8 of the Top WP Multipurpose Themes That You Can Use

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May 05, 2020
8 of the Top WP Multipurpose Themes That You Can Use.
More than a few multipurpose WordPress themes have become big sellers in recent years, and for a reason. Actually, for several reasons. One reason is they serve as excellent toolkits for web designers who have large and varied clienteles. The best multipurpose themes, like those presented here, are popular for other reasons as well.
  • They are uniformly responsive, SEO friendly, and flexible.
  • Most are either reasonably, or very easy to work with.
  • Most offer a host of design materials and options, including inspirational demos or concepts.
Unless you have a project for which only a specialty theme could provide what you need, any one of the following multipurpose themes should serve you well.

1. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

In the multipurpose WordPress theme world, BeTheme is an all-star. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but this, the biggest of all WordPress themes with its 40+ core features, including 500+ pre-built websites, brings plenty of quality tools to the table. BeTheme is in fact one of the top 3 WordPress themes in use today.
  • Be’s 500+ pre-built websites are customizable, responsive, and cover the entire range of industry sectors, key business niches, and all the popular website types and styles.
  • The other core features, including the Muffin Builder, Admin Panel, Layout Generator, shortcodes, and grid, header, footer, and other design options give Be’s users all the flexibility they need.
  • Since key UX features are incorporated into each pre-built website, using one not only helps get the website-building process off to a fast start, but often makes it possible to have a website up and running in as little as 4 hours.
Click on the banner to visit BeTheme and make it a point to check out a few of the pre-built websites. 1

2. Total WordPress Theme

Sometimes a website building tool offers something extra; something new and different you can’t quite put your finger on – like a “wonderous” design experience. You can have a wonderous experience when you take advantage of Total’s case, using a building-block approach to create a website
  • Total’s 90+ drag and drop customizable website-building elements make the design process as smooth and easy as can be.
  • 500+ styling options and 40+ pre-made demos provide all the design flexibility you’re ever apt to need.
  • With respect to editing, the Visual Composer editor and Total’s Theme Customizer give you both frontend and backend editing capability.
Total is also developer friendly. Click on the banner to find out more about the wonderous design experience that could be yours. 2

3. Avada Theme

When you’re trying to decide on which multipurpose theme to use and you’re having trouble doing so because they are looking too much alike, you can always use sales as a tiebreaker. Avada is the all-time best selling theme on the market. That says a lot of course, but there are a host of other good reasons for choosing this WordPress theme. Like:
  • 40+ one-click portable demos to get your website-building project up to speed;
  • total access to all the popular WordPress plugins;
  • a Core Fusion toolbox featuring $200 worth of website-building tools;
  • easy access to a wide range of page and design options.
Avada is 100% responsive, optimized for speed, and WooCommerce compatible. Click on the banner to learn more. 3

4. Kalium

Ease of use can be an important factor in selecting a multipurpose theme. Kalium is exceptionally easy to use for novices and experts alike. It has the best rating that we ever seen from all the premium themes.
  • Kalium is compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins.
  • Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, and Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, WooCommerce Product Filter and other premium plugins come with the package for free.
  • Kalium is 100% responsive and SEO friendly.
  • Kalium is ideal for building blog and portfolio websites, it has 35,000 customers and offers first-class customer support.
Visit the site to find out more. 4

5. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

This multipurpose theme, the Swiss Army knife of web design tools, is ideal for web designers looking to build eCommerce or business websites, or magazine, blogging, and portfolio sites. Key features include:
  • Highly customizable and performant WordPress theme, perfect for professionals and beginners
  • 400+ beautiful pre-built websites and templates for any purpose and niche.
  • TheGem Blocks: a selection of more than 300 section templates that can make website building a simple, straightforward process.
  • a unique collection of WooCommerce templates accompanied by the WPBakery page builder.
Click on the banner to find out more. 5

6. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is the pixel-perfect solution for agencies, businesses, bloggers, and creative types in need of creating an attention-getting portfolio site.
  • The user-built website showcase demonstrates that if you can think of it, you can build it.
  • Uncode’s 70 pixel-perfect concepts are not only useable, but inspirational as well.
  • A powerful Frontend Editor together with more than 400+ Wireframes can serve to streamline website design workflows.
Click on the banner to see for yourself everything Uncode has to offer. 6

7. Movedo Premium WordPress Theme

Ease of use can be a strong selling point. That happens to be the case with most premium multipurpose themes. Movedo takes things a step further. Movedo makes website-building fun. Try incorporating these cool design elements in your website and see for yourself.
  • Unique animations
  • Dynamic parallax effects
  • Sophisticated scrolling
Click on the banner to learn more about Movedo and why it rocks! 7

8. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo was developed with businesses, bloggers and WooCommerce stores in mind. This theme utilizes WPBakery custom shortcodes and WordPress’s Customizer to give you all the flexibility and customizability you’ll ever be likely to need. Hongo’s features include:
  • 11 ready one-click importable store demos;
  • a cool selection of 250 templates;
  • 200+ creative elements;
  • detailed online documentation.
Hongo has a number of other helpful features as well. Click on the banner to learn more about this premier multipurpose theme. 8 Multipurpose WordPress themes give users what they need in terms of tools and flexibility to create websites of any style and use. The only problem you’ll likely encounter trying to zero in on a multipurpose theme that will fully address your unique or special needs is when you’ve reviewed so many they begin to look alike. Since it can take valuable time to find what’s right for you given the huge number of multipurpose themes on the market, we hope to make your search easier by bringing this selection of premium multipurpose themes to your attention. [-- This is a sponsored post on behalf of BAW Media --]

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