30 Creative Gifts for Designers, Christmas 2017

Paddi Macdonnell.
December 01, 2017
30 Creative Gifts for Designers, Christmas 2017.
It’s that time of year again: The season of peace, goodwill and ‘what can I possibly get Eric/Joanna/Clare/Michael/insert-name’. It’s the first day of advent, and there are just 19 shopping days left until Christmas! But never fear, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gifts for the designers in your life, we have some creative suggestions for you. Whether you’re looking for the office secret santa, or your very significant other, we’ve got you covered…

Under $25

VR Headset: V2 Cardboard VR Headset ($7.99)

For someone you like, but don’t love enough for an Oculus Rift. This headset will take iPhones and Android devices with screens up to 6”, with Google’s Cardboard app. vr-headset

Book: Failed It By Erik Kessels (from $11.38)

With Failed It, Erik Kessels of KesselsKramer, proves that failure can be a good thing, and having the courage to risk failure can ultimately lead to better work. failed-it

Slippers: SPRZ NY Eames Room Shoes ($14.90)

Mid-century modern gets wearable. Uniqlo’s SPRZ NY Eames collection also includes t-shirts and throws. eames-slippers

T-Shirt: James Victore T-Shirt (from $11)

A little bit of Victore motivation never goes amiss. Choose from a range of designs and t-shirt options. Some designs are also available on sweatshirts, hoodies and even shower curtains among other products. victore

Mini Tree: Lovi Spruce Tree 14cm (approx. $17)

The perfect desktop Christmas tree. It comes in several different colors. Decorations are also available. lovi-tree

Game: Eames Memory Game (approx. $17.50)

For anyone who can’t face the annual family Trivial Pursuit battle again, this is a great alternative. eames-game

Notebook: Customized Moleskine (from $18)

It’s not a “gifts for designers” list without something from Moleskine. These notebooks are customized by artists, and could just inspire the recipient to create their own versions. moleskine-custom

Power Bank: UO_TUNE_IN Portable Power Bank ($24)

A handy, stylish extra bit of juice for Android and Apple phones. powerbank

$25 – $50

Gift Cards: A Book Apart Gift Cards ($25, $50, and $100)

Sometimes, letting someone choose what they really want proves it’s the thought that counts. giftcard

Poster: Alphabeast Poster ($30)

For the animal loving typophile. As a feel good bonus, 100% of profits from these prints go to conservation charity Defenders of Wildlife. typehike

Desk Organizer: Concrete Planter and Pen Holder ($30)

A great idea for someone who likes a tidy desk, with the added health benefits that plants provide. There’s a smaller one for $20 too. concrete-planter

Book: Writing & Illuminating & Lettering By Edward Johnston (approx. $33)

This edition designed by Paul Felton and published in 2016 by D&B Books, is available through the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, in the small Sussex village where Johnston lived from 1912 until his death in 1944. johnston-book

Phone Case: Moleskine iPhone Cover ($34.95)

For the Moleskine afficionado, their iPhone can match the iconic notebook. moleskine-phonecase

Book: The Art of Looking Sideways By Alan Fletcher (from $36.29)

From one of the greats of graphic design, this book is ‘the ultimate guide to visual awareness’. fletcher-book

Charging Station: Converge Pop Charging Station ($39)

This charging station can take up to four devices at one go, with cables neatly tucked away, and looks stylish while doing it. charging-station

Print: Barbican Towers (approx. $47)

Know a designer who went for it with the Brutalist trend? This is the print for them: the Barbican estate in London is one of the foremost examples of Brutalist architecture. barbican-print

Wire Wall Grid: Urban Outfitters ($49)

A nice alternative to a pin board, the wall grid could be used for decoration, or as a mood board. There are other sizes and colors available. wall-grid

‘Chair’: Sitpack portable seat ($54.69)

A great gift for anyone who likes to take their sketchbook outside, or who just wants to stop being hunched over a low desk all day. sitpack

Desk Organizer: Lexon Liquid Station ($60)

Beautiful and functional desk organizer, what every designer strives for. liquid-desktidy

Umbrella: Weatherman Umbrella ($65)

These smart umbrellas come with a tracker, and with an app which reminds its owner to take it, but only if it’s going to rain. weatherman

Mug: Ember Ceramic Smart Mug ($79.95)

This mug keeps the drink inside it at the precise temperature it has been set to, between 120°F and 145°F. ember-mug

Arduino: Arduino Starter Kit ($87.90)

Great for tinkerers, or those who want to expand their coding horizons to the physical world. arduino-kit

Subscription: Headspace (1 month $12.99, 1 year $95.88, 2 years $167.67)

Guided meditations, including courses to help with creativity and productivity. headspace

Print: Move Fast & Get S**t Done, by Erik Spiekermann (approx. $115.50)

A limited run of 50 of the third edition of this motivational poster by one of the gods of type. spiekermann-print

Camera: Polaroid 600 Starter Pack ($175)

Polaroid cameras have sparked so much creative talent over the years, give one to the designer in your life and see what they can do with it. polaroid

Watch: Braun For Dezeen Limited Edition Watch (approx. $200)

Created in partnership with Dezeen, there are only 250 of this version of a design classic. braun-watch

Over $200

Lamp: Artemide Demetra Micro (from $243.75)

A gorgeous, and very flexible task light designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Artemide. Will make working into the small hours more pleasant. artemide-lamp

Calendar: Perpetuum Calendar by Othr ($355 / $380)

Yes, nearly $400 for a calendar does seem a bit much, but it is a beautiful object and is intended to last forever. perpetuum-calendar

Bag: Super Bag Briefcase ($399)

Possibly the most stylish briefcase/laptop bag ever. Looks good enough to double as a handbag for even the most chic of lunches, dahling. super-bag

Tablet: reMarkable Paper Tablet ($599)

An innovative alternative to a standard tablet, the reMarkable has a paper like surface designed for writing, sketching and reading. remarkable

Paddi MacDonnell

Paddi MacDonnell is a designer and entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, follow her on Twitter.

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