50+ fresh resources for designers, July 2016

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July 27, 2016
50+ fresh resources for designers, July 2016.
Hey there! We are proud to return fully stacked with a collection of resources and tools that will make the most out of your web design/development skills. We are committed to bring you the best of the best in terms of freebies, we’re sure you’re gonna enjoy them.

50 vector flat style icons pack

A great set of 50 beautifully crafted flat style icons that come available in PSD, AI, SVG, PNG and EPS format files. 50 Vector Flat Style Icons Pack

70 flat social sketch icons

An amazing set that comes with 70 vector icons in, both monochrome and colored styles, including icons for social media, services, software, and more industries. 70 Flat Social Sketch Icons

37 restaurant PSD blocks

37 hand-crafted restaurant blocks, meant to create an impressive landing page for food services using customizable PSD files. 37 Restaurant PSD Blocks

Magic watercolor textures bundle

A collection of different handmade watercolor textured backgrounds. There are 7 different freestyle watercolors, in 4912x3264 resolution. Magic Watercolor Textures Bundle

True grit’s textures sample pack

An amazing sample pack that includes a bunch of premium, pro-quality textures, vector assets, and brushes. There are 25 bitmap and vector textures, 3 vector halftone patterns, and 10 assorted brushes including dirty, grainy, grungy and worn brushes. True Grit's Textures Sample Pack

10 incredible marble ink textures

A great collection that comes with 10 marble-like ink textures for backgrounds, in 6000×4000 resolution and 300 dpi. 10 Incredible Marble Ink Textures

Dramatic color grunge textures pack

A collection of 10 JPG images delivered in 3500×2500 resolution. Dramatic Color Grunge Textures Pack

Gravity business card smart object mockup

An amazing mockup that provides a customizable card design (front & back), shadows, and background. Gravity Business Card Smart Object Mockup

VSApp: mobile & web PSD template

A PSD mobile and web UI kit for delivered in PSD format files that includes a smooth 404 page, bundle sections, slideshows, download pages, and more. VSApp: Mobile & Web PSD Template

Fade: dark & modern mobile app UI kit

A UI kit for mobile devices, with a bunch of features like an entries editor, music and video player, image gallery and more; all with a green-black color palette. Fade: Dark & Modern Mobile App UI Kit

Mercatus: mCommerce UI kit

An mCommerce UI kit that has over 120 different screens built for Sketch, with a set of original icons and assets created for the kit. Mercatus: MCommerce Mobile UI Kit

FeedApp: modern mobile app UI kit

A great UI Kit for mobile applications based on an app that tracks users moods, from time to time the user can evaluate how they are feeling in 4 different categories. FeedApp: Modern Mobile App UI Kit

Popo: wide sans font

A beautifully crafted sans font that features wide characters, with a low crossbar design as well as smooth edges and ends for all of its uppercase features. Popo: Wide Sans Font

Golden Sans: professional multiweight font

A modern high-quality sans font that counts on 7 different weights for its premium version, it supports multi-language features and quite a few glyphs, which make it a very versatile font. Golden Sans: Professional Multiweight Font

Mercurial: modern wiggly strokes font

A monospace decorative font that features a regular wiggly line on its character’s strokes and that comes with of the full Latin alphabet, a number of accented letters, numbers, and a bunch of glyphs. Mercurial: Modern Wiggly Strokes Font

SpeedHunter: vintage central line font

A central-lined designed font that features a vintage/retro style that has only uppercase characters, perfect for signs and displays. SpeedHunter: Vintage Central Line Font

Inflecto: modern sans typeface

An amazing modern sans font, the name of which alludes to its curved design. It was made especially for displays, headers, and big titles. Inflecto: Modern Sans Typeface

EXO: modern one-page PSD theme

A PSD one-page template meant for company work purposes, using customizable layouts, containing a lot of features like “about us”, “team, history”, and more. EXO: Modern One-page PSD Theme

Minimal portfolio PSD template

A minimalist portfolio template delivered in PSD format that was made to present artwork or graphic design, containing fully customizable shapes and well-grouped layers. Minimal Portfolio PSD Template

Pilumnus: fancy portfolio PSD template

A PSD template specifically designed for featuring artists portfolios in a fancy way with a grid gallery and a clever background. Pilumnus: Fancy Portfolio PSD Template

Fashion eCommerce PSD template

A one-page PSD template designed for building fashion eCommerc websites that counts on social icons, a layered design, a tight-tile and more to see. Fashion ECommerce PSD Template

Boron: beautiful image blogging WordPress theme

An impressive blogging theme for WordPress that features an image-grid home page, with Ajax content loading. Boron: Beautiful Image Blogging WordPress Theme

Revolve: modern agency WordPress theme

A vertically scrolling WordPress theme crafted for agency portfolios, personal blogs, business, andc photography. It offers a complete customization, and multiple options for building a website instantly. Revolve: Modern Agency WordPress Theme

Classic Interior: modern interior design site bootstrap template

An impressive bootstrap template for interior design agencies that comes with PSD files, it features elegant visual effects, and was designed with HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap for a clean and responsive feel. Classic Interior: Modern Interior Design Site Bootstrap Template

Beam: corporate portfolio bootstrap template

An amazing corporate portfolio website template that features a modern and elegant look. Beam: Corporate Portfolio Bootstrap Template

3D CSS stat graphs

A statistics graph built using pure CSS. 3D Statistic CSS Bars

Fade background color animation as you scroll

A snippet that uses Javascript and CSS to create an animation of a fading background color change as the user scrolls down. Fade Background Color Animation As You Scroll

Material design interactive lists

An interactive list, using JavaScript to animate the checking and unchecking of items. It also allows the adding of tags to every item for clarity and sorting. Material Design Interactive Rekord Lists

SVG path transformer

Code that allows the responsive manipulation of an SVG figure created, changing width, height, padding, position and, its full shape overall. SVG Path Transformer

SVG animated medical icons

Animated medical icons made with CSS and JavaScript. SVG Animated Medical Icons

DOM deployment to canvas

A script that renders a DOM tree onto a canvas in an aesthetically pleasing manner, it also intends to serve as an educational primer. DOM Deployment to Canvas

Color-wander: seeded random based generative artwork

A creative tool that generates beautiful artworks in node/browser based on a seeded random which can be used for backgrounds or animations. Color-wander: Seeded Random Based Generative Artwork in Node/Browser

Botlist: assorted bots store

Botlist is an online app store for bots that accomplish multiple purposes, the search can be filtered, the users can upload their own bots and more. Botlist: Assorted Bots Store

Solr: open-source enterprise search platform

An open-source enterprise search platform that is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr: Open-source Enterprise Search Platform

Horizon: pealtime open-source JavaScript backend

An open-source backend that lets developers build and scale real-time web applications, including convenient APIs and services that make it easy to use modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and React Native. Horizon: Realtime Open-source JavaScript Backend

JWT Inspector: JSON web tokens inspect & debug browser extension

A Chrome browser extension that decode and inspect JSON Web Tokens in requests, cookies, and local storage. It will be available soon for other browsers. JWT Inspector: JSON Web Tokens Inspect & Debug Browser Extension

Npm-gui: frontend NPM tasks GUI

A GUI tool for NodeJS-based projects to install, uninstall or search packages, its can easily work with package.json and the node_modules folder. Npm-gui: Frontend NPM Tasks GUI

Siteleaf: friendly static site CMS

A content management system designed for a better web, featuring integration with existing tools, easy tracking using Github, and an API for your content and much more. Siteleaf: Friendly Static Site CMS

HyperDev: full-stack web apps developer playground

A developer playground for building full-stack web apps fast, combining automated deployment, instant hosting, and collaborative editing. HyperDev: Full-stack Web Apps Developer Playground

Opentest: seamless screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome

A service for Chrome that allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously record your screen, microphone, and camera to store your recordings unlimitedly in the cloud. It also provides you you with direct URL links for instant sharing. Opentest: Seamless Screen, Mic and Camera Recording for Chrome

Vector avatar generator

A great set of 900 gender-sorted items and 3,400 symbols to generate avatar icons in a nice flattish, outlined style. They’re delivered in Ai format, and organized in 12 different categories. Vector Avatar Icons Generator

Image visual center tool

A tool that finds the visual center of an image. It calculates a visual weight value for every pixel on the image, and then the algorithm tries to balance that weight in all directions. Image Visual Center Tool

Formstone: responsive media query events jQuery plugin

A plugin that can track global changes to screen size based on an existing grid system. This is useful when many elements need to be resized at any change to the target screen size. Formstone: Responsive Media Query Events jQuery Plugin

Cool radial SVG effect slider

A simple, responsive slider, with a radial transition effect powered by SVG clip paths and mask elements. It pops open a growing circle as you click on the arrows. Cool Radial SVG Effect Slider

React D3 components library

A tool that compiles your code into React components, it also comes with a series of D3 template charts converted to React components for developers who are unfamiliar with D3. React D3 Components Library

Anypixel.js: software & hardware displays framework

An open-source software and hardware library that makes it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interactive displays out of all kinds of things. Anypixel.js: Software & Hardware Displays Framework

OpenShare: customizable social platforms API wrappers

A completely customizable API wrapper for all major social networks and platforms that, unlike other social sharing tools, doesn’t retarget and profit from your users. OpenShare: Customizable Social Platforms API Wrappers

Holmes: fast & easy page searching JS plugin

A JavaScript plugin that allows you to search text inside a page instantaneously, filtering out all of the non-matching elements. Holmes: Fast & Easy Page Searching JS Plugin

TensorFlow: open source machine intelligence software library

An open-source software library for machine intelligence. Its vast reach of interactivity makes it applicable in a wide variety of domains. TensorFlow: Open Source Machine Intelligence Software Library

Anime.js: powerful JavaScript animation library

Quite a powerful animation library developed in JavaScript that allows you bring to life CSS, individual transforms, SVG paths, DOM attributes, and JS Objects. Anime.js: Powerful JavaScript Animation Library

CloudRail: multi-platform unified API

An amazing multi-platform library that allows you to integrate several APIs into a single service counting on full documentation, easy integration, metadata acquisition, and more. CloudRail: Multi-platform Unified API

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Founder of iconShock (high quality free icon sets), DesignShock (lots of design packs and TemplateShock (printing templates)

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