A Collection of Free IPad Icons, Tutorials and PSDs

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Feb. 08, 2010

Since its controversial release, the iPad has been both criticized and admired by the design community.

In this post we have compiled a list of great resources, that teach you how to create your own iPad icons, as well as a collection of ready made icons and PSDs.

To download the files, please click on the preview image to go to the source site and remember to check the terms of use before using them in your projects.

If you know of any other great iPad freebies, please add them in the comments section below and we’ll include them in this post when appropriate.



iPad Tutorials

Callum Chapman’s iPad Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, Callum explains the process of designing the Apple iPad from scratch in Photoshop using shape tools, layer styles and blending modes. You will also use the brush tool to create detailed chrome and lighting effects.

Chris Spooner’s iPad Photoshop Tutorial

Chris Spooner also creates an Apple iPad from scratch in Photoshop using simple modification tools, the pencil tool and transformation tools.


iPad Icons

Seeing how many great iPad icons are already available to download for free across the web is pretty amazing. Here is a small collection that will surely grow.

Enthusiastik iPad icons (2 icons; PNG format)

Chris Spooner iPad Icon Set (1 icon; PSD, PNG and ICN formats)

KR Design iPad Icon (2 icons; PNG format)

Sudhithxavier iPad Icon (1 icon; PNG format)

Chris Noakes iPad Icon (1 icon; PNG, ICO and ICN formats)

Adidadidu iPad Icons (18 icons; PNG, ICO and ICN formats)

TinyLab iPad Icon (1 icon; ICN format)

Bisiobisio iPad Icon (1 icon; PNG, ICO and ICN formats)

Santieldarlaine iPad Icon (1 icon; PNG format)


iPad PSD Documents

If you’re looking for something a little easier to customize, try out these iPad PSD documents.

Kevin Anderson iPad PSD

This PSD is completely editable. Every object was created using vector masks, meaning you can scale it up or down without any loss of quality.

Mppagano iPad PSD

This huge and incredibly detailed iPad PSD comes in at a whopping 2400 x 2400 pixels, large enough for almost any design project.

Geoff Teehan iPad GUI PSD

This one is for the application developers out there. The PSD was constructed using vectors, so it is fully editable and scalable. The workable screen design is formatted to 768 x 1024, so anything you design in the Photoshop file can easily be brought over to the SDK. This is a beauty of a document, coming in at around 24 MB. Start designing those apps!

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman, a freelance designer from Cambridge, UK. He is the creative mind behind Circlebox Creative and Circlebox Blog, and can often be found writing for design related blogs.

Feel free to share other iPad design resources below…