30 Desktop and Office Themed Website Designs

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Feb. 02, 2009

Its seems like the desktop and office style websites have been a popular design idea for a few years now. While many of these design share some of the same elements, it is always interested to see the random extras and nic-nacs that people add to them.

What is even more interesting about this style is how it has crossed over to many other genres of business aside from designers.

You will notice that we included a few websites from other industries that follow the same basic idea of the desktop design.

Blueprint Ads

Narf Stuff

Totally Her

ABI Blog

1080 Snowboard Company

Doodle Freenzy

UAE Abandoned

Chris Likes to Draw

Aleksander Antonov

Restaurant Nuevo Aurich – Ok, so it’s not an office per say, but it still looks tasty and follows the same idea. I could make this my office!

Dan Whittiker Creative


Respiro Media

Rx Monsters – Not everyone’s desk looks the same!

Simple Art


Jake Boyles

John Joubert

Opelika Daily News

The Piss Biscuit

Camila Colaneri

DPI Vision

New Zealand Travel Blog

Avrind Andrion

Ciao Cimba – Such a crafty little desk.

Visit Delaware

The Cook Blog

No Copy Cat



What do you think it is that makes this sort of design so popular? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.