40 Excellent Websites Showcasing Expression Engine

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 14, 2010

ExpressionEngine by EllisLab is a powerful, flexible content management system (CMS) that many designers (and their clients) love.

Various modules exist to allow EE to be used for a number of different purposes, such as membership sites, ecommerce, blogs, wikis, and much more.

Many of the most popular modules come with the personal ($99.95) and commercial ($249.95) licenses, and additional modules are available.

The sites featured here show the flexibility of Expression Engine in their varying design and purpose.

EE allows designers to have the freedom to create layouts without restrictions, which helps to it to be a productive CMS for so many different purposes, check it out.


1. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary


2. HelpSpot



3. Bene



4. Tripping Words

Tripping Words


5. Newism



6. Fritz Quadrata

Fritz Quadrata


7. 5pieces



8. Hambo Development

Hambo Development


9. Render



10. Devot:ee



11. 31Three



12. Kent & Fraser

Kent & Fraser


13. Show & Tell Consignment Sale

Show & Tell Consignment Sale


14. EllisLab



15. Duoh!



16. Veerle’s Blog

Veerle's Blog


17. Think. Do. Create.

Think. Do. Create.


18. FortySeven Media

FortySeven Media


19. Glue



20. The ApMa Project

The ApMa Project


21. New City

New City


22. Pure Grips

Pure Grips


23 Craft Profiles

Craft Profiles


24. Ghostown Studios

Ghostown Studios


25. Tufts Alumni

Tufts Alumni


26. Hoaxland



27. Sam Houston Project

Sam Houston Project


28. Cable Wakeboard

Cable Wakeboard


29. Jason Julien

Jason Julien


30. Story Pixel

Story Pixel


31. Lealea Design

Lealea Design


32. Sarah Longnecker

Sarah Longnecker


33. Indiqo Media

Indiqo Media


34. Jupiter



35. The Biggest Apple

The Biggest Apple


36. Edgepoint Church

Edgepoint Church


37. Designchuchi



38. Daniel Howells

Daniel Howells


39. Gist Creative

Gist Creative


40. Wild Wings Safaris

Wild Wings Safaris

This article was written exclusively for WDD by Steven Snell, who runs a blog design gallery, Blog Design Heroes.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement/sponsored post for Expression Engine.

Have you used EE in your websites? How does it compare to other CMS?