15 Best New Fonts, December 2021

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December 06, 2021

Are you tired of using the same old Google fonts from website to website? You’re in luck!

15 Best New Fonts, December 2021.

In this month’s roundup of the best new fonts, we’re showcasing the latest and greatest fonts from independent type foundries and designers worldwide.

Astronef Super

Astronef Super is a retro-futuristic font collection with seven styles that are meant to be mixed and matched. While the font is modular in design, there are wild variations in weight that you can have a lot of fun with.

Astronef Super - best new fonts December 2021


Auguste Serif and Auguste Sans Serif were originally drawn as a single stencil font that combined serif and sans serif styles. They ultimately became two separate fonts, with four weights apiece, that can be scaled up and down in size based on your needs.

Auguste - best new fonts December 2021


Bartok is an exciting font as it breaks with the concept of creating a family of unified styles. Instead, each of the four styles uses different structures and weights, meaning this font can be repurposed for a wide variety of brands and styles.

Bartok - best new fonts December 2021


Cardone is a type of serif known as Scotch Roman, designed for functionality and legibility. With its sturdy and brutal design, this serif is perfect for editorial content.

Cardone - best new fonts December 2021


Champ is a fun and friendly font with nine weights. Because of its bold footprint, this serif performs best in branding and headlines.

Champ - best new fonts December 2021


Columba is modeled after old-style printing press typefaces. With its narrow, legible serif forms, Columba is most useful in text-heavy environments — both on the web as well as for printed brand materials.

Columba - best new fonts December 2021


Deia is a bracketed serif font with seven fonts. Thanks to the curved stroke transitions in Deia’s character set, this font is full of personality and would work great in product packaging and website branding.

Deia - best new fonts December 2021


Garton is a 19th century-inspired typewriter typeface that would look great on literary and editorial websites. This uniquely elegant font has three weights with italic companion sets for each.

Garton - best new fonts December 2021


Halisa is an extensive font family with 60 styles, five widths, and six weights (plus italics). The designer drew inspiration from 19th-century factory signs to come up with this legible semi-constructed grotesque typeface.

Halisa - best new fonts December 2021

Helvetica Now Variable

Helvetica Now Variable is an upgrade on Helvetica Now and the original 1957 Helvetica design. This one, however, adds over a million new Helvetica styles to the fold (all in one font file), which designers can use to create all kinds of digital and print content, including typographic animations.

Helvetica Now Variable - best new fonts December 2021


Palast is a type system that consists of three sub-families: Palast Text, Palast Display, and Palast Poster. Designers can use this carefully crafted serif font family pretty much anywhere they want — from clients’ websites to promotional print graphics.

Palast Display - best new fonts December 2021


Parco is part of the new wave of humanistic typographic design. With Parco’s compact spacing and tall characters, this font will help designers craft eye-catching and highly legible headlines and branding.

Parco - best new fonts December 2021

Right Gothic

Right Gothic is a huge font family, containing 98 styles — seven weights, seven widths, 20-degree italics, and an adjustable contrast axis. While this contemporary font is a sans serif, it draws upon typical serif anatomy with its high contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Right Gothic - best new fonts December 2021

Rund Text

Rund Text is a geometric sans serif that looks both stylish yet comfortable. It also has a companion Display family available to designers who want to bring the same type of functional design to larger headlines or branding.

Rund - best new fonts December 2021


Sculpin is another variable font to make this list of the best new fonts. This sans serif font was designed as if a chisel and brush had been used, giving it a structured, hand-crafted feel.

Sculpin - best new fonts December 2021

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