What’s new for designers, August 2016

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August 15, 2016
What’s new for designers, August 2016.

In this month’s edition of what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included productivity apps, email marketing apps, UI kits, CMSs, startup resources, color tools, mobile apps, website building tools, graphic design apps, and much more. And as always, we’ve also included some awesome new free fonts!

Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. They’re sure to be useful to designers and developers, from beginners to experts. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. And if you know of a new app or resource that should be featured next month, tweet it to [@cameron_chapman](http://twitter.com/cameron_chapman) to be considered!

Chat UI Design Kit

Chat UI Design Kit is a set of more than 36 layouts to speed up your UI/UX workflow in Sketch. Each one is created based on modern design trends. chat ui design kit

Form Bucket

Form Bucket offers form handling and automation for static websites. Redirect users to any URL and style forms with your markup and CSS. form bucket


Coworkies helps connect members of coworking spaces so they can grow their network and find work opportunities. You can share knowledge, discover the coworking scene around you, and more. coworkies


Pluck lets you find people tweeting about a topic you choose, and then automatically sends a timely, relevant email to them. pluck


Tooltip.io offers in-app messaging for user support. Answer frequent user questions inline with relevant, timely messages, all without writing code. tooltip


EME is an elegant markdown editor. It includes editor and preview panes (view either or both), and multiple export options. eme

Blog Owl

Having a hard time coming up with blog topic ideas? Blog Owl will send you ideas and suggestions right to your inbox. blog owl Ever wondered how much branding should really cost? How Much to Make a Logo asks a series of questions to give a rough estimate of what your branding project should cost. how much to make a logo


Freeter makes it easier to work on multiple projects at once. It offers tons of features to streamline your workflow. freeter

Mobile App Revenue Calculator

Want to know how much money you could make with your ad-supported mobile app? SurveyMonkey’s Mobile App Revenue Calculator will tell you with just some basic information about the monthly active users and ad impression info. mobile app revenue calculator

The Security Checklist

The Security Checklist is a vital resource for developers who want to make sure their sites are as secure as possible. the security checklist

Onesheet CRM

Onesheet CRM is a simple, easy-to-use, and free customer relationship management program for use with Google Sheets. It’s perfect for tracking sales and leads in your small business. onesheet crm

Product Pages

Product Pages is a curated gallery of beautiful product pages from around the web. New sites are added regularly. product pages

Website Downloader

Website Downloader lets you download the source code of any website. Studying other people’s code is a great way to learn how to develop your own sites and apps. website downloader


Startupvalue lets you value your startup like a VC or banker would. Just answer a few questions to find out your valuation in minutes. startupvalue


PANTONE Studio is a free iOS app that makes it simple to convert inspiration around you to PANTONE colors, build and test palettes, and share color palettes with others. pantone studio


BitBlox is a low-cost website building and hosting service. It has a drag-and-drop website builder, with no coding skills necessary. bitblox

Sans Francisco

Sans Francisco is a collection of tools to help designers create better experiences. It includes tools for user research, typography, color palettes, iconography, stock photos, inspiration, prototyping, and more. sans francisco


IncludeWP is a directory of the best open-source frameworks for developing WordPress plugins and themes. includewp

Screenful Power-Up for Trello

Screenful Power-Up for Trello helps you work better in Trello. It gives you visual dashboards and automated reports for sharing. power-up for trello

The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets

The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets, from Zapier, will turn you into a spreadsheet expert. It includes hundreds of functions and the core tools you need. ultimate guide to google sheets

Idea Buddy

Idea Buddy is your source for ideas. Enter an idea, get ten back. They have over 2500 ideas in the system so far and counting. idea buddy


Launchkit is a set of web-based tools for mobile app development for creating, launching, and monitoring apps. And now it’s been open-sourced! launchkit


Drift is an AI-powered bot that helps you better engage with visitors to your website and build customer relationships. It integrates with Slack, WordPress, HubSpot, and more. drift


Postleaf is a simple, beautiful blogging platform with inline editing. It has a beautiful UI, is fully responsive, and is easy to install. postleaf


Talla is a virtual assistant you can add to your company’s Slack. It helps with communication, automation, and coordination for your team. talla


Dual is a strategic two-player game about sequential thinking and logic. It’s a lot like programming, minus the coding. dual


Redbeard is a native app development framework that’s boiler-plate-free. It includes tons of components and works with Objective-C and Swift. redbeard

Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies connects women with the best jobs in tech, and connects companies with the best women tech makers. Above all, though, it’s a supportive community of women in tech from around the world. tech ladies

99 Deductions

99 Deductions is a freelancers dream come true come tax time. It breaks down a bunch of possible deductions you might have based on your job. 99 deductions

Canva iPhone App

Canva, the simple to use graphics editor and design software, is now available as an iPhone app. While not as fully-featured as the web app, it’s still one of the easiest-to-use graphics programs available for iOS. canva


Simpla is an “open content ecosystem” aimed to replace your CMS. It’s framework-agnostic, standards driven, and has both free and paid plans. simpla


Pitchcard makes it easy to pitch your idea, get feedback, and find collaborators. You can explore ideas, offer help, and maybe even be part of the next big thing. pitchcard

Umhlanga Font

Umhlanga is a free sans serif typeface with a condensed form and glyphs with plenty of character. umhlanga

Sonder Font

Sonder is a font family that includes both serif and sans serif versions that work beautifully together, in rough and regular styles. sonder

Gothvetica Font

Gothvetica is a merging of Gotham and Helvetica, and takes a form that is exactly in between the two. gothvetica

Phalanx Font

Phalanx is a hand-drawn, distressed typeface available on a name-your-own-price basis. phalanx

Bananas Font

Bananas is a free script font with a vintage vibe. bananas

Azade Font

Azade is a display brush font with a grungy look that’s available in either PSD or AI format for personal use. azade

Magnolia Script Font

Magnolia Script is an elegant free script font with support for multiple languages, including basic Latin, West European diacritics, Baltic, Romanian, Cyrillic, and more. magnolia script

St. Jacques Font

St. Jacques is a mid-century modern all-caps typeface with a super thin sans serif appearance and a low crossbar that gives it an art deco vibe. st. jacques

Paul Grotesk Font

Paul Grotesk is a modern san serif typeface with three weights available for free for personal use. paul grotesk

Casual Font

Casual is a free serif typeface that is classy and elegant, perfect for fashion brands. casual

Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman is a freelance writer and designer from New England. You can visit her site or follow her on Twitter.

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