Infographic: 46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks

Ezequiel Bruni By Ezequiel Bruni  |  Nov. 10, 2017

If we’re not mincing words, web design is the business of getting people to buy stuff, or buy into stuff. Except, you know, it’s on the web. And unlike with printed ads, or TV ads, we have to make sure it works in every browser. Nowhere is this more literally true than in ecommerce. Hence, we find ourselves always chasing traffic, clicks, and our holy grail: the almighty conversion.

That sounds kind of cynical, and more than a little religious; but I prefer to think of it as making sure we all get to eat. Eating is good.

In order to keep us all full of steak tacos with soft white cheese and green salsa, our friends at Website Builder compiled a list of 46 ideas to help you make your ecommerce site convert more users. For example:

  • Use the word “Pricing” – This resulted in a 160% increase in conversions when compared to “Request a quote”.
  • Remove social media share buttons – A nearly 12% increase.
  • Customer reviews – Including them yielded a nearly 60% increase in sales.
  • Personalized pictures – The lovely people at 37Signals put a picture of an actual person up, and got a 102% increase in conversions.

These ideas are presented in a handy infographic, which we’ve provided below. Give it a look if you need some new ideas. Do be sure to check out the sources at the bottom for more information on each of these starting points.

Props to Website builder for compiling all of this information, and for letting us share it here.