Slay Your Content With This ChatGPT WordPress Plugin

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August 24, 2023

Excited by the promise of AI but not sure how to get started? The look no further than this magical ChatGPT WordPress plugin.

Slay Your Content With This ChatGPT WordPress Plugin.

Created by the experienced team at Mind2Matter, this ChatGPT WordPress Plugin allows you to create content, answer customer queries, and much more.

You can use the plugin for your backend admin, generating content to boost your traffic. Or, you could make it available to logged-in users, so you can collaborate. Alternatively you could make it available on your front-end so your site visitors can use it. Or, for the ultimate in labor-saving, why not do all three!

  • Ask ChatGPT anything — no matter the topic, ChatGPT can guide you through it.
  • Generate content — easily generate thousands of words, then copy and paste it into your posts and click ‘publish.’
  • Receive guidance — have AI assist you increase your productivity by 100x.
ChatGPT WordPress Plugin

The only limitation is your own creativity.

This incredible ChatGPT WordPress plugin comes with a lifetime license, and you can use it with the free, or plus versions of ChatGPT — just insert your account details from OpenAI.

Best of all, right now you can snag this WordPress plugin for just $59.99, that’s an incredible 79% saving off the regular $299 price tag. All you need to run it is an OpenAI account (even the free version!) and a copy of WordPress.

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