Adobe Cracks Down on Employees’ Generative AI Usage

Robert Reeve.
July 12, 2023
Adobe Cracks Down on Employees’ Generative AI Usage.

Adobe Places Restrictions on AI Use

New information from Business Insider reveals that Adobe has instructed its employees not to use personal email accounts when signing up for AI tools.

Among the instructions listed to Adobe employees is a warning not to use company credit card info and to refrain from using personal or non-public information in AI prompts. Why Adobe has taken this stance is unclear. The most likely theory is that Adobe wants to keep work within the workplace. Perhaps they are also concerned about the privacy of AI tools, and worry that the inclusion of non-public information in prompts could eventually provide confidential information to the public.

Adobe is no Stranger to AI

Adobe has recently entered the limelight for its own selection of AI tools, such as Photoshop’s Generative Fill function and the recently-unveiled Project Gingerbread, an AI image tool that allows users to generate customized 3D images.

What Does this Mean for AI?

Until recently, generative AI has shown no indication of slowing down. But with ChatGPT’s recent decline in traffic and many companies taking steps to restrict AI usage in the workplace, perhaps the AI revolution is set to progress more slowly than we initially anticipated.

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