15 Best New Fonts, March 2022

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February 28, 2022

As we move closer to spring, we’re going to see a change in typography styles come with it. While we always need new serifs and sans serifs to design with, in the spring, it’s not uncommon to use more nature-inspired and whimsical fonts to usher in the warmer temps, wedding season, and holidays like Earth Day and Mother’s Day.

15 Best New Fonts, March 2022.

As such, the following list of best new fonts offers up a good range of fonts, from spring-inspired styles to more evergreen selections.


Alti is a geometrical sans serif font with a single style. Inspired by modernism and Art Deco, Alti combines extra-tall ascenders (see the lowercase d”) with eccentric angles (the lowercase e”) and balance (the capital H”).

Alti - one of the best fonts for March 2022


Antodits is a handwritten font that looks similar to something we might scribble on a Post-it note, a moving box, or a label. If you want to give logos, hero images, social media banners, and other graphics a casual hand-drawn feel, this would be a fun one to play with.

Antodits - one of the best fonts for March 2022

AW Conqueror Sans

AW Conqueror Sans is a combination of geometric and humanist sans serif styles. There are 16 styles available, and the font designer recommends using them for different moods or tones. The AW Conqueror Sans family could be the one you use for various brands while giving each a unique style of their own.

AW Conqueror Sans - one of the best new fonts


Birra is an interesting family of fonts. Unlike the usual typography styles and weights we’re accustomed to (e.g., Thin, Heavy, Italic), Birra’s styles are inspired by different types of beer and the breweries they’re found in — Stout, Saison, Pils, and more.

Birra - one of the best fonts for March 2022

Boby Marlyn Script

Boby Marlyn Script is a delicate cursive font in just one style. The designer suggests using it for romantic themes, so it would go nicely with matters related to wedding planning, florist shops, relationship retreats, and parenting blogs. It could also work well on marketing images and banners around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Boby Marlyn Script - one of the best fonts for March 2022


The release of Delvard has brought us three new fonts: Delvard Serif Display, Delvard Serif Subhead, and Delvard Serif Text. There are 24 styles in this collection of art nouveau-inspired serifs, so there’s a lot you can do with this creative and legible font.

Delvard - one of the best new fonts

Evoque Text

Evoque Text is a humanist serif family of 14 fonts. While there are bold styles that would work effectively in headlines, this font was explicitly designed to give website visitors a comfortable reading experience over long passages.

Evoque Text - one of the best new fonts


Forme Grotesque and Forme Grotesque Arabic is a sans serif font inspired by 19th century British Grotesque font styles. Forme Grotesque is a beautiful multilingual font that would be a great addition to various websites.

Forme Grotesque - one of the best new fonts

Gamer Station

Gamer Station comes in two styles: Regular and Outline. This cartoon-inspired typography would be a good one to use on websites that sell kids’ products and experiences — books, toys, entertainment centers, etc. It could also be instrumental in gaming app design.

Gamer Station - best new March fonts


Hyperpolar is a retro all-caps font inspired by 1950s crime stories. While the gritty vibe is most obvious in the Brush styles, the Regular and Outline styles take a more subdued approach. If you’re looking to add drama or intrigue to your logo, headers, or marketing graphics, you have obvious and subtle ways of playing it up with this font.

Hyperpolar - best new March fonts


LargePoint is a bold sans serif font in two styles — Sharp and Rounded — with eight weights apiece. While the font was initially designed for a sports brand, it looks great in editorial headlines. So, if you’re designing a news site, blog, or literary publication that pushes out high-impact stories, consider using this font to style your headlines.

LargePoint - best new March fonts

Monttocks Script Font

Monttocks Script Font is an elegant handwritten font that comes in two styles. The tight cursive lettering looks authentic, which could be an excellent way to add a personal touch to websites representing female entrepreneurs or small business owners. (Check out Marie Forleo’s site, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Monttocks - best new March fonts


Räder is a sans serif font inspired by vintage road signage. Unlike today’s signage, old road signs prioritized both beauty and clarity of message. Because of its roots, this font and its 16 weights would be an effective way to design attention-grabbing headers.

Rader - best fonts March


Rosales is a versatile humanist font. It comes with eight weights, eight italic variants, and two alternative sets of capital letters if you prefer something more stylistic than the basic sans serif. Because of the great variety in character sets and styles, Rosales can be used to improve the look and legibility of text in any part of your website or app.

Rosales - top font for March

Yellow Sunflower

Yellow Sunflower is a calligraphy font that exudes warmth and friendliness. There’s only one style available, and it would work best in display settings and in conjunction with a neutral sans serif.

Yellow Sunflower - top font for March

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