Mom, Why has Elon Musk Changed the ‘X’ Logo Again?

Robert Reeve.
August 15, 2023

Elon Musk just added grungy white stains to the X logo. How long will this one last before it heads to the chopping block?

Mom, Why has Elon Musk Changed the ‘X’ Logo Again?.

It’s that time of the month, everybody. We recently wrote an article regarding Elon Musk’s strange decision to alter the ‘X’ logo. Now, he’s done it again. I can’t even feign surprise anymore.

So, what’s the massive change this week? What major overhaul is Twitter’s overlord going to bless us with today? Hold on to your hats.

Distress marks. Distressed white lines covering the black background, to be precise.

Mom, Why has Elon Musk Changed the 'X' Logo Again?

That’s right. It’s the ‘X’ logo - but edgy. The icon was unveiled on iOS and Android today.

If your first thought is that this new logo more closely resembles the icon of a knockoff app than that of the world’s largest social media site, you’d have a lot of supporters backing you up.

Multiple users have already taken to X to poke fun at the new style. Most agree the app is a perfect representation of Elon Musk’s trademark edginess. We’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing.

Musk’s justifications for his abrupt design changes are becoming similarly vague. In response to the update, he revealed that the “cracks & scratches better represent this product that I love”.

Perhaps this is Musk’s acknowledgment that ‘X’ is a scuffed product. The distress marks may represent the gradual damage he is inflicting on one of the world’s biggest social networking sites.

Wishful thinking? Probably. Without unprecedented access to Musk’s mercurial mind, we can offer little but guesswork.

Robert Reeve

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