40 Absolutely Stunning Dark Ads

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August 13, 2009

Photographers and artists alike are always looking at light as the key element in any composition, which is certainly extremely important for dark advertisements.

Dark ads are usually used to portray a scary situation, or a serious issue, creating a dramatic impact.

Surprisingly, there are many dark ads that are humorous, creating a strong contrast between darkness and humor.

In the post, you'll find 40 absolutely stunning ads with dark singularities and creative lighting effects.

Click on the images for larger previews.

1. Movistar

"Your Number Always Survives."

2. CNA Nintendo Wii: The Home of Racing

3. CNA Nintendo Wii: 2009 Golf

4. Ovam: Clean Environment

"Who do you count on for a clean environment?
Together we make tomorrow more beautiful."

5. Scottex Maxi Roll

"Extra Strong, Extra Long."

6. Kairos: Fight Child Abuse

"With your support we’ll be able to give psychological and physical help that hundreds of children and families need in order to live better in the less fortunate areas of the country."

7. Xtra Slim Fat Burner

8. Masterlock

"Tough Enough For Any Job."

9. Disneyland Paris

"Get Rid of your Bad Dreams."

10. WWF

"Can't Afford to Be Slow in an Emergency."

11. Wave Sound Productions

12. Forst

"We only let it go out if you bring it back to us. Forst 1857 Returnable."

13. DIRECTV Plus: The Sound of Music

"Watch it when you want to."

14. Durex: Pleasure Enhancer

"Did you hear that?"

15. Maglite

"Maglite, legendary power is to be unleashed with caution."

16. Land Rover

"We also dream of a better world. Go beyond."

17. Virgin Megastore: Pinocchio Audio Books

"Audio books for kids now available at Virgin Megastore."

18. Virgin Radio

"Give Your Radio a Reason to Live."

19. City Bike Depot

"Biking is believing."

20. 3M Micro Projector

"Entertainment everywhere."

21. Wilkinson: Razor

22. Koba

"Long Lasting Batteries."

23. Sky TV - Alien VS Predator

24. Philips Lightpen

"Design The Light You Need."

25. Vision Foundation of India

"Don't kill your eyes. Donate them instead."

26. Unusually Big Film Experiences

27. Chevrolet Tahoe

"The streets are yours."

28. Mothers Against Drunk Driving

"One drink can change your entire outlook."

29. Penalty Max Gloves

"Way More Stick to Your Catch."

30. SuanYai Medical Clinic

"Powerful but not harmful."

31. Mineirinho Zero

"The new Mineirinho Zero. Don't miss it."

32. Kiev Mafia Role - Playing Game Club

"The game where you feel like real Mafia."

33. Mapa: Puzzle

34. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

"They're just waiting to be discovered. More than half of the world's dinosaur species haven't been found. See the remarkable creatures we've recently uncovered in a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science."

35. Yamaha

"F300 outboard. Sea Climber."

36. Soundtrax: Music Ears

37. Solar Torches

"Emergency torches."

38. Rayuela Wolf Library

39. Tortuga Tire Tubes

"Face any road."

40. FTC Digital Service

"Stop your world. Watch the rest of it."

Compiled and edited by Liz Fulghum and WDD.

Which ones were your favorites? Please share your opinion and any other great examples that you may have seen....

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