Webdesigner Depot Redesign (Now with Apps)

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 18, 2016

After many months of hard work, this week we’ve unveiled our latest redesign… 

When Webdesigner Depot first launched in 2010, the Web was a very different place. Back then, the way we all consumed content online was radically different. The last few years have seen an explosion in mobile use, and a huge diversification of technology. The new Web needs a new Webdesigner Depot.

Long term readers will recognize the same features they’ve always enjoyed, but we hope that our new additions will prove equally popular. Our redesign should feel “familiar” to our most loyal readers and at the same time faster, fresher and different.

The layout has been simplified, enabling a more consistent experience across a full range of devices and viewports. The site looks great both on desktop and mobile devices, especially on smartphones where the entire design has been reworked for a better mobile experience. 

Adverts have been moved beneath the fold, to give greater focus to the latest stories. The new hierarchy makes it easier to discover new stories.

Articles now display their estimated total reading time as well as the option to read them in either a serif or sans serif font by controlling this via the right floating sidebar.

While we were redesigning the site, we took the opportunity to reflect on our branding. We’ve reworked our color palette to create a more engaging contemporary experience with blue hues and the familiar yellow tones. We’ve also changed our logo, simplifying its shape to increase legibility, especially on mobile devices.


The typography is dramatically different and more refined than our previous version. Everyone’s seen Proxima Nova time and time again and it was time to change direction. Our headings are now set on Titling Gothic and body text is set on Benton Sans. Our first serif font in use here on WDD is now available as an an option for reading articles and uses Tiempos Text. Finally, our Quotes App also uses Open Sans.


Throughout the site, you’ll find great new transition effects, as well as a few nifty animations.

For us, without doubt, one of the most exciting additions to the new site is the launch of our new Apps section, transforming WDD from just a blog to a full hub for designers and developers. Time and time again or inboxes are filled with requests for advice on resources, events, and professional practice; we decided that it was time to help the community by curating comprehensive information on all of the topics we’re regularly quizzed.

We’re launching the Apps section with 17 diverse apps and we will be adding many more in the future. Here you’ll find amazing content that professional web designers need to produce great work, from resources to inspiration, from curated downloads to the latest from Behance and Dribbble among others.


Vectors app

The Photos app is packed with tons of free images for use in your projects while the Vectors app provides more free downloads for vector files.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in the form of Interviews, Podcasts, Videos and inspirational Quotes.

apps-menuThe Codepen, Scripts and Github apps give you access to the pick of scripts, perfect for developers, all neatly presented for quick reference.

Find yourself a new Book to learn something new or take advantage of one of our amazing discounted Deals via our sister site Mighty Deals. The Play app is the place to have some fun,  watch some eye candy as well as cool interactive code, fun HTML5 games, exciting demos, and more.

Catch up on the latest Events for designers and developers from around the world, or have some laughs with our exclusive comics, now also available under the Comics app.

The heart of Webdesigner Depot is still the daily blog that you’re used to, and we’ve focused our redesign on enhancing your reading experience by reducing clutter and improving typography.

We love bringing you the latest news, views, and techniques from across the web everyday, and our new site will help us do so more effectively than ever before.

We hope you enjoy the redesign and feel free to leave us feedback and requests for new apps and features….  And don’t forget to subscribe to our very popular newsletter for all the latest news and cool stuff happening in the web design world.

Enjoy the new redesign, the cool new apps and thank you for being part of our community!