8 BeTheme Pre-Built Websites You Can Edit With Elementor

Ben Moss.
June 16, 2020
8 BeTheme Pre-Built Websites You Can Edit With Elementor.
Let’s be honest: the WordPress classic editor wasn’t the easiest solution for building great-looking websites. While Gutenberg has helped, page builder plugins like Elementor are responsible for making a it much easier for any WordPress user to build a powerful and professional website on their own. As a result, users want to know that the theme they’re going to use is compatible with at least one of the leading page builder solutions. That’s why we’re excited to announce that BeTheme now allows users to work with three of the leading page builder plugins:
  1. Elementor
  2. Muffin Builder
  3. WPBakery Page Builder
1 This kind of versatility is unmatched and it should allow basically anyone to build a website with BeTheme. Want even better news? BeTheme has a variety of pre-built websites already set up with Elementor, taking even more of the work out of building a website.

8 BeTheme Pre-Built Websites You Can Edit With Elementor

Why should you care about Elementor’s integration with BeTheme? It’s because it practically eliminates most of Be's learning curve, which was already super friendly to use. And if you spend less time trying to figure things out by using tools that you already know and love, you can get a website up and running much more quickly. If you’re interested in being able to edit with Elementor, let’s take a better look at what you can do with 8 of our pre-built sites today.

1. BeAI Makes a Complex Subject Easier to Relate to

This is the BeAI pre-built website: 2 As you can imagine with something like artificial intelligence, it’s not easy for consumers to instantly grasp such a complex concept, technology, or product. But if you design your website so that it looks sharp but still grounded, you can make it feel more inviting. 3 With the help of Elementor and this pre-built site, it’s very easy to create a sophisticated and relatable design that enables users to focus on the content without getting overwhelmed by the tech.

2. BeApp Brings Technology to Life

This is the BeApp pre-built website: 4 Similar to BeAI, the design takes the focus off the complexity of the technology and instead puts it on what users can accomplish with the app. 5 In both of the screenshots here, there are animated elements. In the first, you’ll find concentric circles pulsing outwards from the runner’s body. In the second, you’ll see that the device’s screen is glowing. It’s a neat design choice and one that brings something like the act of running (with an app) to life.

3. BeConsultant Adds Subtle Surprises to an Otherwise Predictable Website Visit

This is the BeConsultant pre-built website: 6 There’s nothing wrong with creating a website that’s minimally designed — especially if the goal is to get visitors to read your message and get in touch. However, sometimes your website needs just a tiny kick to get visitors to take notice at the right time. 7 In the case of this pre-built site, you can use Elementor’s animated blocks — like the Counter — to add a little movement to an otherwise static website and make sure prospects stay engaged.

4. BeEstate Provides Visitors With a Tour-Like Experience

This is the BeEstate pre-built website: 8 When you’re trying to sell a luxury item — or, at the very least, get people to sign up for an in-person look at it — you need your website to have that same next-level feel. 9 Although an effect like this (which is a layered parallax scroll) might be difficult to reproduce on your own, the pre-built site has done the hard part for you. All you need to do is edit the background with Elementor and swap in the image you want to slowly reveal to visitors as they scroll.

5. BeFinance Translates Stability into Geometry

This is the BeFinance pre-built website: 10 When building websites for industries where there’s an element of risk involved (like finance), you want to do everything you can to make visitors feel at ease. Although it’s ultimately up to your client to provide a secure experience or product their customers can trust, there are things you can do with design to help move that along. 11 In the case of BeFinance, you can see that there are a lot of geometric shapes in play — beyond the typical CTA buttons we usually see. Geometric shapes often convey a sense of stability and security. It might not outright scream “You can trust us!”, but it’ll be there in the background to help reinforce that idea.

6. BeGrocery Gives its Products Room to Shine

This is the BeGrocery pre-built website: 12 Although this site is built for a grocery delivery service, a website like this would work equally well for any ecommerce or online ordering website. 13 Notice how clean and clear the interface is, making it easy for products to shine through? While BeGrocery has done the work of laying out your products and categories, Elementor makes it easy to edit how your inventory is displayed.

7. BeLoans Calls Visitors’ Attention to Eye-Catching Elements

This is the BeLoans pre-built website: 14 With a business built around something as sensitive and stressful as requesting a loan, the last thing you want is for your website to create any doubt or fear in the minds of visitors. One of the reasons this particular design works is because of the friendly color palette. 15 Another reason it works so well is because of how simple it makes the whole thing feel. And if you want to change the terms of the loans, making an edit with Elementor would be a breeze, as you can see in the example above.

8. BeRenovate Gives Visitors a Peek at What’s to Come

This is the BeRenovate pre-built website: 16 What’s interesting about this design is its fusion between illustrations and photos. Before you look below, take note of the house shapes floating around “From A to Z renovation”. Now, look at this: 17 Whenever photos are introduced to the page — to give visitors a peek at what’s in store for them — they’re tucked inside those same house-shaped outlines. It’s a creative way to merge a unique illustrative design with real-world photographs that visitors can relate to. Get your Elementor-compatible BeTheme pre-built website today There’s a reason why millions of WordPress users (from first-time users to professional web designers) rely on Elementor: It’s insanely easy to build a website that looks like it took weeks to create. Thanks to Be’s developers, you won’t even have to worry about the building part. All you need to do is pick the pre-built site you like and then edit it with Elementor according to your client’s needs. Once you’re signed up for BeTheme, you’ll find your Elementor-compatible BeTheme pre-built sites here: 18 Just look for the ones with the Elementor icon in the top-right corner. Sounds too easy, right? It totally is. [-- This is a sponsored post on behalf of BeTheme --]

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