Exciting New Tools for Designers, July 2022

Simon Sterne By Simon Sterne  |  Jul. 18, 2022

We’re over halfway through 2022! And so far this year, we’ve seen some incredible side-projects, awesome apps, and a bunch of new tools we can’t do without.

If you’ve still got room in your digital toolbox to cram a few more gems in, here’s what we’re getting excited about this month.



Do you get confused by the Google Ads interface? You’re not the only one. Fortunately, Adbot is a superb service that automates your ad management.


Bunny Fonts

Bunny Fonts is an excellent Google Fonts alternative. It has all the same fonts as Google, but it prioritizes privacy, and the whole site is run from a super-fast CDN.



Locofy is a new site builder that transforms Figma designs into functioning front-end code for apps and websites powered by React, Gatsby, and Next.js.


Lost Geometry

Lost Geometry is a set of abstract 3D models with four distinct styles to use as visual accents in your design projects. There are free and paid options.



Manganum is a free Chrome extension that transforms your browser into a productivity tool with a launchpad, translator, task list, notes, and calendar.



Shape is a collection of 36,600 fully customizable icons and illustrations. There’s a full web-based editor, or you can use the libraries for Figma.



Do you need a simple, no-nonsense résumé website fast? Then checkout GoodProfile{me}. It creates simple, personal one-page websites in seconds.



Droplove is a no-code tool for deploying your own NFT smart contract in three simple steps. Create an anonymous contract that’s compatible with major exchanges.


Ava Maker

Ava Maker is a fun app for creating avatars. You can choose from four different styles and dozens of options for hair and clothes, then download it as PNG or SVG.



Public speaking is a frightening prospect for many designers. Speeko is a great app that uses AI to help you build confidence before meetings and presentations.



Siter is a no-code design tool for collaborative website building. Import from Figma, or use the intuitive design tools to create a unique site with your team.


Investor Email Templates

If you’re stuck on what to say in that all-important introductory email, you need this set of Investor Email Templates. There are over 50 templates for every scenario.



Clientdb is a brand new database option for app developers. Data is synced during app load, meaning lighting fast interactions and apps that work offline.



Tackle is an intelligent approach to business calendars. You can align your time with your priorities, analyze custom reports, and be your most productive you.



Dive helps your team make the most of remote meetings by supplying meeting templates and in-meeting tools like polls and collaborative document editing.



Bobby is a helpful app that converts Google docs into a desktop format and then backs them up to your local HD so you can work on Google without losing your work.



Lattice is an HR platform that helps you focus on staff. Manage performance, listen to employee feedback, review compensation fairly, and grow your business.



Wilco is a training platform for developers. It creates a simulated production environment and then generates problems for you to practice solving.



nnneon is a simple online app for generating glowing shapes. Choose from different shapes, control properties like rotation, and blur, then download it as an SVG.



If you need a no-code webpage builder that’s a little more fun than the usual offering, try Daftpage. Intended for side-projects, it’s a welcome break from Wix et al.