15 Best New Fonts, July 2022

Ben Moss By Ben Moss  |  Jul. 11, 2022

Typefaces give a voice and a character to our text. As a result, they influence our designs more than most design elements.

But with so many typefaces available, selecting one (or two!) can be one of the most challenging decisions in any design project — which is probably why so many big brands opt for inoffensive geometric sans-serifs.

In our monthly roundup, we give you a selection of new options, including variable fonts, updated classics, and a couple of freebies.


DT Random Display

DT Random Display is an original typeface that packs energy into your design but is best used in small doses. Not least because it’s tough to read. If you ever design a record sleeve for a funk band, this is the typeface for you. DT Random Display is free.



Escura is an extraordinary typeface that fits perfectly with the trend of maximalism. Both modern and ancient, it manages to combine Celtic scripts with extreme geometry. Plus, it’s a variable font.



Merni is a super-chunky display face that would work well for branding or packaging design. Best served in small doses, it has a friendly, cartoon feel without being childish.



VEQAY is an elegant stencil typeface that is an excellent choice for editorial or branding design work. The uppercase is better looking than the lower and features seaweed-like strokes that give the letters energy.



Binate is an arresting combination of sans-serif and brush serif; its letterforms are clean and open but with little flourishes that give it a more expressive, personable character than similarly structured sans-serifs.


PP Fragment

PP Fragment is a collection of four distinct typefaces designed to work together as a flexible and robust unit. Inspired by 19th-century advertising, it includes Sans, Glare, Serif, and Text families. PP Fragment is available as a variable font.


OBO Star

OBO Star is a fat display typeface packed with character. It’s semi-monospaced, with all of the letterforms loosely based on squares. You can use it horizontally or vertically, making it a great option for flexible branding.


Ping Round

Ping Round is a round version of the popular Ping typeface. It features simplified letterforms drawn with as few pen strokes as possible. This creates a characterful teardrop shaped counter.


TT Interphases Pro

TT Interphases Pro has been redrawn with mathematical precision for UI design work. It’s a great choice for anyone who needs a highly-legible sans-serif for dashboards or charts.



Apta is a clean sans-serif with beautiful proportions reminiscent of Gotham or Gill Sans. Walking the line between humanist and geometric was tough, so three stylistic sets are provided, one leaning towards the geometric, one leaning towards the humanist, and the other a combination.



Gardez is a unique display face with inverted contrast. It has a ’50s California vibe and does a fabulous job of standing out in banner ads.



Effra isn’t a new typeface, but it has just been updated to include a variable font version of each of its weights and styles. Effra is a geometric sans with humanist details that makes it ideal for digital designs.



Vermors is a playful vintage typeface with some lovely details. It’s all-caps, display-only, and evokes images of old west saloons.



Satiata is a chunky display typeface with plenty of energy. Its angled vertical strokes give it the appearance of dancing across the screen.


Rund Display

Rund Display is a geometric sans-serif that introduces something new to the overly subscribed genre with the addition of concave terminals on the end of its curved strokes. This adds character at large sizes and sharpens the terminals at smaller sizes.