30 Typography Posters That You’Ve Probably Never Seen Before

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Sep. 11, 2009

Typography is the art of arranging, designing and modifying type.

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Creating a well designed typography poster is no easy task, and takes time and patience.

When a poster focuses only on typography as its main element, the designer has to carefully craft his design to make sure that the type is both legible and artistic at the same time.

In this amazing compilation, you will see typography posters created by designers from all over the world.

Here are 30 Amazing Typography Posters that you have probably never seen before.


1. Typography is Tedius

by Derek “longdesinzzz”
United States


2. Make Good Typography

by Enzo “EN70″


3. Urban Typography

by Andrew Ackroyd
United Kingdom


4. Punk Typography

by TPHorne


5. Funke – Terry Francis

by Sébastien Nikolaou


6. AIGA Typo Show

by Allison Wilton
United States


7. Bauhaus Typography

by Samuel “SeriousSamm”
United States


8. “T” ypography

by “bacon111″
United Kingdom


9. Jimi Hendrix

by Kuba Czerniak


10. Better Than Nothing

by Nils Davey
United States


11. Helvetica

by William Antonius


12. Sylfaen Type

by Dan Smith
United States


13. Design Culture Now

by Emn1ty
United States


14. Helvetica

by Nikko. P. Lukman


15. Morgellons Awareness

by Lisa “Spambi”
United States


16. Watchmen Quote

by Daniel Peters


17. Wonderland of Type

by Philippe Nicolas


18. Typography

by “shetsy”


19. The Cult of the Ugly 2

by Tyler Durden
New Zealand


20. The Cult of the Ugly

by Tyler Durden
New Zeland


21. Typography

by Stefano Joker Lionetti


22. Typography Dope

by Francesco Muzzi


23. Movie Poster

by Boris Bonev


24. Chaos is my name

by Palax


25. Defence H1N1

by Mike Chan


26. Most Of the Clients Don’t Know What Typography is!

by Mike Chan


27. Valdrada

by Carpet Crawler


28. Graphic Evolution

by Boris Bonev


29. The Past and the Future Make the Present Inspiring

by Mauro Hernández


30. Nothing Can Stop a Good Idea

by Mauro Hernández

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Paulo Canabarro.

If you were to create your own typography poster, what would you type on it? Which fonts would you use?