50 fresh resources for designers, September 2016

Paddi Macdonnell.
September 05, 2016
50 fresh resources for designers, September 2016.

It’s that time again. Here’s this month’s collection of the best free stuff for designers. We’ve got fonts, icons, brushes, templates and few extra little tools to make life that bit easier. Browse through, have fun with them, and let us know which are your favorites!


01born Born

is a rather elegant humanist serif’ typeface which comes with uppercase, lowercase, alternative glyphs, normal ligatures uppercase numerals and symbols, and punctuation marks.



fun font that calls to mind classic cartoons, PlayerTip is great for kids.


03courage Courage

is a display font inspired by Muhammed Ali, and available in 2 weights.


47gilroy Gilroy

is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. Get two weights for free.


04olesia Olesia

is a handwritten font with a feminine feel, for adding some character to your designs.


05kram KraM

is a handlettered brush font that supports latin and cyrillic alphabets.


06anana Anana

is a free brush font with some freeform ligatures.


07kano Kano

is a geometric typeface, good for display with it’s sharp edges and interesting angles.


08hammock Hammock

is a handmade font with a fresh, outdoors feel.

Skywalker Shadow Grunge

09skywalker Skywalker Shadow Grunge

is an art deco style font, available as a free taster of the Skywalker font.

Bionic Regular

10bionic Bionic Regular

is a free to use version of Bionic, a futuristic font.

Maddox Gothic

11maddox Maddox Gothic

is a free display font.


12relate Relate

is a free UI Kit from InVision that features a clean, minimal style and vector only shapes to allow scalability with no optimization necessary. It’s available for Photoshop and Sketch.


13based Based

is a feed UI kit for sketch, with an easily customized minimal design style.

Chat UI Kit

14cometchat Chat UI Kit

is a free UI kit from CometChat which, as you might guess from the name, is a UI Kit for chat apps. Its currently available for Sketch, or as EPS, PSD or PNG.


15guacamole Guacamole

is a free UI kit from Avocode. Currently available for Photoshop, Adobe Xd and Sketch, and coming soon in React Native.

Windows 95 Kit


If you fancy a bit of nostalgia, or to remind yourself how poor interface design tended to be 20 years ago, here’s a ui kit based on windows 95.

Food Order App Kit

17foodorder Free UI kit

for a food ordering service app.

Ease UI Sample


A small taster of a modern, stylish UI kit.

Carioca Sample


A sample of 15 screens from the Carioca mobile UI kit.

Sign In /​Sign Up UI Kit


Some stylish screens for a sign in/​register page.


21luxe Luxe

is a Bootstrap website template aimed at the hotel industry.


22twist Twist

is a one page website template built using Bootstrap.

Zerif Lite


Recently updated, Zerif Lite is a fully responsive, one page WordPress theme.

Shop Isle


Recently updated, this fully responsive ecommerce WordPress theme has a clean look and is WooCommerce ready.



Forked from Underscores, Components goes a step further and allows you to generate a starter theme based on a specific type, such as Portfolio, Magazine or Classic Blog.


26blaze_css Blaze

is a fully responsive, unopinionated modular CSS framework with built in components.

Minimal Icon Pack


A set of 1800 minimal icons featuring two styles: sharp, and rounded.



Style controlled SVG icon set.

Animal Icons


A collection of 71 cute little critters, available in various formats.


28crafticons Crafticons

is a set of 40 free outline icons.

Icons for Olympics


A small set of free icons in honour of Rio 2016 Part 1 (Olympics).

Wood Patterns


Set of 10 seamless wood patterns to use as backgrounds for a variety of projects.

Cloud Photos


Set of 10 cloud images which can be used as backgrounds in a variety of print or screen projects.

Abstract Photos


A set of 20 abstract photos for use as backgrounds. Each photo comes in two different versions.

Watercolor Brushes


A set of free watercolor effect brushes for Photoshop.

RLM Brush Collection


A set of brushes for Photoshop, including some nice detailing brushes.

Plant Brushes


A set of 130 plant’ brushes for Photoshop.

Angular Material

36angular Angular Material

is a set of Material Design components for Angular 2.


37svgo svgo

, or SVG Optimizer, is a handy little nodejs-based tool which strips out all the unnecessary information graphics apps add when exporting to SVG. Currently downloadable in several forms, or available as a web app.


38eqcss EQCSS

is a JavaScript plugin which enables the use of CSS @element queries.

Sketch Focus

39focus Sketch Focus

is a handy little plugin which allows you to add notes and tasks to your Sketch documents.

Summer Fun Vector Pattern


fun little pattern using summertime icons.

Brand​.ai for Sketch

41brandai Brand​.ai

s design asset cloud allows you to share design libraries in Sketch.


42astrum Astrum

is a lightweight pattern library. It features simple customisation and intelligent feedback.


43fractal Fractal

lets you build pattern libraries, using your choice of templating language, build tool and organisational model.


44colorcubo ColorCubo

is a very simple to use online color palette manager.

FreeHTML5 Generator

45generator FreeHTML5​.co

has recently released this online drag and drop website generator based on Bootstrap.



polished UI kit designed especially for use in blogs.

Paper Marbling Textures

49marble 6 handy textures

for backgrounds.

Paddi MacDonnell

Paddi MacDonnell is a designer and entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, follow her on Twitter.

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