50+ Sleek, Funky and Weird Chair Designs

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Aug. 04, 2009

Chairs have evolved tremendously for thousands of years, as they shifted from being a symbol of state and dignity, to an item of ordinary use.

Chair design considers intended usage, ergonomics (how comfortable it is for the occupant), as well as non-ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stackability, foldability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design.

In this article, we’ll leave their function aside and take a look at chairs purely from an artistic point of view.

Here are 50 examples of great chair design, from the sleekest you’ll ever see, to the funkiest and the just plain weird.







What do you think of these chair designs?  Which ones are your favorites? Please share your comments below…


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