Beautiful Curvy Brush Fonts for Design

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 22, 2010

Brush fonts are hotter than ever and we are seeing them more often on professionally designed websites.

Thick, bold and beautiful… their relaxed, casual feeling and sexy curves make them a perfect fit for designers who want to break the mold and steer away from the typical serif and sans serif font choices.

Some of them crossover into the script font world, while retaining their thick lines and curves.

These types of fonts are also now widely used for logo designs and packaging as they easily bring added interest and creativity.

Here are 20 beautiful brush fonts that you may wish to use in your designs. Most of these fonts are not free, but may be worth the price for your project. Enjoy…


1. Tomate


2. Bello


3. Enamel Brush


4. Whomp


5. Kari


6. Radio Time


7. Mousse Script


8. HT Maison


9. Chocolate


10. Black Rose


11. Lil Rhino


12. Joyscript


13. Mrs Sheppards


14. Mikey Likes It Corpulent


15. Quiff


16. Sugar Pie


17. Calgary Script


18. Candy Script


19. Kewl Script


20. Semilla

Do you know of any other great examples? Please share them below…