Elon Musk Replaces the ‘X’ Logo Again - and then Reverses the Change

Robert Reeve.
July 27, 2023

Elon Musk replaced Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo with an ‘X’ logo last week. On Tuesday, he altered it again, replacing the icon with a variant that has slightly thicker lines. He then stated he intends to reverse the change.

Elon Musk Replaces the ‘X’ Logo Again - and then Reverses the Change.

Those of us who’ve followed the escapades of Elon Musk in recent months are growing increasingly familiar with his mercurial leadership style. The Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter overlord seemingly relies on impulse and personal preference over consistent branding and business-led decision making.

In another trademark move, Musk recently changed the ‘X’ logo to a variation with slightly thicker bars. Then, he decided he disliked it and wanted to revert back to the original.

In the Tweet, Musk also claims that “the logo will evolve over time”. Most designers would suggest that frequently altering a brand’s identity is a bad move. But, of course, Musk has never been one to heed the wise words of others, famously firing over 80 per cent of Twitter’s original workforce in early 2023.

It’s impossible to predict the design choices Musk will make in the coming months. Doing so would require an insight into the Twitter boss’s famously unpredictable mind.

That said, if the recent debut of Musk’s xAI logo is anything to go by, we can expect sudden decisions and controversial designs aplenty as we head into the latter stages of 2023. From what we’ve seen, Elon Musk wouldn’t have it any other way.

Robert Reeve

Robert is an experienced marketing professional with extensive experience working with brands to refine go-to-market plans, SEO campaigns, and content marketing strategies. A committed writer with a keen eye on the latest developments, Robert specialises in producing content across all things tech and marketing.

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