Designers are Divided over Elon Musk’s New xAI Logo

Robert Reeve.
July 18, 2023
Designers are Divided over Elon Musk’s New xAI Logo.

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter, made headlines recently with the debut of xAI, his new artificial intelligence organization. But fans are divided over the company's new logo.

Musk’s new AI venture is set to compete against OpenAI, the immensely popular creator of ChatGPT. The reveal of xAI comes just months after Musk declared that AI is a danger to civilization.

Musk's new logo is causing quite a stir among the design community. Some internet users think the simplistic logo is ingenious and admire the fact it spells xAI in just three strokes. Others think it's oversimplified and harder to understand than Musk's ever-changing views on AI technology.


The main problem many designers have with Musk's new logo is that it's tough to read, especially if you aren't already familiar with the company name. Sure, it's easy to see the 'x'. No problems there. The 'A' is clearly visible as long as we assume the far right line is part of that letter. But where's the 'I'? Maybe the right line resembles the 'I', but this makes the middle line look like part of the 'x'. It's easy to see how this can get confusing.

Some designers think the bottom part of the ‘X’ is actually the ‘A’. Others think the logo looks more like ‘xA’, ‘X1’or ‘XI’ than xAI. Many praise the design for its efficiency. Others think the logo is a total botch. If anything, Musk’s new logo shows us the importance of a second pair of eyes when creating a new typographic design. With many recently commenting that the Tesla logo closely resembles an IUD, it seems Musk’s collection of logos is wide open to interpretation.

Robert Reeve

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