20 Unmissable Websites, June 2020

Paddi Macdonnell.
June 08, 2020
20 Unmissable Websites, June 2020.
Every month we publish a roundup of the 20 most unmissable websites newly launched, or updated in the previous four weeks. In June’s edition you’ll find everything from corporate sites for global power-houses, to personal sites for innovative designers. This month we’re seeing a lot of flamboyance, a lot of passion, and the color of the moment is (hooray!) yellow. Enjoy!

Black Lives Matter

In recent weeks there have been protests in the US and beyond in response to alleged police brutality directed at people of color. The Black Lives Matter website is a central hub for news, resources, and information on civil rights campaigns in 38 countries. blacklivesmatter


Quip is a site focused on helping us build, and maintain healthy oral care habits. Centred around its innovative products, this site mixes images, illustration, and motion effortlessly to create a healthcare brand that’s highly appealing. quip

Matthew P Munger

This portfolio site for Matthew P Munger is a delightful jaunt through a Mac OS of yesteryear. What we really enjoyed is that despite being presented in this early-90s style, the UI manages to adapt itself responsively. matthewpmunger


There’s a maximal feel to Moooi’s site, layers of illustration enlarge so you feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. But the real excellence of this site is the tiny UI details, like the draggable bar that reveals the product videos. moooi

Jazz Keys

Jazz Keys is an experiment in adding extra emotional meaning to the often impersonal messages we send digitally. Type your message and hear it play in sound. You can send your message to anyone, and let them hear your words. jazzkeys


There’s a brutally cool black and white aesthetic to AIAIAI’s site. The dark, low-contrast product photography’s absence of color punctuated by some shocking neon, and the occasional golden shine of a plug. aiaiai


Cycling is taking over the world, and one of the biggest new trends is for e-bikes. Stromwerk’s site does an excellent job of taking something that seems a bit like cheating, and transforming it into something rugged and cool. stromwerk

Satu Pelkonen

Satu Pelkonen is a NY-based creative director who joined Squarespace in 2019. His site features a really cool custom cursor that inverts the thumbnail it’s hovering over, creating a delightful, simple interaction. satupelkonen


Babord is a Norwegian seafood supplier. The relationship Norwegian’s have with the sea is evident, and the site transforms simple fishing into an almost mystical experience. Plus that brand font is fantastically daring. babord

Yuko Higuchi x Gucci

Guggi has a history of expansive and ambitious marketing campaigns. This latest micro-site from Italy allows you to play a fun, tile-slide game based around the fashion label’s new kids collection. gucci


Delassus is a Moroccan company that grows ingredients from citrus fruits to avocados. Its whole site is a cornucopia of 3D design, with models of its products, and humorous typography. Bold, and fun, and practical too. delassus

320 and 360 Wythe

Who would think that bricks and timber could look so glamorous? That’s what this site for two new buildings in Brooklyn achieves. The colors, the mockups, and the old-timey photography give these new builds a much needed heritage. 320and360wythe

Readymag Design Workout

To keep you creative during the pandemic, Readymag has created this daily training program to hone your design skills and help you with decision making. It’s a drag and drop playground, with real world tasks to challenge you. readymagdesignworkout

Radical Design Course

If you think that web design’s just too samey, then you’ll appreciate the launch page for the upcoming Radical Design course. It features tons of yellow, engaging typography, and some super-cute illustrations. readicaldesign


Bastarda is a type and branding design studio from Bogotá, Colombia. It has managed to create a sense of both simple, structured minimalism, and energy and excitement with hovers on its main links that trigger awesome reels. bastarda

Jens Nielsen

This awesome portfolio for Jens Nielsen features some great artwork, a super-brave choice of font, and some really cool mouse overs that flash up thumbnails of work that’s all linked up on Dribbble. jensnielsen


More cycling this month curtesy of POC, makers of cycling helmets and apparel. This site does an awesome job of balancing lifestyle imagery, and a clean, practical e-commerce site that is easy to explore. poc

Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup

Some of the most striking design of the last century can be found on the radical covers of jazz albums. The Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup site follows a similar path with abstract shapes on the site mimicking body movements. stefanienelsondancegroup

Barrel 2019

Barrel is a design studio that specialises in wellness brands, from workout products to the vitamins you take. This recap of their work from last year is fun, colorful, and a great opportunity for them to break away from their usual style. barrel


I have a soft-spot for all-text sites, and this simple list one-pager by Feijoo is right up their with my favorites. Perhaps is reminds me of my Sublime Text theme. Either way, I love the details like the numerals being replaced by words. feijoo

Paddi MacDonnell

Paddi MacDonnell is a designer and entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, follow her on Twitter.

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