Cyber Monday Deal: Elegant Themes Offers Its Biggest Discount Ever

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November 27, 2018
Cyber Monday Deal: Elegant Themes Offers Its Biggest Discount Ever.

There’s never a shortage of good deals to be found on a Cyber Monday, and this year is no different. Still, you usually have to do your share of searching to uncover some really great deals. This little gem easily qualifies as the #1 Cyber Monday deal for designers and developers. It’s offered by Elegant Themes, the creators of the world’s most highly regarded premium WordPress theme – Divi. Elegant Theme’s offer? 25% off on their Developer and Lifetime accounts, including a free assortment of Divi layouts. cyber-monday

A Few Words About This Exceptional Elegant Themes Deal

If you’re not familiar with Elegant Themes and its wildly popular products, here are a few things you need to know about this website-building tool provider and its Cyber Monday offer.

#1. Elegant Themes is the Ultimate WordPress Toolkit for Designers and Developers

By signing up for a membership you’ll get access to 87 different themes, 3 plugins, and the ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder – Divi. You’ll quickly discover how your new membership will forever change for the better, your website-building undertakings.

#2. You Get Unlimited Use

Pricing per website will become a thing of the past. With your Elegant Themes membership, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited use. Take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal, and the one-time fee you pay will be reduced by 25%! When you consider the outstanding value you get when paying the full fee for this superb collection of WordPress tools, it’s not hard to see why the Cyber Monday deal represents an opportunity you won’t want to let slip by.

#3. Elegant Themes’ Pricing Plan is About as Simple as it Gets

No beating around the bush, no teaser offers, and most certainly no bait-and-switch offers. It’s simply a matter of paying a one-time fee (at a discount!) for your membership to gain access to Elegant Themes’ entire collection of themes and plugins. Better yet, you can use these themes and plugins to build as many websites as you want.

#4. You’ll Receive Products You Can Trust

Elegant Themes has been in the WordPress theme and plugin business for the past 10 years. During that time, they’ve created some of the world’s most popular products on the market, products they constantly maintain, refine, and improve – every single one of them.

What Comes With the Cyber Monday Deal

You’ll find everything” to be quite impressive, since it includes a set of useful products website designers or developers would love to get their hands on.

First, There’s Divi – The World’s #1 Premium WordPress Theme


This is Elegant Theme’s flagship theme, and according to stats supplied by BuiltWith​.com it’s the world’s most widely used premium WordPress theme. To call Divi a theme (as everyone does) is in truth somewhat of an understatement. In reality, Divi is a website builder’s framework that, with it’s outstanding assortment of tools enables its users to build stunning, high-performance websites without coding and without any need to install and configure a collection of special-purpose plugins. Divi’s enthusiastic community of over 500,000 users attests to its popularity.

Next, There’s the Divi Builder


This drag and drop website-building stand-alone plugin works with any theme. Its authors used the same visual page-building technology they used when creating the hugely successful Divi theme. The Divi Builder’s intuitive visual design interface enables you to build anything and everything and customize what you’ve created down to the smallest detail.

The Extra WordPress Theme


Extra is Elegant Theme’s ultimate magazine WordPress theme. It’s powered by the Divi Builder framework and extends the Builder’s capabilities with a set of 40 post-based content modules that’s perfect for creating online publications and blogs. All that’s required of you when using this magazine theme is to choose the content elements you want to use and customize and arrange them to fit your needs.

Bloom – An Easy-to-Use Lead Generating Plugin

This Elegant Themes product makes gathering leads and building an email list a piece of cake. It offers six opt-in types, each of which can be customized to create a sophisticated targeting approach designed to engage visitors and capture leads. This easy-to-work-with plugin does your email list-building for you. It has every tool needed to entice a visitor to become a follower and a customer.

Monarch – A Plugin Designed to Assist You with Your Social Sharing Activities


It’s social media that makes the Internet tick, and social sharing that uses this media to benefit businesses. Monarch was designed to help you engage and empower vibrant online communities, provide social sharing support, and increase the number of your followers. Its authors took great care to ensure its use would in no way compromise the integrity of any of your website designs.

Wrapping Up

Given what you get for your money, Elegant Themes’ Cyber Monday deal not only provides value; it provides it in spades. Even its authors call their deal crazy; no doubt because 25% represents the biggest discount they’ve ever offered. If you were to pay the full fee for Divi, the Divi Builder, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch, it would still be a deal you would not want to pass up. last-chance [- This is a sponsored post on behalf of Elegant Themes -]

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