons Set

Humongous 80k iPhone icons set

An amazing set of more than 80 thousand icons crafted by following the iPhone guidelines in a filled style delivered in Ai and SVG format files, it counts on more than 20 different industries with thousands of icons each. Humongous 80k iPhone Icons Set

Old weathered wood textures

A set of 18 beautifully crafted textures that represent old and worn down wooden surfaces which underwent the effects of exposure to extreme weather. Old Weathered Wood Textures

Chalkboard Photoshop text effect

An amazing text effect for Adobe Photoshop featuring Smart Object layers that allowing you to create text on a black chalkboard in two different colors, one for the body and one for the shadow of the text. Chalkboard Photoshop Text Effect

Cardboard box mockup

An unusual branding mockup that features a cardboard box in both transparent and gray texture background that comes available in PSD format and 5 different facets customizable through Smart Objects. Cool Cardboard Box Branding Mockup

Sketch Apple Watch templates

A set of fully scalable and editable vector based Apple Watch templates that come available in Sketch format featuring every Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Edition color available as sports bands. Sketch App Apple Watch Templates

Dark tri-fold template

A professional looking tri-fold template that comes in vector PSD and Ai file formats. Featuring square, rather wide sections, perfect for company branding, infographics, analytics, and similar sort of content showcasing. Teal: Dark Schemed Tri-Fold Template

Oh My!

An amazing designer's toolkit that counts on a scene creator, mockup templates, a logo creator, text effects, and inspiration booster, delivered ready to be used in Photoshop. Oh My! Huge Designer's Toolkit


Wyre is a set of more than 120 web layout tiles for website maps delivered in vector Ai, EPS, and SVG format files being fully scalable and editable. Wyre: Web Layout Tiles Flowchart Templates

Translucid dashboard

A beautiful dashboard composed of translucent and solid elements that feature a soft color scheme giving it a very nice look, it comes available in PSD format perfect for modern administration dashboards. Translucid Soft Schemed Dashboard


Neptun is a kit of 6 nicely crafted screen templates for mobile (iOS phones) that feature a minimal yet modern style delivered in PSD format files, it is perfect for dashboard management applications. Neptun: Modern & Minimal Mobile Screens PSD Kit

WatchOS2 UI design kit

A Human Interface Design kit for Apple Watch devices that comprises 1000 different elements that compose 186 screens sorted out in 18 different categories. WatchOS2 User Interface Design Kit


A stylish UI kit for mobile phones with iOS 8 including more than 21 fully customizable screens sorted out in 7 different categories and delivered in both Sketch and PSD format. Avital: Elite Mobile iOS UI Kit

Retina-ready iOS9 UI Kit

Quite a complete UI kit that comprises close to 300 vector-based Retina-ready elements such as status bars, keyboards, alerts and notifications and many more. Available in Ai format, free for personal projects. Free Retina-ready IOS9 Ai UI Kit


Exodus is an amazing display uppercase font that features 6 different styles like regular, stencil, and sharpen, perfectly suitable for elegant logos or signs. Exodus: Luxury 6-style Display Typeface

Sweet Sorrow

Sweet Sorrow is a nicely crafted font that features an old-fashioned look for its script-like characters. It is inspired by 1950s signs and is delivered in OTF and TTF format featuring nice dynamic curves and some ligatures. Sweet Sorrow: Old Fashioned Script Font


Quantum is a beautiful sans serif typeface that features smooth curves and 3 weights for its uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as nice features like little gaps for perpendicular joints of lines. Quantum: Sans Serif Thin Typeface


Jitzu is quite a fancy didone typeface that is available in basic and swash styles, featuring 5 weights each for its uppercase and lowercase characters, and it supports multiple languages by counting on several accentuated characters. Jitzu: Fancy 10-weight Didone Typeface

Fantastic collection of 50 font pairings

Perfect combinations are essential in web and print design, so don’t hesitate to take this amazing over-50-font-pairing collection which displays combinations of Google Fonts in several scenarios like business cards, blog entries, quote blocks, and more. Fantastic Collection of 50 Font Pairings

Restaurant website PSD template

Voila is a restaurant template delivered in PSD format featuring a creative yet professional looking layout that counts on overlaying thumbnails and beautiful typography. Voila: Restaurant Website PSD Template


Patagonia is a nicely crafted eCommerce website UI kit that features round corner cards composed out of colorful elements cleanly organized, big transparent background images, and shadowed elements. Patagonia: Modern ECommerce Website UI Kit


Clemo is an amazingly well-designed blogging website template that is delivered in PSD format featuring a clean and modern style counting on big thumbnails organized as borderless tiles, a Pinterest-like grey-scale gallery, and more. Clemo: Clean & Modern Blogging PSD Template


Gratia is a restaurant website template beautifully designed in PSD format featuring a dark texturized background as well as huge transparent background images as well as big cards for showcasing dishes and menus. Gratia: Beautifully Crafted Restaurant PSD Template

Llorix One Lite

A neatly crafted WordPress theme for agency business that features a clean and professional look featuring a one-page introducing home page as well as secondary pages for contact, shop, and download purposes. Llorix One Lite: Neat Business WordPress Theme


A beautifully crafted dashboard administrator template made in web technologies featuring smooth and eased animations for its interactive charts. It counts on a left sidebar menu and a complete set of diverse elements. Blur-admin: Angular Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


An amazing Bootstrap theme for car retail business websites that features a filtered search at the bottom of its home page's header image, you can search cars by keyword, category, and ranges of year and price. Garage: Car Retail Business Bootstrap Theme


Spore is a beautifully crafted HTML5 template that features a masonry grid layout for its main posts content counting on full and neat responsiveness and nice and smooth fading and ease-sliding transitions. Spore: HTML5 Masonry Blog Template

Animated Animals

A cool animation purely made in CSS and SVG that represents animals in different multi-layer environment giving it certain sense of depth since they come walking up from behind some hills. Animated Animals in CSS & SVG

WebGL image slider transition

An amazing snippet in JavaScript using WebGL technologies allowing you to generate a beautiful particle transitions between images of a slider. WebGL Image Slider Transition


A great snippet generated with no more than 250 lines of Jade, SCSS, and Babel code that allows you to test the responsiveness of your website in four types of device; mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Responsify: SCSS & Babel Breakpoint Tester

Responsive column layout

Cool viewport-sized collapsable columns, each featuring a label for the section they represent, it features nice flat style effects that expand as you click on them to show the whole section. Responsive Expanding Column Layout

CSS animated puzzle

An animated grid layout for photo gallery purposes that initially showcases the photos in disorganized jigsaw pieces that flip themselves to get organized and compose the image as you hover over them. CSS Animated Puzzle Hover Grid Gallery


CSSX is a set of tools that allow you to write in JavaScript vanilla CSS code, currently working well with Webpack and Gulp. No new syntax was generated and it is still the regular CSS that comes alive in JavaScript. CSSX: Working CSS in JavaScript


DeckHub is an amazing desktop client for Github repositories management that allows you to get feed and push notifications, customize, rename, and reorder feeds as you like them, mix different repositories, users, and organizations, and more. DeckHub: Desktop Client for GitHub


Cocycles beta is a web tool that allows you to search open source code by functionality, currently supporting JavaScript, and soon supporting Ruby, Java, PHP, and Python. Cocycles: Functionality Code Search


Caddy is a web server for HTML/2 that features fully managed SSL, supporting IPv6, markdown, WebSockets, FastCGI, templates and more. It comes available for designers, bloggers, and developers. Caddy: Fully Managed SSL HTTP/2 Web Server

Collection of coders’ games

An amazing collection of games and contests online for all levels of developer around the world, learn from a beginner's level or join extremely complex contests for the biggest companies and revamp your skills as you go. Collection of Coders Games to Improve Your Skills


An amazing tool that will revolutionize the productivity of your code as it saves you from surfing the internet for researching languages, Kite showcases on a floating wing popularity-sorted autocomplete options as you code as well as documentation and examples that you can explore on the go. Kite: On-the-Go Programming Copilot

Bootstrap 4 cheat sheet

A complete reference for the 4.0.0-alpha.2 version of Bootstrap organized in a layout that will allow you to search functions and preview their snippet example with a visual preview in the bottom half of the screen Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

Awesome tools and resources

An awesome collection of more than 100 tools and resources for web development counting on resources such as JavaScript libraries front-end frameworks, web app frameworks, package managers, and more. Awesome Web Development Tools and Resources


CodeTasty is a powerful Integrated Development Environment hosted directly in the Cloud that allows you to have all of the features a desktop IDE would offer, but with additional ones that only a cloud application can provide. CodeTasty: Powerful In-the-Cloud IDE


Jam API is an amazing service that allows you to turn any website into a JSON accessible API using CSS selectors, it auto pulls the img src on corresponding elements, pulls the href from links, and much more. Jam API: JSON Accessible Websites Using CSS Selectors


A responsive jQuery slider that allows you to rotate a list of images with your mouse creating a 3D-like product showcase effect. You can also scroll through them with the touch of your finger sweeping across a container. Turntable.js: Responsive jQuery Slider

360 degrees product viewer

An amazing library developed in both CSS and jQuery that allows you to showcase products in 3D allowing you to rotate it as you want with a slider knob. CSS & jQuery 360 Degrees Product Viewer


Sierra is a light SCSS library (8.9kB gzipped) that allows you to customize your minimal style website or application with beautiful text modifiers, buttons, typography sizes, forms, tables, and more. Sierra: Lightweight SCSS Library


Expounder is an awesome library coded in both JavaScript and CSS that allows you to hide text behind a link which can be retrieved by the reader as they click on the linked texts, it makes the hidden text expand seamlessly inside the text. Expounder: JS/CSS Expandable Texts


Timedropper is a beautifully crafted jQuery time-picker that features an easy installation in just a few lines of code, as well as several options such as auto-switch, meridians, format, mouse-wheel, init_animation, and more. Timedropper: Beautiful jQuery Time Plugin


An amazing JavaScript library for showcasing margin-positioned notes as you hover on regular links, the small note smoothly fades in at the side of the paragraph your triggering text is being hovered over. Vanilla-marginotes: Quick & Cool Margin Notes

Unstuck Webpack

An amazing GUI tool that allows you to create highly customizable web packs completely ready to use; it allows you to decide how you want your dashboard, presets, HTML, transpiler, and CSS settings. Unstuck Webpack: Custom Webpack Creation GUI Tool

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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