10 Time-Saving Tools for Freelancers

Nancy Young.
July 29, 2022
10 Time-Saving Tools for Freelancers.

If you’re a freelancer, you know that time is money. And if there’s one thing we could all use more of, it’s time. So in this article, we’re going to share some tools to help you save time and be more productive.

As a freelancer, learning how to manage your time effectively is essential. Juggling work with other responsibilities can be tricky, but finding a balance that works for you is crucial. Managing your time will help you stay on top of your deadlines and avoid stress.

There are plenty of tools and techniques you can use to help you with time management. Most articles suggest using time tracking tools, but we’ll show you how to save time on creating presentations, filling your taxes, and even searching for someone’s email.

Whether you’re looking for tools to make your work easier or a better way to manage your time, we’ve got you covered. So read on – these time-saving tools might change your life.

1. Timely

If you’re looking for a way to track your time, take a look at Timely. It’s a tool that helps you track how much time you spend on tasks. That way, you can see where you’re spending the most time and where you can manage your time better. You can also set deadlines and reminders and see how much time you have left in your day.

Moreover, you can also use Timely for invoicing. This is a great way to keep track of your work and ensure you’re getting paid for your hours.

2. Notion

Notion is a tool for taking notes and organizing your thoughts. It’s perfect for when you need to brainstorm ideas or take notes on a project. Besides, Notion can help you to track your ideas and to-do lists. You can create pages and documents for each project and add tasks, notes, and files. It’s an excellent way to stay organized and on top of your work.

Additionally, with Notion, you can create a simple Time View database and track time using it. This method is based on time blocking; it’s a time management technique that freelancers can use to increase productivity. It involves setting specific times for certain tasks and then working on those tasks during those times. This can help to avoid distractions and ensure that essential tasks are completed.

3. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is a tool that can help you save time. It’s an app you can use to schedule emails and set up email reminders. That way, you won’t forget to do something important. It’s an excellent tool for keeping on top of your work and staying organized.

Boomerang is a great way to stay on top of your email correspondence and ensure that you send messages when it’s most convenient for the recipient.

4. Expensify

Do you spend a lot of time tracking your expenses? If so, Expensify can help you save time. It’s a tool that allows you to track your expenses and get reimbursed. That way, you won’t have to waste time tracking your expenses yourself.

It’s a great way to stay on top of your finances and ensure you’re getting paid for your work. Just sync your credit card with the tool to track your payments and create an expense report. Besides, Expensify can help you fill up your taxes.

5. Otter AI

Otter AI is a transcription and note-taking app that can help you to save time. It’s perfect for recording meetings, lectures, and phone calls. You can also use it to take notes. Otter AI will automatically transcribe the audio into text so that you can read what was said. This is a great way to save time and be more productive.

The tool will come in handy not only for freelancers but also for students. With automated notes and audio transcription, you will never lose a word from a meeting or forget important details. Otter also creates real-time captions that you can highlight, comment on, and even insert images. No more handwriting during meetings or lectures. Many people admit that Otter is a game-changer and a time saver if you have a lot of meetings during the day.

6. Todoist

If you are looking for an app that allows you to keep track of your to-do list, it’s Todoist. The tool is perfect for when you need to stay organized and on top of your work. You can use it to track your tasks, set goals, and get reminders. In addition, it’s a great way to ensure you’re meeting your deadlines.

7. Xtensio

Xtensio is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create, share, and collaborate on business documents. It offers a wide range of templates and features, including adding custom widgets and collaborating with other users in real-time.

Xtensio is an affordable option for small businesses and freelancers who need to create professional-looking documents on a budget.

8. Tomighty

Time management is vital for freelancers because we must be our own boss and ensure the work gets done. One great way to manage your time is with the Pomodoro technique. This technique breaks down your workday into 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks in between. It’s a great way to keep focused and on track with your work.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with the Pomodoro technique, try Tomighty. You can use a free desktop timer to time your intervals. It’s simple and easy to use, which is great for when you’re trying to focus on your work. The app is available for Mac and Windows.

9. Pocket

Pocket is convenient for saving articles and videos to read or watch later. It’s perfect for when you need to save something for later but don’t have time to read or watch it right away.

For example, if you find an interesting article in the middle of your working day, save it in Pocket and get back to it later when you are free. Besides, you can download an app and save content to have it on hand anytime.

10. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a productivity app that helps you stay focused on your work. It allows you to block websites that you find distracting or time-wasting.

For example, suppose you need to work on a project but keep getting distracted by Facebook or Instagram notifications. In that case, you can add Facebook to your list of blocked websites in StayFocusd. You can download and install this browser extension in your Chrome in no time.

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