Universe Unveils New AI-Powered Web Designer that Lets Users Build Websites from Their Mobile Phones

Robert Reeve.
July 31, 2023

Universe, a code-free mobile website builder, released its AI-powered web design tool into beta last week. Users can access the app for free on iOS today.

Universe Unveils New AI-Powered Web Designer that Lets Users Build Websites from Their Mobile Phones.

Universe is an all-in-one website builder that empowers designers to make functional websites without using code. It’s one of the easiest website builders around. So easy, in fact, that you can build an entire site from scratch from your iPhone.

The team behind Universe wants to demystify web design for the everyday consumer by making creating intricate websites more accessible. Last week, they took their ambitious plan one step further.

GUS (Generative Universe Sites) is an AI-powered web builder that allows users to design and launch custom sites from their iOS devices. The tool begins by asking for information about the website you’d like to create. You’ll have the opportunity to specify any themes, functions, and color schemes you’d like to incorporate.

GUS allows you to input themes, color schemes, and functions you’d like to include in your website. (Credit: Universe)

Once you’re happy with your choices, GUS will create a rudimentary layout. You’ll then have the opportunity to change aspects you aren’t satisfied with. The app allows you to insert custom images, fonts, and themes to refine your site and make it your own.

Universe’s announcement comes just weeks after the unveiling of Wix’s own AI website builder. As companies become increasingly familiar with artificial intelligence, we anticipate that many more AI-powered design softwares will launch to the public. Try GUS by downloading the Universe app on iOS today.

Robert Reeve

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