Win 5 Copies of “Fluid Web Typography”

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 25, 2010

Typography on the Web has remained unchanged for over a decade, but we’re now in the midst of a type revolution.

In a great effort to bring light to typography on the web and how to use it properly, one of our respected authors, Jason Cranford Teague, in association with Peachpit has released the book “Fluid Web Typography”.

Today, we’re bringing this must-have book to the WDD audience.

We’re running a one week contest where we will be awarding 5 free copies of this unmissable book. Read on for all the details and how to participate.

Here’s a brief overview about the book:

The type that designers use can say as much to their audience as the actual words on the page.

But until now, Web designers have had an extremely limited palette of typefaces from which to choose — essentially, Arial (yawn), Times (yawn), and Georgia (yawwwwwn).

Design is about overcoming the limitations of a medium, and Web design is no different.

In this book, Jason shows Web designers how to apply the principles of fluid typography, Web-safe fonts, downloaded fonts, and type on images to create robust scalable designs without resorting to type in images or Adobe Flash.

You can get more information on typography on or by following @fluidwebtype on Twitter.

For a chance to win a copy of “Fluid Web Typography”, please leave a comment with your favorite typography resource, or a link to a site with great typography. Only one entry per person.

The 5 winners will be selected at random and announced on February 1st, 2010.

Good luck to everyone!!!