3 Ways Justinmind Helps UX Teams Work Together

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Oct. 25, 2017

Communication breakdowns between designers and developers are the prime culprit for productivity stalls, scope creep, and missed deadlines. For years, designers have handed off a PSD to a developer and crossed their fingers that what arrived in the browser bore some resemblance to the original. But a simple PSD just won’t cut it any more.

Designers who want to communicate the nuances of their design, simply, and with no room for error, choose a prototyping tool like Justinmind.

Justinmind is an all-in-one prototyping tool for websites and apps, that keeps you on the same page as your developers, and keeps them on your side in three key ways.


1. Communicate with Developers in Their Own Language

Justinmind allows you to create incredible, world-beating user experiences, and hand them off to your developers fully confident that the final product will match your creative vision.


With Justinmind’s new canvas, your developers will see exactly what they need to build: By selecting an element on the canvas they can see the precise settings, such as position, dimensions, and even CSS properties like font-size; for quick reference, layout position and whitespace, is shown on hover. Each element has a set of CSS values that can be copied and pasted from Justinmind straight into your developer’s preferred IDE.

For large projects, developers will rely on inheritance, and even object orientated methodologies. Justinmind communicates your project in a complementary fashion, by structuring screen hierarchies in a tree mode.

But that’s not all, Justinmind is a well rounded UX tool, and isn’t limited to what you see. Advanced interactions can be designed and communicated, as well as mobile gestures, transitions and animations. You can even simulate the dynamic behavior of your future website or app with business logic and conditional navigation.

When you supply a developer with a Justinmind project you’re giving them not just a visual design, but a full blueprint on exactly what you’re tasking them with building.



2. Involve Developers Early, and Often

One of the best ways to ensure an efficient build process is to bring in developers early. Nothing sucks more than getting a design signed-off by a client, only for your developer to say, “No, I can’t do that.” By communicating with your developers early, and often, you ensure that what you’re designing can actually be built.

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Most developers work in teams, so Justinmind have included unlimited Developer Role user accounts. Whether you need to guide a senior developer, a back-end engineer, a front-end coder, the intern who does the data entry, or all of them at once, Justinmind keep your whole team on the track to success. The benefits are especially keen when you’re part of a remote team, when communication issues frequently crop up.

You can publish your wireframes and prototypes and gather feedback from stakeholders, developers, and even other designers.


3. Enable Developers to Access the Assets They Need

Successful projects, that deliver on both quality, and on time, need you to supply developers with two things: good visual specifications, and good asset management; Justinmind delivers both.

Developers can use your prototype to quickly check the CSS code of UI elements. Element values for text are particularly beneficial if you’re outsourcing your development offshore, as text can be copied and pasted without fear of mistranslation. You can even share assets with all of your colleagues, helping your whole team output brand consistency. As if that weren’t enough, Shared Prototypes even allow you to work on the same project as your co-designers, at the same time!


When it comes to pulling it all together Justinmind lets developers export assets themselves, right from the prototype—no more endless “Save for Web”, and no more emails about missing icon files.

Amazingly, you can even export a specifications document right from the prototype so that your sales team can carry it into client meetings.



Justinmind is the best solution for designing for the mobile web, helping you streamline web, iOS, and Android projects, without ever needing to know a single line of code. Just pick a template and start customizing with the intuitive drag and drop interface. UI kits allow you to get more interactive. And testing your UX is as simple as a click.

Justinmind helps you communicate better, clarifying your intentions, and helping your developers do their jobs efficiently.

With Justinmind, you can be sure that the design you produce, is the product that gets built.

Download the Justinmind app for free, and discover your team’s improved workflow today.

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[– This post is an advertorial on behalf of Justinmind –]